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Top 15 Baltimore Rappers: 2023’s Best Rappers from Baltimore

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Baltimore Rappers

List of Top Rappers from Baltimore

With exception to 2Pac, who spent a handful of his adolescent years in the city of Baltimore, even attending local schools, many are not too familiar with rappers from Baltimore, but the city has been home to some of the best underground rappers on the East Coast.

Baltimore rappers like Kraze, Big Rob & Lil Sprout, Infinite Description, Silouette, Pen Powz, Norm Skola, Mr Ruckuz, or Amp Boogie are just a few of the top artists of Baltimore’s hip-hop early days, primarily during the 1990s.

Today’s Top Rappers from Baltimore

Today’s lineup of top Baltimore rappers has now created a buzz well outside of the city.  Beginning with the rap group Peso Da Mafia, becoming one of the first faces of today’s generation of Baltimore hip-hop, the melodic versatile artist Shordie Shordie quickly became a major figure among the DMV and the East Coast’s rap scene. While the former Peso Da Mafia member rise was swift, Deetranada also grinded her way into not becoming one of the major contributors of Baltimore’s rap scene, but also placed herself in the conversation as one of top rising female hip-hop artists.

Local legends and rappers from Baltimore like Young Moose persisting in music despite the local environment causing many obstacles. The “How to Rob” rapper Bandhunta Izzy, remaining steady in the rap game since debuting during the late 2010s as one of the top-tier rappers. YBS Skola extending his career from 2016’s “Shining” to his most recent hit, 2022’s “I Be Trippin.” YG Teck crossing into other markets with his work with top nationwide rap artists like Pooh Shiesty, Mozzy and Lil Poppa.

Veteran Baltimore rappers like Tate Kobang, known for the 2015 hit “Banks Roll,” and President Davo, known for the 2014 hit “I Don’t Wanna Be a Playa” are keeping up with many of the newcomers, like Money Jake, Roddy Rackzz, TMCTheDon, and OTR Chaz, all who began to make a name for themselves during 2018 and 2019.

While through unfortunate events, rappers like YGG Tay, Lor X, and several other artists’ careers have come to an abrupt end, or placed on pause, the atmosphere of Baltimore has helped a great number of artists to become the stars that they are today with the city’s influence, bringing rappers from Baltimore to the forefront of the East Coast and DMV hip-hop scene.

Top 15 Baltimore Rappers

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1. Shordie Shordie follow on Instagram: @Shordie Shordie and watch on Youtube: Shordie Shordie

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2. Bandhunta Izzy follow on Instagram: @Bandhunta Izzy and watch on Youtube: Bandhunta Izzy

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3. YBS Skola follow on Instagram: @YBS Skola and watch on Youtube: YBS Skola

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4. Deetranada follow on Instagram: @Deetranada and watch on Youtube: Deetranada

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5. Young Moose follow on Instagram: @Young Moose and watch on Youtube: Young Moose

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6. YG Teck follow on Instagram: @YG Teck and watch on Youtube: YG Teck

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7. Roddy Rackzz follow on Instagram: @Roddy Rackzz and watch on Youtube: Roddy Rackzz

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8. Tate Kobang follow on Instagram: @Tate Kobang and watch on Youtube: Tate Kobang

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9. Davo follow on Instagram: @President Davo and watch on Youtube: President Davo

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10. TMCTheDon follow on Instagram: @TMCTheDon and watch on Youtube: TMCTheDon

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11. Money Jake follow on Instagram: @Money Jake and watch on Youtube: Money Jake

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12. nasg chaz Follow on Instagram: @Nasg Chaz and watch on Youtube: Nasg Chaz

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13. OTR Chaz follow on Instagram: @OTR Chaz and watch on Youtube: OTR Chaz

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14. Blue Benjamin Sleepy follow on Instagram: @Blue Benjamin Sleepy and watch on Youtube: Blue Benjamin Sleepy

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15. YNE Sosa Follow on Instagram: @YNE Sosa and Watch on Youtube: YNE Sosa

Honorable Mention Rappers from Baltimore:

YGG Tay Instagram: @YGG Tay and Youtube: YGG Tay

Big6ixx Instagram: @Big6ixx and Youtube: Big6ixx

waverunner lays Instagram: @waverunner lays and Youtube: waverunner lays

Staytrue Dnice Instagram: @Staytrue dnice and Youtube: Staytrue dnice

YMC Ant Instagram: @YMC Ant and Youtube: YMC Ant

Young Don Instagram: @Young Don and Youtube: Young Don

Lor X follow on Instagram: @Lor X and Youtube: Lor X 

Myddie Jordan Instagram: @Myddie Jordan and Youtube: Myddie Jordan

PFM Pistol P Instagram: @PFM Pistol P and Youtube: PFM Pistol P

TSO TADOE Instagram: @TSO TADOE and Youtube: TSO TADOE

YMC Tez Instagram: @YMC Tez and Youtube: YMC Tez

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