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Top 15 Serbian Rappers: 2022’s List of Best Serbian Hip Hop Artists

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Top Serbian Rappers

List of the Top Serbian Hip Hop Artists

Contributing to Europe’s fastest growing rap scene of Balkans hip hop music, Serbian rappers have often been one of the superior talents of hip hop and rap culture in Eastern Europe. Serbian hip hop artists have been around since the 1980s with The Master Scratch Band being the first faces of Serbian rap music, which often imitated the early days of New York’s hip hop movement.

The 1980s brought other Serbian hip hop groups and artists like Badvajzer, a group that had many similarities to the Beastie Boys, MC Best (Aleksandar Džankić), and a few others. The 1990s is the era of the true creation of Serbian rap with artists like Voodoo Popeye, Sha-Ila, Gru, Sunshine, Bad Copy, CYA, and Robin Hood. This trend continued into the 2000s with THC La Familia, Prti Bee Gee, Marčelo, Beogradski Sindikat, Blokovski, Bauk Squad, KG Odred, Don Trialeon, and a number of other Serbian rappers.

Now Serbian rap music has one of the hottest female rappers in Europe, a fierce MC by the name Nikolija. While at the very top of the hierarchy of Balkans hip hop resides multiple Serbian rappers, an extensive list that includes Rasta, Vuk Mob, Relja, Coby, Devito, and many more. All have showcased that the U.K., France, and Germany are not the only power houses of hip hop music in Europe.

Overall, Serbian rap has become very popular in Serbia as the genre is experience through local radio stations, television shows, and small and large concerts and festivals.  While there is your share of horrocore rap, most Serbian rappers have a pop music feel to their music, along with your traditional hip hop sound.

Some could say that Serbia is the true leader of rap and hip hop within the Balkans, from having the earliest hip hop scene to having the largest roster and brands of rap artists and music in the Balkans.  The list of top Serbian rap artists should give a prime example of the current hip hop climate in Serbia, and also in the Balkans.

Top 15 Serbian Rappers

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1. Nikolija 
Follow on Instagram: @Nikolija and watch on Youtube: Nikolija

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2. Rasta
Follow on Instagram: @Rasta and watch on Youtube: Rasta

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3. Coby
Follow on Instagram: @Coby and watch on Youtube: Coby

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4. Devito
Follow on Instagram: @Devito and watch on Youtube: Devito

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5. Relja 
Follow on Instagram: @Relja and watch on Youtube: Relja

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6. Nucci
Follow on Instagram: @Nucci and watch on Youtube: Nucci

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7. Vuk Mob
Follow on Instagram: @Vuk Mob and watch on Youtube: Vuk Mob

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8. Cvija 
Follow on Instagram: @Cvija and watch on Youtube: Cvija

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9. Elena Kitić 
Follow on Instagram: @Elena Kitić and watch on Youtube: Elena Kitić

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10. Gazda Paja
Follow on Instagram: @Gazda Paja and watch on Youtube: Gazda Paja

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11. SHA
Follow on Instagram: @SHA and watch on Youtube: SHA

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12. Rimski 
Follow on Instagram: @Rimski and watch more on Youtube: Rimski

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13. Klinac 
Follow on Instagram: @Klinac and watch on Youtube: Klinac

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14. MC Yankoo
Follow on Instagram: @MC Yankoo and watch on Youtube: MC Yankoo

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Follow on Instagram: @DJEXON and watch more on Youtube: DJEXON

Honorable Mention Serbian Rappers

Alen Sakić Instagram: @Alen Sakić and Youtube: Alen Sakić

Surreal Instagram: @Surreal and Youtube: Surreal

Lacku Instagram: @Lacku and Youtube: Lacku

Lacku Instagram: @Lacku and Youtube: Lacku

Fox Instagram: @Fox and Youtube: Fox

Brzo Trči Ljanmi Instagram: @Brzo Trči Ljanmi and Youtube: Brzo Trči Ljanmi

Marlon Brutal Instagram: @Marlon Brutal and Youtube: Marlon Brutal

Ognjen Instagram: @Ognjen and YouTube: Ognjen

Mimi Mercedez Instagram: @Mimi Mercedez and Youtube: Mimi Mercedez

Sajsi MC Instagram: @Sajsi MC and Youtube: Sajsi MC

Top Serbian Rap / Pop Youtube Channels

TOXIC MUSIC    |    MADE IN BLKN   |   BasementTV  

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com