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List of the Best Rappers from Russia

In the heart of modern Russian music culture thrives an often overlooked genre of music consisting of Russian rappers. Russian hip hop began to take form in the late 1980s and early 1990s following the widespread influence of Western culture. The first Russian hip hop acts began by translating Western hits into Russian, and soon after, artists started to create original music inspired by Western hip hop, but with a Russian twist.

Some of the very first major rappers from Russia were the likes of Malchishnik, Kasta Bad Balance, Bogdan Titomir, Detsl, Ligalize, and Mnogotochie who all were among the trailblazers who adapted hip hop to reflect the spirit of Russian society during the 1990s. By the 2000s, Russian hip-hop further expanded into Russian society, reaching mainstream and the emergence of more rap artists.

Today, this gritty form of art has given voice to the experiences, struggles, and aspirations of Russian youth, rapidly cementing its place in Russian music. With already paying homage to several of the pioneering artists who laid down the first Russian rhymes, the 2020s has a new flock of Russian rappers, with several familiar faces in the mix.

Top 30 Russian Rappers

Russian rappers Egor Kreed

1. Egor Kreed

Egor Kreed, debuting in the early 2010s, swiftly rose to become one of Russia’s top rap, pop, and R&B artists. His striking good looks and catchy tunes helped him gain a massive fan base.

With notable songs like “Rolls Royce,” “Сердцеедка,” “Девочка с картинки,” or “Love is,” Kreed has accumulated several accolades and has been viewed as one of Russia’s top artists. His albums vary from dynamic dance tracks to heartfelt ballads, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

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Rappers from Russia Morgenshtern

2. Morgenshtern

Prominent rapper, producer, and YouTuber Morgenshtern came into the limelight around the late 2010s. Known for his often provocative styles, Morgenshtern distinguished himself with hits such as “Cadillac,” “El Problema,” “Cristal & Moet,” “Новый Мерин,” and “ДУЛО.”

His work is characterized by its trap influences and has grown with his savvy social media presence. Morgenshtern’s popularity in both the music and influencer spheres has earned him a significant recognition among hip-hop and Russian music and entertainment.

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3. Timati

Timati’s blend of hip-hop with R&B and pop elements has made him one of the top artists of Russia’s music scene. Timati embarked on his journey in music with the group Banda (“Gang”), and later with VIP77. His solo career took off in the mid-2000s, with his debut album Black Star putting him on the map in 2006.

He is the founder of the record label by the same name, which has been instrumental in shaping the Russian urban music scene. Timati’s hit songs include “Лондон,” “Где ты, где я,” “Поколение,” and “Гучи,” has earned much respect as a Russian rapper.

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4. Instasamka

Instasamka is not only a Russian rapper but also a social media personality that has become known for her bold style and unapologetic lyrics. She stepped onto the music scene in 2019, releasing two albums including Born to Flex and  Трипл малыш.

With her energy and and vibrant persona, she quickly gaining a following among young audiences. Since debuting, Instasamka has amassed a significant presence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where her music videos often showcase a fusion of hip-hop beats with electronic flair.

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5. Basta

Basta is on the top tier level of Russian hip hop, idolized for his contributions to the genre since the early 2000s. His lyrics and complex rhymes have earned him a respected place among global hip-hop fans. Basta released his debut album Basta 1 in 2006, paving the way for a series of successful records.

Showcased over a dozen albums, Basta has proved his talent is beyond being a MC, but also a producer and influencer whose influence extends beyond his own music with his involvement in launching the careers of other rappers from Russia.

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6. Eldzhey

Eldzhey has been an influential figure in the Russian hip-hop scene since his career took off in the mid-2010s. Known for his autotuned vocals and catchy melodies, Eldzhey has contributed to the popularization of the trap subgenre in Russia.

His work often includes collaborations with notable producers and other artists, leading to hits such as “Rozovoe Vino,” which caught the attention of both domestic and international listeners. His projects, like his latest Sayonara Boy X, establishes Eldzhey as a versatile artist within the hip-hop community.

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Slava Marlow

7. Slava Marlow

Slava Marlow is a producer and rapper who soared to fame with his production of the hit single “ЯБЛОЧНО ДЕРЕВО” (“Apple Tree”) for the rapper Morgenshtern, which became a viral sensation. Known for his distinctive voice and savvy beats, Slava Marlow’s own musical career took a turn for the spotlight following this success.

He further amplified his popularity with his singles “Ты Горишь Как Огонь” and “Снова я напиваюсь” (“Again I’m Getting Drunk”), confirming his status as a future star in the Russian music scene. His ability to fuse humor with sharp whit lyrics has lead him to a substantial following of the fresh faces in Russian hip-hop.

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Russian Rap Skryptonite

8. Skryptonite

Skriptonite is a Kazakhstani-Russian rapper renowned for his unconventional flow and magnetic lyrics. Since debuting in the early 2010s, his 2015 album Дом с нормальными явлениями (“House with Normal Phenomena”) marked a moment in his career, featuring hits like “Vnutripolemniye vapors” that showcase his unique blend of hip-hop with electronica and alt-rock elements. Skriptonite’s work of over 10 projects, he has obtained a vast audience as he pushes the boundaries of the genre.

