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List of Top Romanian Hip Hop Artists

The true foundation of the hip hop scene of Romanian rappers began to emerge during the 1990s, but as soon as the popularity of hip hop expanded outside of New York and outside of America into Europe people in Romania took a likening to the movement, even though the percentage was probably so small that hip hop was unnoticed.

While to the outside world Romania is not known for much, other than Transylvania and the story of Dracula, this southeastern European country should be recognized as having the largest and most talented hip hop scene in Eastern Europe, an extensive list of top Romanian hip hop artists that tops well over a few dozen rappers.

The credit of Romanian rap music should go to the likes of the hip hop group of La Familia, which featured Puya (@Puya) and Sisu Tudor, the rap group Paraziții and its members Cheloo (@Cheloo) and Ombladon, solo artist Cedry2K (@Cedry2K), female artist Dana Marijuana (@DanaMarijuana), hip hop group of Zale, solo artist DOC, and producer Don Baxter, among others who also participated in the formation of Romanian hip hop, helping with the establishment of rap music in Romania during the 1990s.

Into the 2000s, artists like Maximilian, MC Bean and the rap group of Subcarpați, Grasu XXL (@Grasu XXL), Kazi Ploae, Nimeni Altu’, Haarp Cord, Bitza (@Bitza) and others help to further the movement into the new millennium and eventually, along with the key artists of the 1990s, into the 2010s and present day Romania. Outside of artists, individuals like Vlad Dobrescu had a vision that was big enough to create one of the first hip hop labels in Eastern Europe.

Today, the Romanian rap scene has exploded with dozens of top Romanian rappers who have created a large following of fans. While only Romania and Moldova truly speak the Romanian language, two countries that almost equal a population of 25 million combined, the popularity of Romanian hip hop is on a trajectory to become one of the region’s top genres of music.

Top 20 Romanian Rappers

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1. Lino Golden Follow on Instagram: @Lino Golden and watch on Youtube: Lino Golden

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2. abi Follow on Instagram: @abi and watch on Youtube: abi

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3. Nane Follow on Instagram: @Nane and watch on Youtube: Nane

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4. Connect-R Follow on Instagram: @Connect-R and watch on Youtube: Connect-R

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5. EL Nino Follow on Instagram: @EL Nino and watch on Youtube: EL Nino

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6. Killa Fonic Follow on Instagram: @Killa Fonic and watch on Youtube: Killa Fonic

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7. YNY Sebi Follow on Instagram: @YNY Sebi  and watch on Youtube: YNY Sebi

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8. F.Charm Follow on Instagram: @F.Charm and watch on Youtube: F.Charm

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9. Bvcovia Follow on Instagram: @Bvcovia and watch on Youtube: Bvcovia

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10. OG Eastbull Follow on Instagram: @OG Eastbull and watch on Youtube: OG Eastbull

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11. MARKO GLASS Follow on Instagram: @MARKO GLASS and watch on Youtube: MARKO GLASS

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12. Shift Follow on Instagram: @Shift and watch on Youtube: Shift

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13. Spike Follow on Instagram: @Spike and watch on Youtube: Spike

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14. Subcarpati Follow on Instagram: @Subcarpati and watch on Youtube: Subcarpati

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15. Azteca  Follow on Instagram: @Azteca and watch on Youtube: Azteca

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16. Amuly Follow on Instagram: @Amuly and watch on Youtube: Amuly

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17. MGK666 Follow on Instagram: @MGK666 and watch more on Youtube: MGK666

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18. Exploit Follow on Instagram: @Exploit and watch on Youtube: Exploit

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19. Lil Cagula Follow on Instagram: @Lil Cagula  and watch on Youtube: Lil Cagula

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20. Juno. follow on Instagram: @Juno and watch on Youtube: Juno

Honorable Mention Romanian Rappers:

Deliric Follow on Instagram: @Deliric and Youtube: Deliric

Alberto Grasu Follow on Instagram: @Alberto Grasu and Youtube: Alberto Grasu

Sisu Tudor  Follow on Instagram: @Sisu Tudor and Youtube: Sisu Tudor

GOLANI Follow on Instagram: @GOLANI and Youtube: GOLANI

Criss Blaziny Follow on Instagram: @Criss Blaziny and youtube: Criss Blaziny

Boier Bibescu Follow on Instagram: @Boier Bibescu and Youtube: Boier Bibescu

Călinacho Follow on Instagram: @Călinacho and Youtube: Călinacho

Yakki Follow on Instagram: @Yakki  and Youtube: Yakki

Tranda Follow on Instagram: @Tranda and Youtube: Tranda

NMW Yanni Follow on Instagram: @NMW Yanni  and Youtube: NMW Yanni

Sapte Follow on Instagram: @Sapte and Youtube: Sapte

Phunk B Follow on Instagram: @Phunk B and youtube: Phunk B

PRNY Follow on Instagram: @PRNY and Youtube: PRNY

Dhali Follow on Instagram: @Dhali and Youtube: Dhali 

Bocaseca follow on Instagram: @Bocaseca and Youtube: Bocaseca

KEV X Dice follow on Instagram: @KEV X @Dice and Youtube: KEV X Dice

Macanache follow on Instagram: @Macanache and Youtube: Macanache

Top Romanian Hip Hop & Pop Youtube Channels:

FacemRecords TV  |  Maidaan

Cat Music   |   Big UP Music

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