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Top 12 Virginia Rappers of 2021: Best Rappers from Richmond and The 757

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Top Virginia Rappers

List of the Best Rappers from Virginia…

Sitting between the DMV and the south’s booming rap scenes of places like the Carolinas and Atlanta resides a handful of rappers from Virginia. While Virginia is a large state, most Virginia rappers come from either the city of Richmond or from the Hampton Roads metropolitan of Norfolk, Newport News, Portsmouth, Hampton, and Virginia Beach, all representing a large lineup of 757 rappers, the area code of the Hampton Roads region.

Through the course of hip hop, rappers from Virginia or any representation of hip hop and rap music in Virginia has not been recognized as other places. Despite the state of Virginia being overlooked, there has been much contribution from the region.  From some of rap music’s all-time best hip hop producers in Timbaland and Pharrell and the Neptunes, or hip hop’s greatest and most accomplished female artist of all-time in Missy Elliot, and not to forget Virginia is home to Pusha T.

 Below is a list of some of the top Richmond Va rappers, as well the top Portsmouth, Newport and Norfolk rappers of the Hampton Roads (757), that shows why Virginia rappers, in particular Richmond and 757 rappers should have more respect within the rap game.

Top 12 Virginia Rappers (Richmond VA Rappers / 757 Rappers)

1. StaySolidRocky, follow on Instagram: @StaySolidRocky and watch on Youtube: StaySolidRocky

2. Lil Tracy, follow on Instagram: @Lil Tracy and watch on Youtube: Lil Tracy

3. FNF Chop, follow on Instagram: @FNF Chop and watch on Youtube: FNF Chop

4. Young Crazy, follow on Instagram: @Young Crazy and watch on Youtube: Young Crazy

5. LA Socket, follow on Instagram: @LA Socket and watch on Youtube: LA Socket

6. Cocaine Mali, follow on Instagram: @Cocaine Mali and watch on Youtube: Cocaine Mali

7. Fresh Porter, follow on Instagram: @Fresh Porter and watch on Youtube: Fresh Porter

8. Cash Bently, follow on Instagram: @Cash Bently and watch on Youtube: Cash Bently

9. 804 Nano, follow on Instagram: @804 Nano and watch on Youtube: 804 Nano

10. Traptize Ky (Richmond, VA), follow on Instagram: @Traptize Ky and watch on Youtube: Traptize Ky

11. Luh Kiddo, follow on Instagram: @Luh Kiddo and watch on Youtube: Luh Kiddo

12. BEO Smook, follow on Instagram: @BEO Smook and watch on Youtube: BEO Smook

List of Honorable Mention Virginia Rappers

Alondo Jackson, follow on Instagram: @AlondoJackson and on YouTube: Alondo Jackson

BerkleyBoyTay follow on Instagram: @BerkleyBoyTay and on Youtube: BerkleyBoyTay

young money yawn follow on Instagram: @young money yawn and on Youtube: young money yawn

no plug yayo follow on Instagram: @no plug yayo and on Youtube: no plug yayo

Pretty Savage follow on Instagram: @Pretty Savage and on Youtube: Pretty Savage

CFN Bank follow on Instagram: @CFN Bank and on Youtube: CFN Bank 

Rioo follow on Instagram: @Rioo and on Youtube: Rioo

stg broodie follow on Instagram: @stg broodie and on Youtube: stg broodie

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, and most recent views are near the top.

*If any Richmond or 757 Rappers are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com