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Russian Rappers Face

9. Face

Hailing from the Ural city of Yekaterinburg, Face emerged during the mid-2010s, and quickly gained notoriety with his raw mixture of trap and hip-hop. His debut album, Пути неисповедимы (Inscrutable Ways), released in 2015, set the stage for a career that challenged the status quo.

He has become particularly well-known for hits like “ЮМОРИСТ,” “МОЙ КАЛАШНИКОВ,” “ЛАБИРИНТ,” “Я роняю Запад” (I Drop the West) and “Бургер” (Burger), which resonate with the rebellious spirit of the youth. Face’s work has been both celebrated and controversial, earning him a prominent place in today’s Russian culture.

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Russian Rap T-Killah

10. T-Killah

With his career beginning in the late 2000s, T-Killah has become a legend in the Russian rap game. He has a string of successful singles and albums to his name, with hits like “Do dna” reflecting his knack to make an impact in Russia’s music scene.

His ability to blend different genres, such as pop and R&B, with traditional hip-hop has earned him a diverse fanbase and a respected place in the genre’s evolving landscape.

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Russian rappers Kizaru

11. Kizaru

Kizaru made his presence known among Russian rap fans with his trap-influenced beats and lightning-paced rhymes. He stepped into the limelight with his 2016 mixtape Narcos, as his artistry music often depicts the complexity of urban youth life, attracting a following that appreciates his unfiltered ways.

Songs like “Russia Most Wanted,” “Nikto ne nuzhen” (“Nobody is needed”), “Narcos,” have shown his impact on the Russian trap scene, shaping the soundscape of contemporary Russian rap.

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Russian Rap Big Baby Tape

12. Big Baby Tape

Big Baby Tape has risen as a prominent figure among the new wave of Russian rappers. Emerging onto the scene with his SoundCloud releases, he quickly gained traction with his 2018 mixtapes Hoodrich Tales and Dragonborn.

His music is characterized by a combination of heavy bass, trap influences, and distinct flow, making him a leading voice among Russia’s youth. Big Baby Tape saw a surge in popularity with the release of the albums Bandana 1 (2021) and Varska (2023). Since his arrival, hehas been bringing a fresh sound to the Russian hip-hop landscape.

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13. Macan

Macan surfaced on the Russian rap scene relatively recently, earning a rapid following with his catchy hooks and relatable lyrics. Debuting with Время (Time) in 2018, Macan stood out with his melodic flow and pop-rap.

His hit single “Набери мой номер” (Dial My Number) became an anthem for young love, propelling him into the spotlight. Despite his newcomer status, Macan has made impressive waves with a series of successful releases, contributing to the growing diversification within the genre of Russian rap.

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Russian rapper Geegun

14. Geegun

Geegun embarked on his time as a Russian rapper during the late 2000s with the group ‘Banda’ (“Gang”) before achieving greater recognition as a solo artist.

Geegun’s album Вне закона (“Outlaw”) and hits like “Женщина я не танцую” (“Woman I Don’t Dance”) showcases the prime examples why he is a leading artist in Russian hip hop. His talents have earned him numerous accolades in the Russian music awards circuit, solidifying his legacy in the industry.

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15. Dzharakhov

Eldar Dzharakhov, or just Dzharakhov for short, is a Russian YouTube personality and rapper who gained fame through his unique comedic style and engaging content. He branched out into music, carrying over his sense of humor and energy into his tracks.

Dzharakhov’s songs, such as “Ualy,” “Pokeball,” “Strange,” and “Blockers,” often go viral, reflecting his online popularity and catchy nature of his music. Although he may not have the traditional accolades of other artists, his online presence and ability to connect with a young audience have made him a standout figure in Russian pop culture.

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16. Oxxxymiron

Oxxxymiron is one of the most well-respected Russian hip-hop artists, bringing much a more complex style into the fold. Active since the mid-2000s, Oxxxymiron gained widespread notoriety with his album Gorgorod, which is considered a classic within the Russian hip-hop scene.

His storytelling and lyricism are displayed on tracks like “Gorod pod podoshvoy” and “Kreml.” Oxxxymiron is also known for his epic rap battles, which he has millions of views on YouTube.

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Rapper from Russia

18. Guf

Guf, initially from the duo Rolex-X, began his solo career in the mid-2000s and is viewed as one of the pioneers of Russian hip-hop. His album Дома (At Home) brought him into the limelight, with “Ice Baby” being one of his breakout songs.

Guf’s music often reflects on themes of street life, personal struggles, and authenticity. His raspy voice and heartfelt lyrics have painted the perfect picture of gritty realism in his work.

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Russian hip hop Pharaoh

19. Pharaoh

Pharaoh is a cult figure in Russia’s cloud rap scene, renowned for his sad and dark melodies. Pharaoh’s exploration of various themes of authenticity has set him apart in the genre since he stepped onto the scene in the mid-2010s.

