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Top 20 Dutch Rappers: 2022’s Best Dutch Hip Hop Artists List

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Top Dutch Rappers

List of Best Dutch Hip Hop Artists of the Netherlands

Home of one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations in the city of Amsterdam, the small Dutch speaking country of the Netherlands with a population of less than 20 million also has one of Europe’s fastest growing hip hop scenes through the large talented lineup of Dutch rappers.

While clearly not large enough to sustain as big as a rap scene as its European counterparts, countries like France, Germany, or the U.K., but Dutch rap artists have clearly solidified themselves within hip hop as the rise in international and global hip hop has led to a market in the Netherlands. 

As Dutch hip hop began during the late 1980s and 1990s with hip hoppers and rappers like MC Miker G & DJ Sven, Osdorp Posse, EXTINCE, King Bee, and a handful of others.  Then continued into the late 1990s and 2000s with Dutch rappers like Brainpower, Yukki B, U-Niq, and Fresku, just to name a few. Now, rap music in the Netherlands has truly grown since its early days, becoming a true staple for all Dutch music and entertainment.

With Dutch rap music being the leading genre in the Netherlands of today’s era, some of Europe’s top stars are directly connected with Dutch hip hop. With the local Dutch rappers having a special and distinct sound and style from other countries, this allows artists to create a diverse fanbase as many Dutch rap artists’ music cross over into multiple demographics.

Top 20 Dutch Rappers

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1. Lil’ Kleine
Watch on Youtube: Lil’ Kleine  and follow on Instagram: @Lil’ Kleine 

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2. Boef
Watch on Youtube: Boef and follow on Instagram: @Boef

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3. Ronnie Flex (Hip Hop / R&B)
Watch on Youtube: Ronnie Flex and follow on Instagram: @Ronnie Flex 

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4. Josylvio
Watch on Youtube: Josylvio and follow on Instagram: @Josylvio

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5. Lijpe
Watch on Youtube: Lijpe  and follow on Instagram: @Lijpe 

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6. Ashafar
Watch on Youtube: Ashafar and follow on Instagram: @Ashafar

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7. Frenna
Watch on Youtube: Frenna  and follow on Instagram: @Frenna

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8. Sevn Alias
Watch on Youtube: Sevn Alias  and follow on Instagram: @Sevn Alias 

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9. Mula B
Watch on Youtube: Mula B  and follow on Instagram: @Mula B

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10. Chivv
Watch on Youtube: Chivv and follow on Instagram: @Chivv

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11. JoeyAK
Watch on Youtube: JoeyAK and follow on Instagram: @JoeyAK

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12. Dopebwoy
Watch on Youtube: Dopebwoy and follow on Instagram: @Dopebwoy

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13. Jonna Fraser
Watch on Youtube: Jonna Fraser and follow on Instagram: @Jonna Fraser

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14. Kosso
Watch on Youtube: Kosso and follow on Instagram: @Kosso

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15. Kraantje Pappie
Watch on Youtube: Kraantje Pappie and follow on Instagram: @Kraantje Pappie

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16. Hef
Watch on Youtube: Hef and follow on Instagram: @Hef

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17. Kempi
Watch on Youtube: Kempi and follow on Instagram: @Kempi

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18. Esko
Watch on Youtube: Esko and follow on Instagram: @Esko

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19. Latifah
WAtch on Youtube: Latifah and follow on Instagram: @LatifahDiva 

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20. Ismo
Watch on Youtube: Ismo and follow on Instagram: @Ismo

Honorable Mention Dutch Rappers

 Idaly Follow on Youtube: Idaly and Instagram: @Idaly

Louivos Follow on Youtube: Louivos and Instagram: @Louivos

jacin trill Follow on Youtube: jacin trill and Instagram: @jacin trill

Bokoesam Follow on Youtube: Bokoesam and Instagram: @Bokoesam 

Fatah Follow on Youtube: Fatah and Instagram: @Fatah

Riffi Follow on Youtube: Riffi and Instagram: @Riffi

KILLER KAMAL Follow on Youtube: KILLER KAMAL and Instagram: @KILLER KAMAL

Nass Follow on Youtube: Nass and Instagram: @Nass

Tur-G Follow on Youtube: Tur-G and Instagram: @Tur-G

Lauwtje Follow on Youtube: Lauwtje and Instagram: @Lauwtje 

Big2 Follow on Youtube: Big2 and Instagram: @Big2

Jayboogz Follow on Youtube: Jayboogz and Instagram: @JAyboogz

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.