Top Moroccan Rappers

List of the Best Moroccan Hip Hop Artists

Situated in Northern Africa, Morocco boasts one of the most extensive Arabic hip hop scenes, featuring Moroccan rappers who have risen to become some of the most prominent and well-liked international Arab stars. With a population exceeding 35 million, Morocco’s abundant collection of hip hop talents has contributed to the noteworthy growth of Arabic hip hop music.

While hip-hop within the Arab world maybe one of the world’s least popular forms of music, at least compared to the world’s much larger hip hop scenes, there still is a sizeable presence of hip hop music, but mostly situated in North Africa. Due to a number of reasons, hip-hop in the Middle East has yet to flourish, with exceptions to Palestinian’s DAM, Syrian’s Moudy Alarbe and Amer Wakka, and Klash, based in Saudi Arabi and originally from Syria.

With a strong connection to France, where some argue the initial adoption of international hip-hop emerged, North Africa’s presence has carried Arabic rappers into the world of hip hop. Arabic rap music has experienced significant growth since it appeared in the 1990s, with Morocco being at the lead.

Today’s Top Moroccan Rap Artists

The large roster of Moroccan rappers includes ElGrandeToto, a versatile artist who effortlessly fuses traditional Moroccan sounds with contemporary rap, creating a distinct sound. Lbenj, who has achieved significant success with his catchy tunes and his ability to connect with listeners. 7Liwa, who is known for his raw, unfiltered lyrics with a distinct flow and powerful delivery. KOUZ1, an emerging talent in the industry, showcasing a unique blend of old-school rap influences with modern-day styles.

L7OR, who has a prominent voice in Moroccan rap, releasing hits like “HES BIYA,” “LGHRIB,” “KHALIWNI,” and “YA Omri.” Dizzy DROS, a dynamic rapper who has made waves in the industry pushing the boundaries of rap music. Don Bigg, who has been an influential figure in Moroccan hip-hop since the early 2000s, has been one of Morocco’s most captivating artists. TAGNE, who successfully carved his own niche with his poignant lyrics and mesmerizing flow. 7-TOUN, a young talent from Casablanca, has taken the Moroccan rap scene by storm with his infectious energy and raw lyrical prowess. MR CRAZY, who with his fearless approach has made him an iconic figure in Morocccan hip hop.

All have collectively played a crucial role in shaping the contemporary Moroccan rap scene, but also there are another couple dozens of other veteran MCs, like TFlow and 7ari, alongside up and coming Moroccan rappers, like ILY, Snor, and Mocci, that have transformed Moroccan rap into a major player in the world of hip hop.

Top 20 Moroccan Rappers

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1. ElGrandeToto
Watch on Youtube: ElGrandeToto and follow on Instagram: @ElGrandeToto

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2. Dizzy DROS
Watch on Youtube: Dizzy DROS and follow on Instagram: @Dizzy DROs

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3. Lbenj 
Watch on Youtube: Lbenj and follow on Instagram: @Lbenj

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4. Don Bigg
Watch on Youtube: Don Bigg and follow on Instagram: @Don Bigg

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5. 7Liwa
Watch on Youtube: 7Liwa and follow on Instagram: @7Liwa

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6. 7-TOUN
Watch on Youtube: 7-TOUN and follow on Instagram: @ 7-TOUN

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Watch on Youtube: MR CRAZY and follow on Instagram: @MR CRAZY

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8. kouz1
Watch on Youtube: kouz1 and follow on Instagram: @kouz1

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9. Mocci
Watch on Youtube: Mocci and follow on Instagram: @Mocci

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Watch on Youtube: TAGNE and follow on Instagram: @TAGNE

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11. L7OR
Watch on Youtube: L7OR and follow on Instagram: @L7OR

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12. Inkonnu
Watch on Youtube: Inkonnu and follow on Instagram: @Inkonnu

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13. ILY
Watch on Youtube: ILY and follow on Instagram: @ILY

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Watch on Youtube: LFERDA and follow on Instagram: @LFERDA

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15. Snor
Watch on Youtube: Snor and follow on Instagram: @Snor

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Watch on Youtube: TFLOW and follow on Instagram: @TFLOW

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17. 7ARI
Watch on Youtube: 7ARI and follow on Instagram: @7ARI

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18. Draganov
Watch on Youtube: Draganov and follow on Instagram: @Draganov

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19. Ali Ssamid 
Watch on Youtube: Ali Ssamid and follow on Instagram: @Ali Ssamid

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20. Mons
Watch on Youtube: Mons and follow on Instagram: @MONS

Honorable Mention Moroccan Rappers

Stormy Youtube: Stormy and Instagram: @Stormy

Ouenza Youtube: Ouenza and Instagram: @Ouenza

Gnawi Youtube: Gnawi and Instagram: @Gnawi

Madd Youtube: Madd and Instagram: @Madd

Small X Youtube: Small X and Instagram: @Small X

Dollypran Youtube: Dollypran and Instagram: @Dollypran

MAESTRO Youtube: MAESTRO and Instagram: @MAESTRO

DADA Youtube: DADA and Instagram: @DADA

Issam Youtube: Issam and Instagram: @Issam

ShayFeen Youtube: ShayFeen and Instagram: @ShayFeen

Khtek Youtube: Khtek and Instagram: @Khtek

NESSYOU Youtube: NESSYOU and Instagram: @NESSYOU

Mobydick Youtube: Mobydick and Instagram: @Mobydick

Furelise Youtube: Furelise and Instagram: @Furelise

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