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Top 25 Moroccan Rappers: Best Moroccan Hip Hop Artists List

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Top Moroccan Rappers

List of the Best Moroccan Hip Hop Artists

The rise of Moroccan hip hop has created not only North Africa’s, but also the Arab World’s largest rap and hip-hop scene and market.  With a population of over 35 million, mostly residing along the coast, and the majority of the population being younger than 50 years old only makes sense of the recent popularity of rap music that has grown into a large roster of Moroccan rappers.

Arabic Hip Hop

While hip-hop and rap music in the Arab world maybe the one of the world’s least popular markets, at least compared to the America, Europe, and Asia, but there still is a large presence that is mostly within the region of North Africa.

Due to a number of reasons, from instability with civil and international conflicts to the very strict and conservative daily lifestyles, Hip Hop artists, along with Hip Hop music in general, have not had a strong presence in the Middle East, with exception to the Palestinian group of DAM, Syrian artists of Moudy Alarbe and Amer Wakka and maybe the top rap artist of the Middle East, Klash, who is based in Saudi Arabi, and  from Syria.

Another important note of Arabic hip-hop is the role that it has played in local and regional activism.  Whether key top artists inspiring a movement or popular songs reaching the masses motivating the people, hip hop in the Arab World has numerous occasions been used as a tool, despite the trouble it may lead some artists and individuals, like Moroccan rap artist L7a9d who was imprisoned for criticizing Morocco’s leadership.

Since traditionally the Arab World is very conservative, Hip Hop has not always been well liked and is somewhat banned in some Arab countries, or if not banned the genre of music is suppressed, but mainly in the Middle East. 

Northern African countries were some of the first countries to truly embraced Hip Hop, especially with the ties to France that date back to the late 1800s and the early 1900s after colonization by the French, with continued ties following.  Some can make that claim that French hip hop was the first form of foreign rap music, or France was the first location that hip-hop appeared outside the United States.

Today, with North Africa being somewhat less conservative than the Middle East, the bulk of hip-hop within the Arab World comes from the likes of Tunisia, Morocco, and other North African countries.

Moroccan Hip Hop

Morocco is far from an underdeveloped nation and so is the local music scene, which mostly consists of Moroccan pop stars, but also, as mentioned, has a very large lineup of Moroccan rappers that have grown the largest hip hop market and rap scene within the Arab world.

As Moroccan hip hop resides in a country that was one of the first Arab countries to adopt and implement hip-hop into their society, culture, and daily lifestyles, the genre has seen much growth since its arrival during the 1990s.  Whether performing in Arabic or performing in French, there is no shortage of talent with Moroccan rappers.

Top 25+ Moroccan Rappers

1. Lbenj 
Watch on Youtube: Lbenj and follow on Instagram: @Lbenj

2. 7ARI
Watch on Youtube: 7ARI and follow on Instagram: @7ARI

3. L7OR
Watch on Youtube: L7OR and follow on Instagram: @L7OR

4. ElGrandeToto
Watch on Youtube: ElGrandeToto and follow on Instagram: @ElGrandeToto

5. 7Liwa
Watch on Youtube: 7Liwa and follow on Instagram: @7Liwa

6. 7-TOUN
Watch on Youtube: 7-TOUN and follow on Instagram: @ 7-TOUN

Watch on Youtube: MR CRAZY and follow on Instagram: @MR CRAZY

8. Dizzy DROS
Watch on Youtube: Dizzy DROS and follow on Instagram: @Dizzy DROS

9. Don Bigg
Watch on Youtube: Don Bigg and follow on Instagram: @Don Bigg

Watch on Youtube: TFLOW and follow on Instagram: @TFLOW

Watch on Youtube: LFERDA and follow on Instagram: @LFERDA

12. Inkonnu
Watch on Youtube: Inkonnu and follow on Instagram: @Inkonnu

13. Ali Ssamid 
Watch on Youtube: Ali Ssamid and follow on Instagram: @Ali Ssamid

14. Gnawi
Watch on Youtube: Gnawi and follow on Instagram: @Gnawi

15. Stormy
Watch on Youtube: Stormy and follow on Instagram: @Stormy

16. Mons
Watch on Youtube: Mons and follow on Instagram: @MONS

Watch on Youtube: TAGNE and follow on Instagram: @TAGNE

18. ShayFeen 
Watch on Youtube: ShayFeen and follow on Instagram: @ShayFeen

19. Khtek
Watch on Youtube: Khtek and follow on Instagram: @Khtek

20. Draganov
Watch on Youtube: Draganov and follow on Instagram: @Draganov

Watch on Youtube: MAESTRO and follow on Instagram: @MAESTRO

22. Dollypran
Watch on Youtube: Dollypran and follow on Instagram: @Dollypran

23. kouz1
Watch on Youtube: kouz1 and follow on Instagram: @kouz1

24. Issam
Watch on Youtube: Issam and follow on Instagram: @Issam

25. DADA 
Watch on Youtube: DADA and follow on Instagram: @DADA

Honorable Mention Moroccan Hip Hop Artists

Watch on Youtube: NESSYOU and follow on Instagram: @NESSYOU

Watch on Youtube: Mobydick and follow on Instagram: @Mobydick

Watch on Youtube: Beezy and follow on Instagram: @Beezy

Fat Mizzo 
Watch on Youtube: Fat Mizzo and follow on Instagram: @Fat Mizzo

Watch on Youtube: L7a9d and follow on Instagram: @L7a9d

Small X
Watch on Youtube: Small X and follow on Instagram: @Small X

Watch on Youtube: Furelise and follow on Instagram: @Furelise

Watch on Youtube: LOUN and follow on Instagram: @LOUN

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