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Top 20 DMV Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from Washington DC

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Washington DC Rappers

List of the top 15 DMV Rappers

Rappers from Washington DC may not have the popularity as artists in other cities, but there still are some name brand artists within the somewhat large size roster of talented DMV rappers.  Despite rap music’s popularity, some of the locals may prefer Go-Go music, a live vibrant sound that dates back to the 1960s and 1970s that is a combination of multiple genres of music, primarily bands performing funk music intertwined with Afro/Caribbean drums.

Even the streets have been embracing Go-Go music over the years, whether it is rap artists mixing the Go-Go sound and rhythm with their music or it is Go-Go bands singing and harmonizing about street activities in their music.  With the Go-Go tradition not being as strong as previous generations, the streets of today seem have steered away from the Go-Go sound, even though some still embrace the genre, and gravitate more towards rappers from Washington DC of modern day’s rap and hip hop sounds.

Being a large metropolitan area that consists of numerous communities from Southeast DC to Northeast DC to PG County of Maryland, talent should not be hard to find.  The region has already produced top artists like Wale, Shy Glizzy, and Rico Nasty, which proves there is much potential within this untapped rap market.

A city that has always had an unique culture, nicknamed Chocolate City, has a local rap scene that is a hidden gem.  Though gentrification has been rapidly changing the urban landscape, by demolishing entire neighborhoods and relocating residents into other parts of the DMV, the culture and lifestyle of D.C. is still embedded in the music. A list of twenty rappers from Washington DC, with some honorable mention DMV rappers, gives a better insight on the DMV rap movement coming out of Washington DC and the surrounding communities of Maryland.

Top 20 DMV Rappers

1. Wale follow on Instagram: @Wale and watch on Youtube: Wale

2. Rico Nasty follow on Instagram: @Rico Nasty and watch on Youtube: Rico Nasty

3. Shy Glizzy follow on Instagram: @Shy Glizzy and watch on Youtube: Shy Glizzy

4. Goldlink follow on Instagram: @Goldlink and watch on Youtube: Goldlink

5. Yung Manny follow on Instagram: @YungManny and watch on Youtube: Yung Manny

6. Xanman follow on Instagram: @Xanman and watch on Youtube: Xanman

7. 3ohBlack follow on Instagram: @3ohBlack and watch on Youtube: 3ohBlack

8. Q Da Fool follow on Instagram: @Q Da Fool and watch on Youtube: Q Da Fool

9. Money Marr follow on Instagram: @Money Marr and watch on Youtube: MoneyMarr

10. No Savage follow on Instagram: @No Savage and watch on Youtube: No Savage

11. Goonew follow on Instagram: @Goonew and watch on Youtube: Goonew

12. Shabazz PBG follow on Instagram: @ShabazzPBG and watch on Youtube: Shabazz PBG

13. Big Winnn follow on Instagram: @Big Winnn and watch on Youtube: Big Winnn

14. Lil Dude follow on Instagram: @Lil Dude and watch on Youtube: Lil Dude

15. Premo Rice follow on Instagram: @Premo Rice and watch on Youtube: Premo Rice

16. Will Tha Rapper follow on Instagram: @WillThaRapper and watch on Youtube: WillThaRapper

17. Young MOe follow on Instagram: @Young MOe and watch on Youtube: Young Moe

18. Big Flock follow on Instagram: @Big Flock and watch on Youtube: Big Flock

19. Lightshow follow on Instagram: @Lightshow and watch on Youtube: Lightshow

20. Gleesh follow on Instagram: @Gleesh and watch on Youtube: Gleesh

Honorable Mention Washington DC Rappers:

Ant Glizzy Instagram: @Ant Glizzy | Youtube: Ant Glizzy

Baby Jamo Instagram: @Baby Jamo | Youtube: Baby Jamo

Foggieraw Instagram: @Foggieraw | Youtube: Foggieraw

Lil Lo Instagram: @Lil Lo | Youtube: Lil Lo

JG Riff Instagram: @JG Riff | Youtube: JG Riff

GlockBoyKari Instagram: @GlockBoyKari | Youtube: GlockBoyKari

Lil Gray Instagram: @Lil Gray | Youtube: Lil Gray

baby fifty Instagram: @baby fifty | Youtube: baby fifty

mererackz Instagram: @mererackz | Youtube: mererackz

Cheecho Instagram: @Cheecho | Youtube: Cheecho

Top Washington DC / DMV Rap Youtube Channels

ChasinSaksFilms   |   RICHSHOOTAS TV  |   Rell Ent.

Valley Visions   |   ClockWorkProducti0ns   |   DMV Hoodz Nd Newz

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, and most recent views are near the top.