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Top 15 Bulgarian Rappers: 2022’s Best Bulgarian Rap Artists List

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Bulgarian Rappers

List of Top Bulgarian Rap Artists

Despite having one of Europe’s smaller rap and hip hop markets, Bulgarian rappers have a strong presence within Bulgaria’s music scene. A number of the top Bulgarian rap artists are among Bulgaria’s top pop stars, while it is not abnormal to witness many artists transition between hip hop and pop music.

Though Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe, it does not come close to having one of the oldest rap scenes in Europe. With no regards of developing later than other European countries, the talent level has led Bulgarian hip hop artists to be some of the most popular rappers of eastern Europe.

Traditionally and historically, music in Bulgaria has been centered musical instruments like the bagpipe, a place where opera singers are amongst the world’s most celebrated, and folklore is often the country’s most praised. Even though today’s music scene of Bulgaria consists of mainstream pop music, Bulgarian hip hop has launch itself into the radios, headsets, phones, homes, or wherever someone listens to music.

While rap and hip hop music may had some form of existence in Bulgaria during the 1980s, not until the mid 1990s did Bulgarian rap music become more open. Some of the first and true pioneers of Bulgarian hip hop are the likes of rapper Big Sha, work worked with DMX, Spens, Upsurt, a rap group of Bate Ventsi and Itzo Hazarta, disc jockey and music producer DJ Darkstep, Mangasarian Bros, and G Dogg, just to name a few.

Since the 1990s, the rap scene of Bulgaria has somewhat grown and expanded, but Bulgarian hip hop still lacks and lags behind much larger markets of Europe. Many of the top Bulgarian rappers are versatile artists who have various sounds and genres in their repertoire, meaning their music often can be considered as popular music, a pop sound with bars of rap lyrics intertwined.

Top 15 Bulgarian Rappers

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1. Krisko 
Follow on Instagram: @Krisko and watch on Youtube: Krisko

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2. SkandaU
Follow on Instagram: @SkandaU and watch on Youtube: SkandaU

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3. 100 Kila
Follow on Instagram: @100 Kila and watch on Youtube: 100 Kila

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4. Atanas Kolev 
Follow on Instagram: @Atanas Kolev and watch on Youtube: Atanas Kolev

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5. ToTo H
Follow on Instagram: @ToTo H and watch on Youtube: ToTo H

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6. VessoU
Follow on Instagram: @VessoU and watch on Youtube: VessoU

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7. Pavell & Venci Venc’ 
Follow on Instagram: @Pavell & @Venci Venc’ and watch on Youtube: Pavell & Venci Venc’

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8. Dim4ou
Follow on Instagram: @Dim4ou and watch on Youtube: Dim4ou

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9. Boro Purvi
Follow on Instagram: @Boro Purvi and watch on Youtube: Boro Purvi

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10. Billy Hlapeto
Follow on Instagram: @Billy Hlapeto and watch on Youtube: Billy Hlapeto

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11. Itzo Hazarta 
Follow on Instagram: @Itzo Hazarta and watch more on Youtube: Itzo Hazarta

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Follow on Instagram: @WOSH MC and watch on Youtube: WOSH MC

Honorable Mention Bulgarian Rappers

F.O. Instagram: @F.O. and Youtube: F.O.

ALEX P. Instagram: @ALEX P. and Youtube: ALEX P.

Young BB Young Instagram: @Young BB Young and Youtube: Young BB Young

Iskrata Instagram: @Iskrata and Youtube: Iskrata

Homelesz Instagram: @Homelesz and Youtube: Homelesz

Jluch Instagram: @Jluch and Youtube: Jluch

Grigovor Instagram: @Grigovor and Youtube: Grigovor


SplitKid Instagram: @SplitKid and Youtube: SplitKid

JENTARO Instagram: @JENTARO and Youtube: JENTARO

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com