Filipino Female R&B and Rap Artists

List of the Best Female R&B Singers and Rappers from the Philippines

From powerful lyrics of Filipino female rappers to the soulful melodies of female Filipino R&B artists, view the Philippines undeniable talent of 2024. For years, the Philippines has given rise to some of the most talented women in music that have transcended local fame to achieve international recognition.

From thesultry tones of Kyla, often hailed as the Philippines’ “R&B Princess,” to the bold lyrics of chola rapper Ruby Ibarra, the spectrum of talent is wide and varied. Today, the country’s music scene celebrates multiple rap and rhythm and blues artists that have brought their stories and their vibes to life through their artistry.

This includes promising young artists like DEMI, who captivated audiences with a modern R&B and pop fusion style through songs like “Homeboy” and “Pakundangan.” Then there is DENȲ with her fresh sound and style, showcased on tracks like “Gusto With Ya,” after debuting in 2020. Singers like Denise Julia have been making waves as indie artists, offering listeners a deeply personal and immersive experience.

The list is nonstop with the top Filipino female rapper Alex Bruce, who has presented herself as a young, but fiercely talented artist. Illest Morena whose music is a vibrant mix of hip-hop and R&B. Zae with her charms spanning over multiple genres from pop to R&B. Jess Connelly and her sultry voice and smooth beats earning acclaim both locally and internationally.

From the well-established prominent Filipino female R&B artists like Kiana V to the lesser-known, but equally as talented, rising and future stars of Raina, August Wahh, and jikamarie, all of these gifted signers and rappers have much to contribute to the Philippines’ music scene.

Top 12 Female Filipino Rappers and R&B Artists

Filipino Female R&B Artists Denise Julia

1. Denise Julia
Follow on YouTube: Denise Julia, Instagram: @Denise Julia, and Spotify: Denise Julia


Follow on YouTube: DEMI, Instagram: @DEMI, and Spotify: DEMI

Female Filipino Rapper Alex Bruce

3. Alex Bruce
Follow on YouTube: Alex Bruce, Instagram: @Alex Bruce, and Spotify: Alex Bruce

Illest Morena

4. Illest Morena
Follow on YouTube: Illest Morena, Instagram: @Illest Morena, and Spotify: Illest Morena

Filipino Female R&B Artists Kiana V

5. Kiana V
Follow on YouTube: Kiana V, Instagram: @Kiana V, and Spotify: Kiana V

Filipino R&B singer DENȲ

Follow on YouTube: DENȲ, Instagram: @DENȲ, and Spotify: DENȲ

7. Zae
Follow on YouTube: Zae, Instagram: @Zae, and Spotify: Zae

Jess Connelly

8. Jess Connelly
Follow on YouTube: Jess Connelly, Instagram: @Jess Connelly, and Spotify: Jess Connelly


9. jikamarie
Follow on YouTube: jikamarie, Instagram: @jikamarie, and Spotify: jikamarie

10. Raina
Follow on YouTube: Raina, Instagram: @Raina, and Spotify: Raina

Follow on YouTube: SHNTI, Instagram: @SHNTI, and Spotify: SHNTI

August Wahh

12. August Wahh
Follow on YouTube: August Wahh, Instagram: @August Wahh, and Spotify: August Wahh

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