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Top 15 Dutch R&B Artists List: Best Dutch R&B Singers of the Netherlands

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Top Dutch R&B Singers

List of the Best Dutch R&B Artists

With the growing popularity of Dutch R&B singers the home to one of Europe’s most famous cities, Amsterdam, has become the perfect place for the rise of a R&B scene that is known locally as Nederlandse R&B.  With its size, a small country that is very densely population of over 17 million people, Dutch R&B artists and the rhythm and blues genre may not have one of Europe’s most admired music scenes, but it is certainly one of the most gifted.

With the likes of Natalie La Rose being one of the biggest all-time Dutch R&B artists to make it on an international stage with the hit single “Somebody” featuring Jeremih, today’s generation is slowly gaining stardom outside of their native country of the Netherlands. While some artists may be more recognized as pop and/or hip hop artists, and while others may have a sound that imitates Dancehall or Neo Soul, all have made and created songs that can be considered as Rhythm and Blues.

Top 17 Dutch R&B Artists

1. Famke Louise
Watch on Youtube: Famke Louise and follow on Instagram: @Famke Louise

2. Ronnie Flex (Hip Hop / R&B)
Watch on Youtube: Ronnie Flex  and follow on Instagram: @Ronnie Flex 

3. Maan (Pop / R&B)
Watch on Youtube: Maan  and follow on Instagram: @Mann 

4. Sevdaliza (Pop/R&B/Alternative)
Watch on Youtube: Sevdaliza  and follow on Instagram: @sevdaliza

5. Tabitha
Watch on Youtube: Tabitha and follow on Instagram: @Tabitha

6. Yade Lauren
Watch on Youtube: Yade Lauren and follow on Instagram: @Yade Lauren 

7. Aliyah
WAtch on Youtube: Aliyah and follow on Instagram: @Aliyah

8. Jayh
WAtch on Youtube: Jayh and follow on Instagram: @Jayh

9. Madina
WAtch on Youtube: Madina  and follow on Instagram: @MAdina

10. Numidia
WAtch on Youtube: Numidia  and follow on Instagram: @Numidia 

11. Nana Fofie
WAtch on Youtube: Nana Fofie  and follow on Instagram: @Nana Fofie

12. Sarita Lorena
Watch on Youtube: Sarita Lorena and follow on Instagram: @Sarita Lorena

13. Azira
WAtch on Youtube: Azira and follow on Instagram: @Azira

14. Leven Kali
WAtch on Youtube: LEven Kali and follow on Instagram: @LEven Kali

15. Roxy Rosa
WAtch on Youtube: Roxy Rosa and follow on Instagram: @Roxy Rosa

16. Zefanio
Watch on Youtube: Zefanio and follow on Instagram: @Zefanio

17. Rochelle (Pop / R&B)
Watch on Youtube: Rochelle  and follow on Instagram: @Rochelle 

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.