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Top Croatian Rappers

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Top Croatian Rappers

List of Best Croatian Hip Hop Artists

A coastal country that has much to offer also has a nice sizeable roster of Croatian rappers. While there is much history within the country of Croatia, the story of Croatian hip hop is not as rich despite the local rap scene being around since the mid 1990s, if not earlier.

The story of Croatia rappers in the early days of the 1990s and 2000s includes a range of artists from Tram 11 with Target and General Woo to the Young Lordz to El Bahattee to Bolesna Braća to Baby Dooks to Kid Rađa, along with others, Croatia rappers that are probably on the list below, like Stoka.

An influx of top Croatian hip hop producers, like Koolade, and record labels, as well a decent size fanbase, provides a stable support system for the country’s top rap artists. Far from the popularity of other European countries, as far the local hip hop market, and there are no true standout artists and not that many hit songs, but there are over a dozen artists that have generated their own brand.

Top 15 Croatian Rappers

( Unofficial Order )

Watch more on Youtube: GRŠE and follow on Instagram: @GRŠE

Watch more on Youtube: Krankšvester and follow on Instagram: @Krankšvester

Watch more on Youtube: 30Zona and follow on Instagram: @30Zona

Goca R.I.P.
Watch more on Youtube: Goca R.I.P. and follow on Instagram: @Goca R.I.P.

Vojko V
Watch more on Youtube: Vojko V and follow on Instagram: @Vojko V

Watch more on Youtube: Stoka and follow on Instagram: @Stoka

Krešo Bengalka
Watch more on Youtube: Krešo Bengalka and follow on Instagram: @Krešo Bengalka

Dino Blunt
Watch more on Youtube: Dino Blunt and follow on Instagram: @Dino Blunt

Bore Balboa
Watch more on Youtube: Bore Balboa and follow on Instagram: @Bore Balboa

Watch more on Youtube: Žuvi and follow on Instagram: @Žuvi

Živac Maradona
Watch more on Youtube: Živac Maradona and follow on Instagram: @Živac Maradona

Watch more on Youtube: TTM and follow on Instagram: @TTM

Watch more on Youtube: Kandžija and follow on Instagram: @Kandžija

Watch more on Youtube: 6WILD and follow on Instagram: @6WILD

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email