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Among the recent tragedies within Eastern Europe has been the fight and the will of the people from Ukraine in which has been showcased and broadcasted throughout the world. But this displaying of a culture, of a heritage, of a society has been long depicted before the recent war. One outlet that highlighted Ukrainian culture and the Ukrainian people has been Ukrainian hip hop.

Since its early days of the 1990s, Ukrainian rappers have been intertwining the original culture of hip hop, which originated in the South Bronx of New York City during the 1970s, and the culture of Ukraine into a perfect foundation of Ukraine rap music.

Some of the first Ukrainian rappers were the likes of Вхід у змінному взутті (ВузВ), TNMK, МІСТо 44, and VUZV. As the 2000s and 2010s came around, more rappers from Ukraine emerged, like VovaZiLvovaКашляючий ЕдТулим (KASHLYAYUCHYJ ED), На Відміну Від, Хай Уо!му Gрець, and Альпачіно, naming only a few. Now, despite the recent attacks, Ukrainian rappers have been pushing through the times and continuing what was started during the 1990s, Ukrainian hip hop music.

While some are based in the major cities of Lviv and Kyiv, others come from smaller towns and regions throughout the country, many that have met with much bombardment, like rappers from the city of Kharkiv. Many rappers of the current Ukraine rap scene have been using their platform and their art form to highlight the current atrocities, to the showcase the fight of the people, and to also give hope and motivation to a country under attack.

A hip hop scene of various forms of styles of rap, including traditional hip hop, gangster and drill, sad and melancholic, and styles that often combine folk and even at times pop with today’s rap music. While nowhere near the notoriety as much larger hip hop markets, but Ukrainian rappers have the pride of hip hop artists and the passion for a genre that is more than just the latest fling.

From legends continuing their legacy to a handful of newcomers carrying Ukrainian hip hop culture into a new era, Ukraine rap music has been a bright spot and an inspiration during these current times.

Top 20 Ukrainian Rappers

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1. alyona alyona
Follow on Instagram: @alyona alyona, YouTube: alyona alyona, and Spotify: alyona alyona

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Follow on Instagram: @TNMK, YouTube: TNMK, and Spotify: TNMK

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3. ХАС
Follow on Instagram: @ХАС, YouTube: ХАС, and Spotify: ХАС

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4. Palindrom
Follow on Instagram: @Palindrom, YouTube: Palindrom, and Spotify: Palindrom

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Follow on Instagram: @BOTASHE, YouTube: BOTASHE, and Spotify: BOTASHE

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6. Колін
Follow on Instagram: @Колін, YouTube: Колін, and Spotify: Колін

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7. Artem Loik
Follow on Instagram: @Artem Loik, YouTube: Artem Loik, and Spotify: Artem Loik

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8. Averin
Follow on Instagram: @Averin, YouTube: Averin, and Spotify: Averin

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Follow on Instagram: @OTOY, YouTube: OTOY, and Spotify: OTOY

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Follow on Instagram: @BURLA, YouTube: BURLA, and Spotify: BURLA

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11. Levyy MC
Follow on Instagram: @Levyy MC, YouTube: Levyy MC, and Spotify: Levyy MC

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12. Pvnch
Follow on Instagram: @Pvnch, YouTube: Pvnch, and Spotify: Pvnch

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13. Білий Бо
Follow on Instagram: @Білий Бо, YouTube: Білий Бо, and Spotify: Білий Бо

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Follow on Instagram: @SKRYAGA, YouTube: SKRYAGA, and Spotify: SKRYAGA

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15. Elarm
Follow on Instagram: @Elarm, YouTube: Elarm, and Spotify: Elarm

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Follow on Instagram: @TRAVINSKIY, YouTube: TRAVINSKIY, and Spotify: TRAVINSKIY

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17. Gonya (Гоня)
Follow on Instagram: @Gonya, YouTube: Gonya, and Spotify: Gonya

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18. Сьюзи
Follow on Instagram: @Сьюзи, YouTube: Сьюзи, and Spotify: Сьюзи

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19. vnuk
Follow on Instagram: @vnuk, YouTube: vnuk, and Spotify: vnuk

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20. gunna chorna
Follow on Instagram: @gunna chorna, YouTube: gunna chorna, and Spotify: gunna chorna

Honorable Mention Ukrainian Rappers

valentine Lawrence Instagram: @valentine Lawrence and YouTube: valentine Lawrence

Freel Instagram: @Freel and YouTube: Freel

НКНКТ Instagram: @НКНКТ and YouTube: НКНКТ

Alexjazz Instagram: @Alexjazz and YouTube: Alexjazz

Довгий Пес  Follow on Instagram: @Довгий Пес and YouTube: Довгий Пес 

Ницо Потворно  Instagram: @Ницо Потворно and YouTube: Ницо Потворно 

XSERGO Instagram: @XSERGO and YouTube: XSERGO

Рома Майк Instagram: @Рома Майк and YouTube: Рома Майк

Шершень Instagram: @Шершень and YouTube: Шершень

Денні Дельта Instagram: @Денні Дельта and YouTube: Денні Дельта

ТИСК Instagram: @ТИСК and YouTube: ТИСК

Oi FUSK Instagram: @Oi FUSK and YouTube: Oi FUSK

Ядерна Могила Instagram: @Ядерна Могила and YouTube: Ядерна Могила

Нестор Instagram: @Нестор and YouTube: Нестор

EasyLover Instagram: @EasyLover and YouTube: EasyLover

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