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Top Kenyan Fashion Brands

Kenya is famous for its diverse and lively fashion trends. The fashion industry in Kenya has been growing steadily in recent years, with designers and fashion enthusiasts displaying their exceptional sense of style.

Kenya’s fashion scene is a beautiful blend of traditional styles and contemporary influences from around the world. The country’s diverse cultures and ethnic groups are reflected in the use of vibrant colors, bold patterns, and intricate designs in their traditional clothing. Modern-day trends have also found their way into Kenyan fashion, creating a unique fusion of African culture and global fashion.

With its growth, Kenya’s fashion industry boasts several highly acclaimed fashion brands and designers who have earned recognition both nationally and globally. These fashion icons, like models Ajuma Nasenyana and Malaika Firth or designers like Anyango Mpinga, Wambui Mukenyi, or Yvonne Odhiambo, are renowned for their exceptional and groundbreaking takes on fashion, and their contribution has been instrumental in shaping and advancing the Kenyan fashion industry.

Top Kenyan Fashion Brands

Shop Zetu
Shop Online: Shop Zetu and Follow on Instagram: @Shop Zetu and Facebook: Shop Zetu

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Shop Online: KikoRomeo and Follow on Instagram: @KikoRomeo and Facebook: KikoRomeo

Akinyi Odongo
Shop Online: Akinyi Odongo and Follow on Instagram: @Akinyi Odongo and Facebook: Akinyi Odongo

El Afrique
Shop Online: El Afrique and Follow on Instagram: @El Afrique and Facebook: El Afrique

Shop Online: Zuri and Follow on Instagram: @Zuri and Facebook: Zuri

Kenyan Fashion Accessories (from Jewelry to Handbags)

Rummage Studio 
Shop Online: Rummage Studio and Follow on Instagram: @Rummage Studio

Jok A Jok
Shop Online: Jok A Jok and Follow on Instagram: @Jok A Jok

Shop Online: Soko and Follow on Instagram: @Soko

Shop Online: Kipato and Follow on Instagram: @Kipato

Adele Dejak
Shop Online: Adele Dejak and Follow on Instagram: @Adele Dejak

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