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The Top Fashion Trends of the Philippines

Filipino fashion is a mix flavor of cultural influences, historical narratives, and artistic expressions that collectively weave together the rich heritage of the Philippines. Rooted in a diverse blend of indigenous traditions, colonial legacies, and contemporary global trends, Filipino fashion stands as a testament to the nation’s multifaceted identity.

With a dynamic interplay of fabrics, colors, textures, and silhouettes, Filipino attire not only reflects the pragmatic needs of the tropical climate but also embodies the Filipino people’s sense of pride, creativity, and individuality. From the intricate patterns of traditional garments to the innovative designs of modern couturiers, Filipino fashion encapsulates a captivating story of cultural evolution and continues to captivate both local and international audiences.

12 Popular Filipino Fashion Trends

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Filipino Fashion Trends: Barong Tagalog

The barong Tagalog is a traditional Filipino garment for men. It is a formal, lightweight, and detailed shirt made from delicate fabrics such as piña (pineapple fiber), abacá (banana fiber), or jusi (silk-like material). The term ‘barong’ is derived from the Spanish word ‘baro,’ meaning ‘dress’ or ‘clothing,’ while ‘Tagalog’ refers to the indigenous people of central Luzon, where the garment originated.

This clothing style is usually worn during special occasions, formal events, and national holidays. It is considered the national dress of the Philippines and is commonly worn by politicians, government officials, and businessmen. Its design is rooted in Spanish colonial influences mixed with traditional Filipino elements, resulting in a unique style.

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Filipino Fashion Trends: Terno

The Terno is a traditional Filipino fashion trend that originated in the Spanish colonial period and has evolved over time. It is a two-piece ensemble consisting of a baro (blouse) and a saya (skirt). The main distinguishing feature of the Terno is the butterfly sleeves, also known as “campanillas” or “pagoda sleeves”.

Historically, the Terno was worn by affluent women during formal events, such as weddings or social gatherings. It was considered a symbol of elegance, femininity, and status. Over time, the Terno has become more accessible and is now worn by women of different backgrounds and for various occasions, including modern formal events, cultural festivals, and even everyday wear.

Filipino Fashion Trends: Streetwear

Streetwear is a blend of global street culture and local sensibilities. It is characterized by its style that often showcases boldness, slick graphics, and a mix of sportswear and casual wear.

One notable element of Filipino streetwear is its homage to traditional Filipino culture, frequently featuring indigenous patterns, symbols, and references to the country’s history, celebrating Filipino pride. Additionally, Filipino streetwear often incorporates popular global trends and influences from hip-hop, skateboarding, and urban subcultures, giving it a distinctive urban edge.

Collaborations between local streetwear brands, artists, and designers have played a significant role in shaping the Filipino streetwear scene. Furthermore, Filipino streetwear has gained popularity through social media platforms, where street style influencers and fashion enthusiasts share their unique interpretations and personal styles.

Filipino Fashion Trends: Floral prints

Filipinos have a deep appreciation for nature, and this is often reflected in their fashion choices. Floral prints are a way of bringing the beauty of nature into their everyday lives, and have always been a popular Filipino fashion trend. Known for its vibrant and tropical flair, Filipino fashion often incorporates floral patterns into various clothing items and accessories.

This trend is particularly prominent during the summer months, when bright and colorful floral designs are seen everywhere. From traditional barong Tagalog for men, to vibrant skirts and dresses for women, floral prints can be found on various types of clothing.

Filipino Fashion Trends: Ethnic Inspired Prints

Ethnic-inspired prints such as ikat and batik play a significant role in Filipino fashion trends. These prints are known for their patterns and cultural significance, reflecting the rich heritage and diverse traditions of the Philippines.

Ikat is a dyeing technique used to create patterns on textiles before weaving them. It involves resist-dyeing sections of the yarns to create a tie-dye effect. Traditional ikat designs in the Philippines are characterized by bold geometric patterns and bright colors. The weaving process is intricate, resulting in unique and visually striking fabrics.

Similarly, batik is a technique used to create designs on fabric by applying wax to specific areas before dyeing the fabric. The wax prevents the dye from penetrating the waxed areas, creating beautiful patterns. Batik prints often feature inspirations by nature, folklore, and cultural symbols.

