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Top Albania Rappers

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Top Albania Rappers:

Albania Hip Hop List of the Top Albanian Rap Artists

Located in the Balkans is a country that has seen a rise of the local Albania Hip Hop scene with numerous talented Albanian rap artists.  With Albania musical artists that are label as pioneers and legends, which include Albanian singers of Aurela Gaçe, Tefta Tashko-Koço, Avni Mula, Eli Fara, Vaçe Zela, Nexhmije Pagarusha, Sabri Fejzullahu, Shkurte Fejza, and many others, Albanians have always had an ear for talent.

Whether Albania rappers hail from the country of Kosov, Albania, or are located in other countries throughout Europe they still represent their native heritage as Albanian rap artists are becoming some of the most respected in Europe’s rap industry.  While some of the music from the top Albania rappers may resemble the Dancehall genre, they have their own style and put their own twist into the type of music they produce.

Top 10+ Albanian Rappers

1. LOREDANA watch on Youtube: LOREDANA and follow on Instagram: @LOREDANA

2. Noizy watch on Youtube: Noizy and follow on Instagram: @Noizy

3. Capital T watch on Youtube: Capital T and follow on Instagram: @Capital T

4. Mozzik watch on Youtube: Mozzik and follow on Instagram: @Mozzik

5. Ledri Vula watch on Youtube: Ledri Vula and follow on Instagram: @Ledri Vula

6. Majk watch on Youtube: Majk and follow on Instagram: @Majk

7. Tanya watch on Youtube: Tanya and follow on Instagram: @Tanya

8. Getinjo watch on Youtube: Getinjo and follow on Instagram: @Getinjo

9. Ghetto Geasy watch on Youtube: Ghetto Geasy and follow on Instagram: @Ghetto Geasy

10. MC Kresha watch on Youtube: MC Kresha and follow on Instagram: @MC Kresha

11. Lyrical Son watch on Youtube: Lyrical Son and follow on Instagram: @Lyrical Son

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