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Top 12 Omaha Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from Nebraska

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Nebraska Rappers

List of the Top Omaha Rappers

As the music industry and the rap game has been growing, there is a hidden hip hop market and rap scene in the state of Nebraska. While not nearly as popular or on a level as much larger cities, Omaha rappers have created something special in the heart of the Midwest.

This small Midwestern city may be isolated, hours away from much larger cities, but Nebraska rappers and the people of the Cornhusker state are still in tune with the latest trends, while implementing and abiding by their own culture and the environment they grew up in.

In previous years, years going back to the 1990s and 2000s, there were local Omaha rappers like Full Clip, King Kliff, Steelo Too Fooly, Toot, Blackguy, and a handful of others. To outsiders, and probably to many Nebraskans, many of these artists did not develop a reach outside of the city, but this generation is different.

While Omaha is a city with a small population, and an even smaller urban population that is mostly on the North Side, so do not expect there to be a large roster of Omaha rappers or even any big name artists, other than SK8, who is arguably one of hip hop’s top rising star and probably the most famous person out of Nebraska recent years.

In all, the roster of Nebraska rappers in Omaha vary from local street artists that probably will not reach outside of the city to a number of stars in the making. Regardless of where an artist is at in their career, the Omaha and Nebraska rap scene still has its share of talented rappers.

Top 12 Omaha Rappers

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1. SK8
Watch on Youtube: SK8 and follow on Instagram: @Sk8

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2. Chyng Diamond
Watch on Youtube: Chyng Diamond and follow on Instagram: @Chyng Diamond

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3. SR TheMveMnt
Watch on Youtube: SR TheMveMnt and follow on Instagram: @SR TheMveMnt

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4. LC Hunnet
Watch on Youtube: LC Hunnet and follow on Instagram: @LC Hunnet

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5. 2 shot sticky
Watch on Youtube: 2 shot sticky and follow on Instagram: @2 shot sticky

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6. Lilrello2x
Watch on Youtube: Lilrello2x and follow on Instagram: @Lilrello2x

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7. Lane Gang Wells
Watch on Youtube: Lane Gang Wells and follow on Instagram: @Lane Gang Wells

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8. Tep Flock
Watch on Youtube: Tep Flock and follow on Instagram: @Tep Flock

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9. Bharlie
Watch on Youtube: Bharlie and follow on Instagram: @Bharlie

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10. Mojay
Watch on Youtube: Mojay and follow on Instagram: @Mojay

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11. PMC Tookie
Watch on Youtube: PMC Tookie and follow on Instagram: @PMC Tookie

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12. Lil B Bang
Watch on Youtube: Lil B Bang and follow on Instagram: @Lil B Bang

Honorable Mention Omaha Rappers:

Don Waun Youtube: Don Waun and Instagram: @Don Waun

Drilla K Youtube: Drilla K and Instagram: @Drilla K

TTG Youtube: TtgBen, TTG Dumbway and Instagram: @TTG

LA ONPoint Youtube: LA ONPoint and Instagram: @LA ONPoint

BringThatK Youtube: BringThatK and Instagram: @BringThatK

Suave Youtube: Suave and Instagram: @Suave

Tay Foe Youtube: Tay Foe and Instagram: @Tay Foe

Yung Vett Youtube: Yung Vett and Instagram: @Yung Vett

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any Omaha rappers are missing from the list or should be added email media@kulturevulturez.com