Albums like Pink Phloyd have established him as an artist who is not afraid to experiment and evolve musically. Pharaoh’s innovative approach to hip-hop has gained him a loyal fan base and made him a significant influence in Russian alternative rap.

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20. GONE.Fludd

GONE.Fludd, emerging into the Russian rap scene during the late 2010s, brought a new wave of rap and trap to the forefront. His atmospheric tracks, such as “КУБИК ЛЬДА” (Ice Cube) and “Boys Don’t Cry,” capture his style at best. Characterized by its blend of woe, darkness and melodic beats, GONE.Fludd has a solid place among the younger generation of hip-hop fans.

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Rappers from Russia Feduk

21. Feduk

Feduk is a versatile Russian rapper whose smooth flows and eclectic approach to music have earned him a place among the notable figures in the Russian music scene. His music often straddles the line between pop and hip-hop, allowing him to appeal to a broad audience.

Debuting in the early 2010s, Feduk has released several hits that blend melodic hooks with rap verses, showcasing his ability to craft songs that resonate both on the airwaves and in the clubs.

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OG Buda

22. OG Buda

OG Buda arrived to the Russian rap scene with flair, characterized by vivid storytelling. His discography features a multitude of singles and albums that reflect the young generation’s voice and experiences, including themes of love, struggle, and success against the odds.

OG Buda’s collaborations with other key players in the Russian rap scene, like his tracks with Feduk and Slava Marlow, have only bolstered his status as a prominent figure in the genre.

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Russian Rappers Lesha Svik

23. Lesha Svik

Lesha Svik’s music has been mixing elements of rap, R&B, and pop since his arrival into Russia’s music industry during the mid-2010s. Lesha’s style is characterized through tracks like “Плакала,” “Ненормальная,” and others showcase his talent for producing ear-catching music. His growing popularity is a testament to the universal appeal of his sound, with three full length albums to show for it.

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Boulevard Depo

24. Boulevard Depo

Boulevard Depo is a figure at the forefront of the new school of Russian hip-hop artists. Beginning his ascent in the mid-2010s, Boulevard Depo is known for his distinct sound that draws from trap, cloud rap, and experimental hip-hop. Albums like Rapp 2 highlight his unique approach.

Coming from a dark stance in music, and though more niche compared to the more mainstream acts, Boulevard Depo has carved out a cult following with his innovative styles to the genre.

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Soda Luv

25. Soda Luv

Soda Luv stands out in the Russian rap arena with his unconventional style and bold persona. His 2018 entry into the music industry brought a new wave of energy, characterized by his daring approach. Soda Luv’s discography includes infectious hits like “G-Shokk,” “ЯЛРС,” “Cole Bennet,” and “Maybach,” which have dominated the charts and established him as a youth icon.

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Russian rappers Yanix

26. Yanix

Yanix is known for his style that marries traditional hip-hop beats with Russian street tales. Debuting in the early 2010s, he has released around ten albums and dozens of singles that have cemented his status as a staple in Russian rap. With numerous hits and much consistency displayed, Yanix has helped transform Russian hip-hop into a new era.

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Bushido Zho

27. Bushido Zho

Bushido brings an unique blend of cultural references and his commitment to the ethos of the samurai—his stage name inspired by the Japanese term “bushido,” meaning “the way of the warrior.” While he has two albums to date, No Bang! Hold On! (2022) and WESTGOTHS (2023), he made his first major impact as a Russian rapper in the country’s music scene upon his arrival in 2019.

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Russian rappers Markul

28. Markul

Since his debut in 2017 with the album Tranzit, Markul has won over fans and has continued to maintain a strong hip-hop foundation. His albums often feature introspective tracks that delve into personal struggles and triumphs, and he has been praised for his authenticity and the raw emotion he brings to his work. Notable hits like “КОРАБЛИ В БУТЫЛКАХ” (Ships in Bottles), “Фокус” (Focus), “СЕРПАНТИН” (SERPANTYN),” have helped solidify his place in the Russian hip-hop world.

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29. Obladaet

Obladaet, rising to prominence in the mid-2010s after debuting with the EP Home Run, has built a reputation for his rapid-fire flow and vivid lyrical imagery. With a name that translates to “owns” or “possesses” in English, Obladaet made a name for himself in the Russian hip-hop scene with his confident delivery and unique take on the genre. Following a series of singles and EPs, this eventually led to the release of acclaimed albums Players Club and Players Club 2.

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Noize MC

30. Noize MC

Noize MC burst onto the scene in the late 2000s, known for his rock-infused hip-hop and, at times, controversial music. With hits such as “Гражданин Поэт” (Citizen Poet) and “Вселенная Бесконечна?” (Is the Universe Infinite?), Noize MC combines sharp social commentary with a presence that cannot be ignored. His album The Greatest Hits Vol. 1 features an eclectic mix of genres and showcases his talent for fusing different musical styles.

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