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List of Top Bulgarian Rap Artists

Despite having one of Europe’s smaller hip hop markets, Bulgarian rappers have developed a strong presence within Bulgaria’s music scene. A number of the top Bulgarian rap artists are among Bulgaria’s top pop stars, while it is not abnormal to witness many artists transition between the two genres of hip hop and pop music.

In the past, Bulgarian music has predominantly focused on instruments such as the bagpipe, with the nation’s opera singers being highly acclaimed worldwide, and its folklore frequently receiving the highest commendations. Although contemporary Bulgarian music is primarily comprised of mainstream pop, Bulgarian hip hop has successfully infiltrated various listening platforms, essentially reaching anywhere people enjoy music.

While rap and hip hop music may had some form of existence in Bulgaria during the 1980s, not until the mid 1990s did Bulgarian rap music become more open to the public. Some of the first and true pioneers of Bulgarian hip hop are the likes of rapper Big Sha, work worked with rap legend DMX, Spens, Upsurt, which was a rap group of Bate Ventsi and Itzo Hazarta, disc jockey and music producer DJ Darkstep, Mangasarian Bros, and G Dogg, just to name a few. While during the 2000s, Bulgarian hip-hop expanded as the rap heavyweights of raw and uncut lyricism with Dim4ou, Billy Hlapeto, Jluch, Keranov, and several others began to emerge.

Today’s Top Bulgarian Rappers

Moving forward, there are several top Bulgarian rappers that are leading the way. Krisko has become one of Bulgaria’s most successful rappers and producers, having earned numerous accolades and releasing top-charting singles. V:RGO is a prolific artist who has been steadily making a name for himself, known for his versatility, seamlessly blending different styles and genres, and resulting in a sound that is distinctly his own. Fyre, a prominent figure in the Bulgarian hip hop scene, known for his intricate wordplay and his unafraid and unapologetic approach.

100KILA has made a significant impact on the Bulgarian rap scene since his debut during the late 2000s, known for his distinctive style. Skandau, the duo of Lachezar Evtimov and Toto H, have presented themselves with a fusion of styles that has captured thousands of Bulgarian fans. Atanas Kolev, a multifaceted artist whose music often reflects many of listeners. Boro Purvi‘s consistency and versatile talent has launched him to the realm of Bulgarian hip-hop royalty.

From the 1990s onwards, Bulgaria’s rap landscape has experienced moderate growth and development; however, it continues to fall short and trail behind the more prominent European markets. But with numerous leading Bulgarian rap artists display versatility in their music incorporating different styles and genres, and often implementing their own heritage and traditions. As a result, their work frequently combines elements of mainstream music, blending pop melodies with rap lyricism.

Top 20 Bulgarian Rappers

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1. Krisko 
Follow on Instagram: @Krisko and watch on Youtube: Krisko

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2. Fyre
Follow on Instagram: @Fyre and watch on Youtube: Fyre

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3. V:RGO
Follow on Instagram: @V:RGO and watch on Youtube: V:RGO

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4. SkandaU
Follow on Instagram: @SkandaU and watch on Youtube: SkandaU

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5. 100 Kila
Follow on Instagram: @100 Kila and watch on Youtube: 100 Kila

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6. Atanas Kolev 
Follow on Instagram: @Atanas Kolev and watch on Youtube: Atanas Kolev

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7. Boro Purvi
Follow on Instagram: @Boro Purvi and watch on Youtube: Boro Purvi

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8. Mom4eto
Follow on Instagram: @Mom4eto and watch on Youtube: Mom4eto

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9. Pavell & Venci Venc’ 
Follow on Instagram: @Pavell & @Venci Venc’ and watch on Youtube: Pavell & Venci Venc’

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10. Dim4ou
Follow on Instagram: @Dim4ou and watch on Youtube: Dim4ou

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Follow on Instagram: @EMIL TRF and watch on Youtube: EMIL TRF

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12. VessoU
Follow on Instagram: @VessoU and watch on Youtube: VessoU

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13. MurdaBoyz
Follow on Instagram: @MurdaBoyz and watch on Youtube: MurdaBoyz

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14. Djaany
Follow on Instagram: @Djaany and watch on Youtube: Djaany

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15. Billy Hlapeto
Follow on Instagram: @Billy Hlapeto and watch on Youtube: Billy Hlapeto

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16. Itzo Hazarta 
Follow on Instagram: @Itzo Hazarta and watch on Youtube: Itzo Hazarta

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17. Milioni
Follow on Instagram: @Milioni and watch on Youtube: Milioni

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18. Trap19 Connection
Follow on Instagram: @Trap19 Connection and watch on Youtube: Trap19 Connection

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19. Gocata Kangal
Follow on Instagram: @Gocata Kangal and watch on Youtube: Gocata Kangal

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20. Dimoff
Follow on Instagram: @Dimoff and watch on Youtube: Dimoff

Honorable Mention Bulgarian Rappers

Grigovor Instagram: @Grigovor and Youtube: Grigovor

WOSH MC Instagram: @WOSH MC and Youtube: WOSH MC

F.O. Instagram: @F.O. and Youtube: F.O.

Bliznacite Instagram: @Bliznacite and Youtube: Bliznacite

Qvkata DLG Instagram: @Qvkata DLG and Youtube: Qvkata DLG

Pamela Instagram: @Pamela and Youtube: Pamela

ALEX P. Instagram: @ALEX P. and Youtube: ALEX P.

Young BB Young Instagram: @Young BB Young and Youtube: Young BB Young

Iskrata Instagram: @Iskrata and Youtube: Iskrata

Homelesz Instagram: @Homelesz and Youtube: Homelesz

Madmatic Instagram: @Madmatic and Youtube: Madmatic

Jluch Instagram: @Jluch and Youtube: Jluch

Shunaka Instagram: @Shunaka and Youtube: Shunaka

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