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List of Best Rappers from India

To get a sense of Indian hip hop music and the extensive list of Indian rappers and rappers from India, one must understand the culture of India. The second largest country in the world, as far as population, India is home to various cultures and various languages. With India consisting of numerous languages, the Indian hip hop scene is broken down into multiple categories.

The most popular form of Indian rap music is Hindi rap and hip hop. Following the most used language in India of Hindi there are Punjabi rap, Tamil rap, Malayalam rap, and even Bengali rap music, while also not to leave out rappers that perform in English. In all, the Desi rap scene, which represents the South Asian culture, is bounded by the large presence of Indian rappers through various styles of Indian hip hop music.

As Indian hip hop has prospered in all regions of India, especially in the large cities of Delhi and Mumbai, and Indian rappers have adopted various styles, from traditional hip hop music to Drill rap, to even hip hop that is intertwined with the commercialized Bollywood movement, Indian hip hop has risen to its highest peak.

The growth of Indian hip hop has been in the making since the days of the 1990s with Baba Sehgal and the 2000s with the likes of Yo Yo Honey Singh and Bohemia. Today’s rap scene stars iconic rappers like Badshah that have become one of the county’s top leaders in music and all-around artists like King, Raftaar, Divine, and possibly the best lyricist in Emiway showcasing no limitation on Indian hip hop artists abilities to capture multiple styles, from American hip hop culture to native Indian culture.

The long list of Indian rappers include India, U.K., and United States based artists, as mentioned, possibly every form, style, and subgenre of hip hop, and everything from Bollywood stars to the local artist of the streets. As the world has come to know one of India’s top industries of Bollywood, the large diverse roster of Indian rappers will soon bring the world to another side of India’s entertainment industry and creative styles.

Top 25 Rappers from India:

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1. Badshah Follow on Instagram: @Badshah and Watch on YouTube: Badshah

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2. Emiway Bantai Follow on Instagram: @Emiway Bantai and Watch on YouTube: Emiway Bantai

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3. Yo Yo Honey Singh Follow on Instagram: @Yo Yo Honey Singh and Watch on YouTube: Yo Yo Honey Singh

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4. King Follow on Instagram: @King and Watch on YouTube: King

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5. Raftaar Follow on Instagram: @Raftaar and Watch on YouTube: Raftaar

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6. Divine Follow on Instagram: @Divine and Watch on YouTube: Divine

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7. Dino James Follow on Instagram: @Dino James and Watch on YouTube: Dino James

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8. MC STAN  Follow on Instagram: @MC STAN and Watch on YouTube: MC STAN

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9. Ikka Follow on Instagram: @Ikka and Watch on YouTube: Ikka

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10. KR$NA Follow on Instagram: @KR$NA and Watch on YouTube: KR$NA

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11. Manj Musik Follow on Instagram: @Manj Musik and Watch on YouTube: Manj Musik

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12. Raja Kumari Follow on Instagram: @Raja Kumari and Watch on YouTube: Raja Kumari

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13. Brodha V Follow on Instagram: @Brodha V and Watch on YouTube: Brodha V

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14. Karma Follow on Instagram: @Karma and Watch on YouTube: Karma

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15. Fotty Seven Follow on Instagram: @Fotty Seven and Watch on YouTube: Fotty Seven

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16. Naezy Follow on Instagram: @Naezy and Watch on YouTube: Naezy

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17. Bali Follow on Instagram: @Bali and Watch on YouTube: Bali

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18. MC Altaf Follow on Instagram: @MC Altaf and Watch on YouTube: MC Altaf

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19. Rahul Dit-O Follow on Instagram: @Rahul Dit-O and Watch on YouTube: Rahul Dit-O

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20. Bella Follow on Instagram: @Bella and Watch on YouTube: Bella

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21. Seedhe Maut Follow on Instagram: @Seedhe Maut and Watch on YouTube: Seedhe Maut

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22. Muhfaad Follow on Instagram: @Muhfaad and Watch on YouTube: Muhfaad

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23. Loka Follow on Instagram: @Loka and Watch on YouTube: Loka

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24. Raga Follow on Instagram: @Raga and Watch on YouTube: Raga

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25. kaam bhaari Follow on Instagram: @kaam bhaari and Watch on YouTube: kaam bhaari

Honorable Mention Indian Rappers

Roll Rida Instagram: @Roll Rida and YouTube: Roll Rida

Prabh Deep Instagram: @Prabh Deep and YouTube: Prabh Deep

Gravity Instagram: @Gravity and YouTube: Gravity

Deep Kalsi Instagram: @Deep Kalsi and YouTube: Deep Kalsi

harjas harjaayi  Instagram: @harjas harjaayi and YouTube: harjas harjaayi 

Abhi The Nomad Instagram: @Abhi the Nomad and YouTube: Abhi the Nomad

Shah Rule Instagram: @Shah Rule and YouTube: Shah Rule

Agsy Instagram: @Agsy and YouTube: Agsy

KIDSHOT Instagram: @KIDSHOT and YouTube: KIDSHOT

vijay dk Instagram: @vijay dk and YouTube: vijay dk

J trix Instagram: @J trix and YouTube: J trix

mc insane Instagram: @mc insane and YouTube: mc insane

memax Instagram: @memax and YouTube: memax

young galib Instagram: @young galib and YouTube: young galib

mc thc Instagram: @mc thc and YouTube: mc thc

Hanumankind Instagram: @Hanumankind and YouTube: Hanumankind

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