Top Polish Rappers

List of the Top Polish Rap Artists

In the heart of Central Europe resides a music scene of Polish rappers that have arguably created the regions largest hip hop market. The large list of top and popular Polish rap artists has led Polish hip hop to greatly surpass any neighboring or regional rap scene, leading Poland to be in the same conversation as the U.K., Germany, and France as one of the top markets of hip hop music in Europe.

The historical timeline of Polish hip hop music and culture begins during the early 1990s, making Poland to have one of Central Europe’s oldest rap scenes. As Polish rappers began to develop, there were numerous Polish rap groups and a handful of individual artists as the start of rap and hip-hop music in Poland began to form.

In the 1990s Polish hip hop artists like Liroy, Peja/Slums Attack, Wzgórze Ya-Pa, Tede, Kaliber 44, Warszafski Deszcz/1kHz, DJ 600V, Fokus, and Rahim, founding member of groups like Paktofonika and 3xKlan, helped create a flourishing music scene during the country’s 90s hip hop era.

Entering the 2000s, Polish rap music continued its growth with key artists like OSTR, ZIP Skład, Hemp Gru, Sokół, Molesta, Ten Typ Mes, Onar, Małolat, Chada, Płomień 81, DDK RPK, Fisz, Doniu, Grammatik, and Familia HP, with some beginning in the 1990s but saw the majority of their success during the 2000s.

Many the originals and pioneers are still rapping and are still among Poland’s top rappers, especially artists of the 2000s, all while keeping up with today’s generation. The current lineup of Polish rap artists have transformed this Central European hip hop scene into one of the world’s fastest growing rap markets with top production by producers like Deemz, DJs like DJ. Frodo, and of course the dozens of Polish hip hop artists who have created fanbases and facilitate many hit songs and classic albums.

A roster with Polish rappers like Malik Montana, who is the most distinctive artist on the list with the largest selection of platinum and gold selling hits. Mata, a newcomer to the rap scene but since his debut in 2019 his stock has been on a non-stop rise. Quebonafide, the most accomplished of all Polish hip hop artists whose level of talent is almost unmatchable. Kizo, Poland’s turn up king with swagger that is through the roof. While there are legends of the 90s and 2000s, Bedeos has placed himself as one of the most dominant forces in Polish hip hop of the 2010s.

When you have a music scene consisting of skillful artists like Kamil Lanek and Szpaku, rappers that have personas and personalities to go along with releasing quality music like Żabson, White 2115, and Young Multi, or legends like Taco Hemingway still in their prime then one can understand why Poland’s hip hop culture is one of the largest and most popular in Europe.

Top 25 Polish Rappers

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1. Malik Montana
Follow on Instagram: @Malik Montana and watch on Youtube: Malik Montana

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2. Mata
Follow on Instagram: @Mata and watch on Youtube: Mata

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3. Quebonafide
Follow on Instagram: @Quebonafide and watch on Youtube: Quebonafide

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4. Kizo
Follow on Instagram: @Kizo and watch on Youtube: Kizo

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5. Bedoes
Follow on Instagram: @Bedoes and watch on Youtube: Bedoes

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6. Żabson
Follow on Instagram: @Żabson and watch on Youtube: Żabson

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7. White 2115
Follow on Instagram: @White 2115 and watch on Youtube: White 2115

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8. Szpaku
Follow on Instagram: @Szpaku and watch on Youtube: Szpaku

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9. Smolasty
Follow on Instagram: @Smolasty and watch on Youtube: Smolasty

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10. ReTo
Follow on Instagram: @ReTo and watch on Youtube: ReTo

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11. Taco Hemingway
Follow on Instagram: @Taco Hemingway and watch on Youtube: Taco Hemingway

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12. Kamil Lanek
Follow on Instagram: @Kamil LAnek and watch on Youtube: Kamil LAnek

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13. Białas
Follow on Instagram: @Białas and watch on Youtube: Białas

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14. Paluch
Follow on Instagram: @Paluch and watch on Youtube: Paluch

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15. Young Multi
Follow on Instagram: @Young Multi and watch on Youtube: Young Multi

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16. Young Igi
Follow on Instagram: @Young Igi and watch on Youtube: Young Igi

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17. Kabe
Follow on Instagram: @Kabe and watch on Youtube: Kabe

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18. Sokół
Follow on Instagram: @Sokół and watch on Youtube: Sokół

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19. Wac Toja
Follow on Instagram: @Wac Toja and watch on Youtube: Wac Toja

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20. QRY
Follow on Instagram: @QRY and watch on Youtube: QRY 

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21. Popek
Follow on Instagram: @Popek and watch on Youtube: Popek

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22. Otsochodzi
Follow on Instagram: @Otsochodzi and watch on Youtube: Otsochodzi

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23. Pezet
Follow on Instagram: @Pezet and watch on Youtube: Pezet

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24. pro8l3m
Follow on Instagram: @pro8l3m and watch on Youtube: pro8l3m

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25. kaz bałagane
Follow on Instagram: @kaz bałagane and watch on Youtube: kaz bałagane

Honorable Mention Polish Rappers:

PlanBe Instagram: @PlanBe and Youtube: PlanBe

Jan-rapowanie Instagram: @Jan-rapowanie and Youtube: Jan-rapowanie

BLACHA Instagram: @BLACHA and Youtube: BLACHA

Zeamsone Instagram: @Zeamsone and Youtube: Zeamsone

Olszakumpel Instagram: @Olszakumpel and Youtube: Olszakumpel

schafter Instagram: @schafter and Youtube: schafter

Kartky Instagram: @Kartky and Youtube: Kartky

Gedz Instagram: @Gedz and Youtube: Gedz

major spz Instagram: @major spz and Youtube: major spz

donGURALesko Instagram: @donGURALesko and Youtube: donGURALesko

Bober Instagram: @Bober and Youtube: Bober

DZIARMA Instagram: @DZIARMA and Youtube: DZIARMA

KęKę Instagram: @KęKę and Youtube: KęKę

Merghani Instagram: @Merghani and Youtube: Merghani

Siles Instagram: @Siles and Youtube: Siles

Guzior Instagram: @Guzior and Youtube: Guzior

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