Top Neo Soul Female Artists
female neo soul artists
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Top Neo Soul Female Artists

Top Indie Soul / Female Neo Soul Artists

In a genre that may get overlook by R&B, Rock and, of course, Hip Hop, Neo Soul has long proven to never disappoint when it comes contributing to good music. Over the years, especially in recent years, the popularity of the soulful sound has been rising with artists singing from the heart about various topics that all can relate.

What truly accounts as Neo Soul, and what distinguish Neo Soul, and Indie Soul, from R&B and Pop is the various reasons that are stated above. Music that can touch your soul that can have anyone enjoying the sound of love, pain, or joy, depending the subject matter of the song one is listening to.

Some of the first Neo Soul performing style artists are the likes of Sade. Sade rose to her stardom during the 1980s as one of the greatest United Kingdom artists of all-time, producing a number of classic hits and selling millions records during the 80s and 90s.Her smooth soulful sound brought her much success, and with the success I am sure many were inspired.

The true rise of Neo Soul occurred in the 1990s with over a dozen artists within genre, a genre that would stand the test of time. The rise can be contributed to the likes of Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, even though she is consider as a Hip Hop artists to some, D’Angelo and many more.

Into present the day of Neo Soul artists and singers, the below of the top female Neo Soul singers will breakdown how far has the genre has come compared to the 1990s as this becoming one of the more popular styles of music.

SZA. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @SZA, Twitter: @SZA, Facebook: SZA, Youtube: SZA
Ama Lou. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @AmaLouMusic, Facebook: Ama Lou, Twitter: @AmaLou, Youtube: Ama Lou 
Lion Babe. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @LionBabe, Facebook: Lion Babe, Twitter: @Lion Babe, Youtube: Lion Babe 
NAO. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @ThisIsNAO, Facebook: ThisIsNAO, Twitter: @ThisIsNAO,  Youtube: NAO

Jorja Smith. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @JorjaSmith_, Youtube: Jorja Smith, Facebook: Jorja Smith, Twitter: @Jorja Smith
Kelsey Lou. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Kelsey Lou, Youtube: Kelsey Lou, Facebook: Kelsey Lou, Twitter: @Kelsey Lou
Seinabo Sey. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Seinabo Sey, Youtube: Seinabo Sey, Twitter: @Seinabo Sey, Facebook: Seinabo Sey
Greentea Peng.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Greentea Peng, Youtube: Greentea Peng, Twitter: @Greentea Peng, Facebook: Greentea Peng

Kali Uchis. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @KaliUchis, Youtube: Kali Uchis, Twitter: @KaliUchis, Facebook: Kali Uchis
Cleo Sol. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Cleo Sol, Youtube: Cleo Sol, Twitter: @Cleo Sol, Facebook: Cleo Sol
Savannah Cristina.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Savannah Cristina, Youtube: Savannah Cristina, Twitter: @Savannah Cristina
Ravyn Lenae.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Ravyn Lenae, Youtube: Ravyn Lenae, Twitter: @Ravyn Lenae, Facebook: Ravyn Lenae

Ari Lennox. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @AriLennox, Youtube: Ari Lennox, Twitter: @AriLennox, Facebook: Ari Lennox
Raveena. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Raveena, Youtube: Raveena, Twitter: @Raveena, Facebook: Raveena
OSHUN. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @OSHUN, Youtube: OSHUN, Twitter: @OSHUN,
Arlissa. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Arlissa, Youtube: Arlissa, Twitter: @Arlissa, Facebook: Arlissa

Snoh Aalegra. Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @SnohAalegra, Youtube: Snoh Aalegra, Twitter: @SnohAalegra, Facebook: Snoh Aalegra
Mereba.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Mereba, Youtube: Mereba, Twitter: @Mereba, Facebook: Mereba
Abi Ocia.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Abi Ocia, Youtube: Abi Ocia, Twitter: @Abi Ocia, Facebook: Abi Ocia
Kirby.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Kirby, Youtube: Kirby, Twitter: @Kirby, Facebook: Kirby

Joy Crookes.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Joy Crookes, Youtube: Joy Crookes, Twitter: @Joy Crookes, Facebook: Joy Crookes
Eryn Allen Kane.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Eryn Allen Kane, Youtube: Eryn Allen Kane, Twitter: @Eryn Allen Kane, Facebook: Eryn Allen Kane
Mpho Sebina.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Mpho Sebina, Youtube: Mpho Sebina, Twitter: @Mpho Sebina, Facebook: Mpho Sebina
Anna Leone.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Anna Leone, Youtube: Anna Leone, Twitter: @Anna Leone, Facebook: Anna Leone

Lianne La Havas.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Lianne La Havas, Youtube: Lianne La Havas, Twitter: @Lianne La Havas, Facebook: Lianne La Havas
Ebz the Artist.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Ebz the Artist, Youtube: Ebz the Artist
Hunnah.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @Hunnah, Youtube: Hunnah
JGrrey.  Social Media Outlets: Instagram: @JGrrey, Youtube: JGrrey, Twitter: @JGrrey, Facebook: JGrrey

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