Filipino Fashion Trends: Denim

Denim on denim, also known as the “Canadian tuxedo,” is among the Philippines most popular fashion trend. In the Filipino fashion scene, denim on denim is seen as a versatile and timeless style. It has gained popularity among both men and women and is commonly worn in various settings, including casual outings, parties, and even formal events when styled appropriately.

Filipinos have embraced this style in different ways. Some prefer a classic approach by pairing a denim jacket with jeans of the same color or a lighter/darker shade. Others experiment with contrasting denim washes or colors to create a more standout look. Denim shirts and chambray tops are also popular choices to mix and match with denim bottoms.

Filipino Fashion Trends: Athleisure

A combination of athletic clothing with leisurewear, creating a stylish and casual look. It emphasizes comfort and functionality, allowing individuals to seamlessly transition from workouts to everyday activities without having to change their clothes.

In the context of the Filipino fashion scene, athleisure has gained popularity due to its practicality and contemporary style of leggings, sports bras, and tank tops, which are often paired with fashion-forward clothing items. Many of the Philippines have embraced this trend, showcasing a combination of sporty and chic outfits that are not only functional but also fashionable.

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Filipino Fashion Trends: Off-Shoulder Tops

Off-shoulder tops are designed to expose the shoulders, creating an effortlessly feminine look. This popular Filipino fashion style among women come in various styles, ranging from casual to more formal options. These tops can be loose and flowy, providing a relaxed and bohemian vibe, or they can be fitted and structured, giving a more stylish and sophisticated appearance.

Filipino women often opt for off-shoulder tops because they are versatile and can be easily dressed up or down. Off-shoulder tops also offer the perfect balance between showing skin and remaining modest, making them suitable for various settings, whether it’s a night out with friends, a date, or even a formal event.

Filipino Fashion Trends: Crop tops

Crop tops provide stylish garments that are characterized by their shorter length, typically ending above the waistline and exposing the midriff area. Filipino women embrace crop tops as a fashionable staple that can be worn in various settings. Whether it’s for casual outings during the day or more stylish occasions in the evenings, crop tops offer a look that adds a touch of confidence to any outfit.

Crop tops come in a myriad of designs, colors, and fabrics, catering to different style preferences and body types. Crop tops have gained popularity among young Filipino women due to their ability to showcase their individuality, personal style, and body confidence. They have become a symbol of empowerment, allowing women to embrace their bodies and express their fashion sense in a bold and daring way.

Filipino Fashion Trends: Hijab

The hijab often refers to the style choices and clothing preferences of women in the Philippines who adhere to the Islamic faith and choose to wear the traditional headscarf. Hijab fashion in the Philippines embraces diversity and caters to a wide range of preferences, reflecting the multicultural nature of the country. Filipino Muslim women creatively incorporate modern fashion trends with traditional values, making their style distinctive and fashionable.

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Filipino Fashion Trends: High-Waisted Bottoms

High-waisted bottoms have been a popular fashion trend in the Philippines among women for quite some time. They typically refer to pants, skirts, shorts, or even swimwear that sit higher on the waistline, emphasizing the waist and creating an hourglass figure.

Filipino women often embrace high-waisted bottoms as they offer various benefits. One of the main advantages is that they help elongate the legs, giving the illusion of a taller and slimmer silhouette. This is especially favored by petite women or those desiring a more elongated appearance, showcasing a balance between comfort, style, and femininity.

Filipino Fashion Trends: Culottes and wide-leg pants

Culottes and wide-leg pants have become popular in recent years, reflecting a shift towards more practical, comfortable, and versatile attire. Like other styles, this trend provides a balance between comfort and modesty, making it a popular choice for Filipinas who prefer a more relaxed yet fashionable look. Culottes are often made from lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton, perfect for the tropical climate of the Philippines.

Filipino women often style culottes and wide-leg pants with a range of tops – from casual t-shirts to more formal blouses – allowing for a wide variety of outfit possibilities. These pants can be paired with heels for a more sophisticated look or dressed down with sandals or sneakers for a more relaxed vibe.

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