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List of the Top Kazakh Rap Artists

In the heart of Central Asia is a surprisingly thriving hip hop scene of Kazakh rap music. A country half of the size of the United States with a population of over 19 million, many residing in major cities like Almaty, the list of Kazakhstan rappers and Kazakh hip hop artist is far from the longest but does contains the country’s top stars in music.

While there are other forms of music in the Central Asian country, like Q-Pop, Kazakhstan’s form of K-Pop, Kazakh rap artists far outshines the majority. Developing during the 1990s, especially following the fall of the Soviet Union, Kazakh hip hop gained much of its influence from neighboring Russia, with many Kazakhstan rappers having ties with Russian hip hop artists and the hip hop market of Russia.

Continuing its expansion into the 2000s, some of the most memorable Kazakh rap artists of the 2000s were the likes of Da Gudda Jazz and Schokk. Now, with rap and hip-hop music becoming one of the world’s top genres, Kazakhstan rappers have become the next sensation of the global hip hop community.

Today’s Kazakh rap scene consists of vets and international stars, especially the likes of Jah Khalib and Scriptonite, but also several Kazakhstan rappers whose music has traveled across the borders throughout Central Asia and into places like Russia, Turkey, and even Eastern and Central Europe.

With groups like Irina Kairatovna and Captown on display providing a unique skillset with one-of-kind performances and OGs and veterans like Hiro setting standards and embracing hip hop culture long before it became trendy, Kazakh hip hop has been on a considerable rise.

While a number of Kazakhstan rappers have gone above and beyond to showcase that they are not only Central Asia’s top rappers, but also if it was not for language barriers then Kazakh rap artists like V $ X V Prince, Truwer, 104, Niman, and others would be among the world’s top hip hop artists, just off the strength of their respect and contributions to today’s hip hop.

Top 15 Kazakhstan Rappers

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1. Scriptonite Follow on Instagram: @Scriptonite and Watch on YouTube: Scriptonite

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2. Jah Khalib Follow on Instagram: @Jah Khalib and Watch on YouTube: Jah Khalib

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3. irina kairatovna Follow on Instagram: @irina kairatovna and Watch on YouTube: irina kairatovna

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4. v $ x v prince Follow on Instagram: @v $ x v prince and Watch on YouTube: v $ x v prince

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5. 104 Follow on Instagram: @104 and Watch on YouTube: 104

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6. Truwer Follow on Instagram: @Truwer and Watch on YouTube: Truwer

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7. Captown Follow on Instagram: @Captown and Watch on YouTube: Captown

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8. Niman Follow on Instagram: @Niman and Watch on YouTube: Niman

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9. Hiro Follow on Instagram: @Hiro and Watch on YouTube: Hiro

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10. Duman Follow on Instagram: @Duman and Watch on YouTube: Duman

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11. Yenlik Follow on Instagram: @Yenlik and Watch on YouTube: Yenlik

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12. Shiza Follow on Instagram: @Shiza and Watch on YouTube: Shiza

Honorable Mention Kazakhstan Rappers

 Кисло-Сладкий & Bonah Instagram: @Кисло & @Bonah and YouTube: Кисло & Bonah

Bonapart Instagram: @Bonapart and YouTube: Bonapart

Akha Instagram: @Akha and YouTube: Akha

НЕДРЫ Instagram: @НЕДРЫ and YouTube: НЕДРЫ

darkhan juzz Instagram: @darkhan juzz and YouTube: darkhan juzz

Dashxx Instagram: @Dashxx and YouTube: Dashxx

Taspay Instagram: @Taspay and YouTube: Taspay

Jaman T Instagram: @Jaman T and YouTube: Jaman T

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

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