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Top 20 Moroccan Rappers: Best Moroccan Hip Hop Artists List

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Top Moroccan Rappers

List of the Best Moroccan Hip Hop Artists

Located in North Africa is one of the Arab World’s largest hip hop scenes, a rap scene of Moroccan rappers that have become among the world’s biggest and most popular Arab stars. In a country of over 35 million people, with a bulk of the population along the coast, Morocco’s large lineup of Moroccan hip hop artists has led to a respectable development of Arabic hip hop music.

While hip-hop and rap music in the Arab world maybe one of the world’s least popular markets, at least compared to much larger hip hop scenes in America, Europe, and Asia, but there still is a large presence of hip hop and rap music, but mostly within the region of North Africa.

Due to a number of reasons, from reasons that are often broadcasted to the strict and conservative lifestyles, even banned and suppressed in some countries, hip hop artists and hip hop music have not truly flourished within the Arab world as other places. The Middle East almost has had no presence, with exception to the Palestinian group of DAM, Syrian artists of Moudy Alarbe and Amer Wakka and maybe the top rap artist of the Middle East, Klash, who was based in Saudi Arabi, but originally from Syria.

Outside of the Middle East, North Africa’s presence in hip hop has carried rappers of Arab descent into the world of hip hop, with Morocco being at the lead.  Northern African countries were the first countries to truly embraced hip hop, especially with having ties to France. Some can make that claim that French hip hop was the first form of foreign rap music, or France was the first location that hip-hop appeared outside the United States.

Today, with North Africa being somewhat less conservative than the Middle East, the bulk of hip-hop within the Arab World comes from the likes of Tunisia, Morocco, and other North African countries. As Moroccan hip hop resides in a country that was one of the first Arab countries to adopt and implement hip-hop into their society, culture, and daily lifestyles, the genre has seen much growth since its arrival during the 1990s.  Whether performing in Arabic or performing in French, there is no shortage of talent with Moroccan rappers.

From influential artists like L7a9d, who was imprisoned for criticizing Morocco’s leadership, to international stars like ElGrandeToto, Lbenj, 7Liwa, or L7OR, just to name a few, to local artists that have built local audiences, Moroccan hip hop has been on a steady rise producing numerous Moroccan rappers and stars.

Top 20 Moroccan Rappers

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1. ElGrandeToto
Watch on Youtube: ElGrandeToto and follow on Instagram: @ElGrandeToto

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2. Lbenj 
Watch on Youtube: Lbenj and follow on Instagram: @Lbenj

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3. 7-TOUN
Watch on Youtube: 7-TOUN and follow on Instagram: @ 7-TOUN

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4. 7Liwa
Watch on Youtube: 7Liwa and follow on Instagram: @7Liwa

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5. L7OR
Watch on Youtube: L7OR and follow on Instagram: @L7OR

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Watch on Youtube: MR CRAZY and follow on Instagram: @MR CRAZY

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7. Dizzy DROS
Watch on Youtube: Dizzy DROS and follow on Instagram: @Dizzy DROs

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8. Inkonnu
Watch on Youtube: Inkonnu and follow on Instagram: @Inkonnu

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9. Don Bigg
Watch on Youtube: Don Bigg and follow on Instagram: @Don Bigg

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10. Gnawi
Watch on Youtube: Gnawi and follow on Instagram: @Gnawi

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Watch on Youtube: LFERDA and follow on Instagram: @LFERDA

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Watch on Youtube: TFLOW and follow on Instagram: @TFLOW

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Watch on Youtube: TAGNE and follow on Instagram: @TAGNE

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14. Ali Ssamid 
Watch on Youtube: Ali Ssamid and follow on Instagram: @Ali Ssamid

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15. kouz1
Watch on Youtube: kouz1 and follow on Instagram: @kouz1

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16. 7ARI
Watch on Youtube: 7ARI and follow on Instagram: @7ARI

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17. Mons
Watch on Youtube: Mons and follow on Instagram: @MONS

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18. Madd
Watch on Youtube: Madd and follow on Instagram: @Madd

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19. Draganov
Watch on Youtube: Draganov and follow on Instagram: @Draganov

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20. Stormy
Watch on Youtube: Stormy and follow on Instagram: @Stormy

Honorable Mention Moroccan Rappers

Small X Youtube: Small X and Instagram: @Small X

Ouenza Youtube: Ouenza and Instagram: @Ouenza

Dollypran Youtube: Dollypran and Instagram: @Dollypran

MAESTRO Youtube: MAESTRO and Instagram: @MAESTRO

DADA Youtube: DADA and Instagram: @DADA

Issam Youtube: Issam and Instagram: @Issam

ShayFeen Youtube: ShayFeen and Instagram: @ShayFeen

Khtek Youtube: Khtek and Instagram: @Khtek

NESSYOU Youtube: NESSYOU and Instagram: @NESSYOU

Mobydick Youtube: Mobydick and Instagram: @Mobydick

Furelise Youtube: Furelise and Instagram: @Furelise

Anys Youtube: Anys and Instagram: @Anys

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