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List of the Top Cameroon Afrobeat ARtists

In this prominent Central African nation, the caliber of Cameroon Afrobeats artists is evident in the lineup of both male and female musicians. These artists, who are among the top in their country, contribute significantly to the success of the nation’s entertainment sector.

Prior to the emergence of Cameroon Afrobeats music, the nation was recognized for various music styles, such as Makossa and Rhumba. Prominent figures like Petit Pays, Sam Fan Thomas, Charlotte Mbango, Grace Decca, Lapiro De Mbango, Prince Eyango, Guy Lobe, Elvis Kemayo, Douleur, Nicole Mara, Hoigen Ekwalla, and many more dominated the music landscape from the 1980s to the 2000s. These individuals are considered some of Cameroon’s true trailblazers and pioneers in the music industry. Additionally, the nation has also made a significant mark on Africa’s jazz music, giving rise to legends such as Manu Dibango and Richard Bona.

Moving forward into the present day, the nation’s music scene stars several popular Cameroon Afrobeats artists. This includes singers like Locko, known for his smooth and soulful voice, delivering heartfelt R&B and afro-pop ballads. Blanche Bailly, known for her vibrant and versatile approach to music. Daphne, who enchants audiences with her captivating vocals and poetic songwriting. Charlotte Dipanda, a living legend in Cameroon who has created music that is deeply rooted in her culture, making her a beloved figure across the African continent.

Salatiel, who has reached success with his many hit songs and his abilities for creating infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Mr. Leo, known for a versatile musical style, ranging from afrobeat and highlife to pop and R&B. Mimie, soulful voice and emotive performances, she effortlessly delivers afro-pop and R&B melodies. Ko-C, rapper and singer known for his energetic and dynamic productions. And Shan’l, a charismatic and vibrant artist who rose to prominence and has become one of the leading female voices in Central African music.

Cameroon boasts an abundance of talent across various music genres, including afrobeat, afropop, rhythm and blues, and reggae. Regardless of the specific category, top Cameroonian artists in these genres never fail to impress true music enthusiasts. Cameroon’s music and entertainment industry provides an incredible opportunity for its musicians to share and promote the unique aspects of Cameroonian culture and way of life with the rest of the world.

Top 15 Cameroon AFrobeats Artists

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1. Locko 
Watch on Youtube: Locko and follow on Instagram: @Locko

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2. Blanche Bailly
Watch on Youtube: Blanche Bailly and follow on Instagram: @Blanche Bailly

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3. Daphne
Watch on Youtube: Daphne and follow on Instagram: @Daphne

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4. Salatiel
Watch on Youtube: Salatiel and follow on Instagram: @Salatiel

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5. Ko-c
Watch on Youtube: Ko-c and follow on Instagram: @Ko-c

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6. Charlotte Dipanda
Watch on Youtube: Charlotte Dipanda  and follow on Instagram: @Charlotte Dipanda

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7. Mr. Leo
Watch on Youtube: Mr. Leo and follow on Instagram: @Mr. Leo

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Watch on Youtube: MIMIE and follow on Instagram: @MIMIE

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9. Shan’l
Watch on Youtube: Shan’l  and follow on Instagram: @Shan’l

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10. Tzy Panchak 
Watch on Youtube: Tzy Panchak  and follow on Instagram: @Tzy Panchak

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11. Stanley Enow
Watch on Youtube: Stanley Enow and follow on Instagram: @Stanley Enow

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12. Magasco
Watch on Youtube: Magasco  and follow on Instagram: @Magasco

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13. Lady Ponce
Watch on Youtube: Lady Ponce and follow on Instagram: @Lady Ponce

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14. X-Maleya
Watch on Youtube: X-Maleya and follow on Instagram: @X-Maleya

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15. Aveiro Djess
Watch on Youtube: Aveiro Djess and follow on Instagram: @Aveiro Djess

Honorable Mention of Cameroon Afrobeat Artists:

Kameni Youtube: Kameni and Instagram: @Kameni

Coco Argentée Youtube: Coco Argentée and Facebook: Coco Argentée

Mani Bella Youtube: Mani Bella and Instagram: @Mani Bella

Numerica Youtube: Numerica  and Instagram: @Numerica

Nabila Youtube: Nabila and Instagram: @Nabila

Reniss Youtube: Reniss and Instagram: @Reniss

Blaise B Youtube: Blaise B and Instagram: @Blaise B

Franko Youtube: Franko and Instagram: @Franko

petit bozard Youtube: petit bozard and Instagram: @petit bozard

Fhish Youtube: Fhish and Instagram: @Fhish

Vernyuy Tina Instagram: @Vernyuy Tina and Youtube: Vernyuy Tina

Cleo Grae Instagram: @Cleo Grae and Youtube: Cleo Grae

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