Kenyan Afro Pop Artists:

List of the Top Afro Pop Artist in Kenya

Kenya’s music industry has been thriving, with an increasing number of Kenyan Afro Pop artists joining the top ranks. This growth has made Kenya’s entertainment industry a leader not just in East Africa, but also across the entire continent. Despite the many famous stars and celebrities from Africa who have gained international recognition, Kenya is emerging as a major player in the music industry, from Kenyan Afrobeats artists to Kenyan pop and rap stars.

Top 15 Kenyan Afro Pop Artists

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1. Sauti Sol

The Kenyan Afro pop band comprises of members Bien-Aimé Baraza, Willis Chimano, Savara Mudigi, and Polycarp Otieno. They made their official debut in 2009 when they released their album Mwanzo. Over time, Sauti Sol has become one of the leading music acts in Kenya with a huge fan base across East Africa and beyond. They have released six albums and produced hit songs like “Suzanna”, “Melanin”, “Short N Sweet”, and “Sura Yako”.

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2. Otile Brown

Otile Brown, who has released successful songs such as “Dusuma”, “Chaguo la Moyo”, “Baby Love”, “Jeraha”, and more, made his debut in 2016 and has since gained continuous fame. Despite having only released one album called Just In Love in 2020, he has remained one of the most notable leading Kenyan Afro Pop artists.

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3. Willy Paul

In 2010, Willy Paul started his music career and has since then continued to produce hit after hit such as “I Do”, “Njiwa”, “Hallelujah”, “Liar”, and “Toto”. He has also released a number of albums, including his latest work, The African Experience, which came out in 2021. All of this has contributed to his long-lasting career as a Kenyan Afrobeats artist in the music industry, which has spanned over a decade and into the 2020s.

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4. Bahati

In 2014, Bahati entered the music industry with his EP Mama. Over time, he gained popularity and became a prominent figure in East Africa’s music scene and possibly the future number one Kenyan Afro pop artist. Some of his well-known tracks include “Adhiambo,” “Wanani,” “Pete Yangu,” and “Kiss,” and he has released two albums titled Love Like This and Barua Za Bahati.

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5. Nadia Mukami

One of the leading ladies of the lineup of Kenyan Afro pop artists, Nadia Mukami made her introduction to the East African music scene several years ago in 2017 with the single “Kesi.” From her album African Popstar, released in 2020, to the fan favorites, like “Wangu”, “Jipe”, “Maombi”, and “Radio Love”, Nadia Mukami has become an icon in Kenya’s entertainment industry.

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6. Masauti

Coming from the small coastal city Mombasa, Masauti debuted into Kenya’s music scene in 2017 with the song “Nurulain”. With multiple years in, including two projects, 2020’s Masauti and 2023’s This Is Me, his career has led him to become one of the biggest names in Kenyan Afro pop music.

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7. Arrow Bwoy

Arrow Bwoy, a Kenyan Afrobeats artist who specializes in both Dancehall and Afro pop music, made his debut in 2015 with the track “Mdogo mdogo”. He has since released two albums, namely Hatau and Focus, and has produced several popular hits such as “Digi Digi”, “Shikisha”, “Raha”, and “Happy Birthday”. These achievements have propelled him to the forefront of Kenyan music industry since 2017.

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8. H_Art the Band

Three friends who began a long journey into becoming not only one of the top Kenyan Afro Pop groups, but also one of East Africa’s most admired, made their introduction in 2014 with the song “ULIZA KIATU”. Releasing multiple albums, including Made in the Streets, Party Time, and Mtoto Wa Ghetto, along with a host of East African hit songs, H_art the Band has become a staple of the region’s entertainment scene.

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9. Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna is a rising star in East Africa, renowned globally as she combines Afrosoul with Amapiano music, a genre popular in South Africa. Her 2020 debut track “La Vie” featuring Mbosso was a massive hit and established her as the future of East African music.

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10. Nameless

With hits dating back several years, like “Butterfly”, “Back It Up”, “Letigo,” and “Te Amo”, Nameless has become a household name in Kenya and East Africa, as his career dates back to 2014 with the release of “African Beauty”.

Follow on Instagram: @Nameless and Youtube: Nameless

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11. Nviiri the Storyteller

Nviiri the Storyteller entered music several years ago, with an initial hit, “Pombe Sigara”. For the last few years, Nviiri has been building a solid foundation across East Africa, becoming one of the future stars in music. Since his debut, he has released several hot tracks, like “Niko Sawa”, “Nikita”, “Kitenge”, and “Overdose”.

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12. Avril

Avril is a unique talent who has made a name for herself as a singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur. She achieved her first major success in 2014 with the song “NIKIMUONA”. Through her multiple albums, including Hakuna Yule (2015) and Spirit (2022), Avril has produced popular hits in East Africa such as “Hello Baby” featuring Ommy Dimpoz and “Kitoko”.

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13. Akothee

Akothee is a prominent figure in Kenya known for her leadership qualities, in addition to her career as a singer and artist. She gained recognition in 2014 with her first song “Nimechoka” and has since released several hit tracks such as “Sweet Love” featuring Diamond Platnumz, “Give It To Me” featuring Flavour, and “Oyoyo”.

Follow on Instagram: @Akothee and Youtube: Akothee

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14. Timmy Tdat

Timmy Tdat, who debuted in 2016 with his song “Dus Nyau”, has been consistently producing popular tracks such as “Wembe” and “Kasayole”. He blends rap, Afrobeats, and dancehall to create his unique sound.

Follow on Instagram: @Timmy Tdat and Youtube: Timmy Tdat

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15. Victoria Kimani

Kenyan Afro pop artist, Victoria Kimani, has introduced a diverse range of sounds and styles to the country’s music industry. With four albums under her belt, starting from Safari in 2016 to Spirit Animal in 2021, she first made her debut in 2012 with her tracks “Betta” and “Ayaya”. It is evident that she is a prominent figure in the Kenyan music scene.

Follow on Instagram: @Victoria Kimani and Youtube: Victoria Kimani

Honorable Mention Kenyan Afro Pop Artists

Sanaipei Tande Instagram: @Sanaipei Tande and Youtube: Sanaipei Tande

Bey T Instagram: @Bey T and Youtube: Bey T

Naiboi Instagram: @Naiboi and Youtube: Naiboi

Fena Gitu Instagram: @Fena Gitu and Youtube: Fena Gitu

Chris Kaiga Instagram: @Chris Kaiga and Youtube: Chris Kaiga

Mercy Masika Instagram: @Mercy Masika and Youtube: Mercy Masika

Wahu Instagram: @Wahu and Youtube: Wahu

Sudi Boy Instagram: @SudiBoy and Youtube: Sudi Boy

Wambui Katee Instagram: @Wambui Katee and Youtube: Wambui Katee

Kagwe Mungai Instagram: @Kagwe Mungai and Youtube: Kagwe Mungai

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