Richmond Virginia Hoods

Map & Tour of Richmond Va Ghetto and Urban Areas

A small city located in central Virginia, but the Richmond Virginia hoods have built quite a reputation in the South. Ranging from South Richmond, to the North Side, to the East End, and small sections of the West End, this Virginia city has much history, from black history to street history of the 80s and 90s.

Richmond Virginia Hoods Map Key: Brown = West End | Red = East End | Black = South | Blue = North

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A small southern city, with a population barely over 200,000, the streets of the Richmond, Va ghetto has an unique story of culture and history.

Neighborhoods like Jackson Ward were once the heart of Richmond’s urban culture, even at times being viewed as a “Harlem of the South”. Jackson Ward was created strictly for black people, some say as a way to control the black residents. Outside of Jackson Ward, there were a few other small black populated areas in the city’s East End and West End neighborhoods, during a time of racist limitations.

In the 1950s, Interstate 95 destroyed parts of the black community, which led to the building of housing projects in the city and the start of white flight. This led black families into other areas of the city, like North Richmond and South Richmond, leading the city to become predominantly black outside of the West End and parts of the South Side.

By the 1980s and the 1990s, the streets took over the neighborhoods within the Richmond ghetto, at times given the name “Murder Capital of the South.” The city of Richmond has changed since the 1990s, from a period of having more than 150 murders per year to having less than 50 during the 2010s, but unfortunately the 2020s has saw recent rise in street activity.

As change is unavoidable, gentrification is occurring in many sections of the hoods and urban neighborhoods of Richmond. From almost the entire East End, to the former black sections of Carver and Jackson Ward of the West End, and sections of North Richmond and South Richmond, gentrification is changing the makeup of many neighborhoods of the Richmond ghetto, leading to a population shift.

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