Top Serbian Rappers

List of the Top Serbian Hip Hop Artists

Adding to the accelerated growth of the rap scene in Europe, particularly in the Balkans, Serbian rappers have consistently proven themselves to be among the top talents in Eastern Europe’s hip hop and rap culture. The presence of Serbian hip hop artists can be traced back to the 1980s, when The Master Scratch Band emerged as the pioneers of Serbian rap music, often replicating the initial stages of the hip hop movement in New York.

The 1980s saw the emergence of various Serbian hip hop groups and artists such as Badvajzer, which closely resembled the Beastie Boys, along with MC Best (Aleksandar Džankić) and several others. The following decade, the 1990s, marked the true genesis of Serbian rap, featuring artists like Voodoo Popeye, Sha-Ila, Gru, Sunshine, Bad Copy, CYA, and Robin Hood. This progression held strong into the 2000s, with the rise of THC La Familia, Prti Bee Gee, Marčelo, Beogradski Sindikat, Blokovski, Bauk Squad, KG Odred, Don Trialeon, and a plethora of other Serbian rappers.

Serbian rap music now boasts one of Europe’s most sizzling female rappers, a formidable MC named Nikolija. Numerous Serbian rappers, including Rasta, Vuk Mob, Nucci, Relja, Coby, Devito, and several others, dominate the highest echelons of Balkan hip hop. Their collective work reveals that the UK, France, and Germany aren’t the sole forces behind hip hop music in Europe.

Overall, Serbian rap has become very popular in Serbia as the genre is experience through local radio stations, television shows, and small and large concerts and festivals.  While there is your share of horrocore rap, most Serbian rappers intertwine urban pop music to their repertoire, making them among the country’s top pop stars.

It might be argued that Serbia stands at the forefront of the rap and hip hop genre in the Balkans, having both the earliest emergence of hip hop and the most extensive lineup and labels of rap artists in the region. An overview of the leading Serbian rappers can provide a clear snapshot of the contemporary hip hop environment in Serbia, as well as across the Balkans.

Top 15 Serbian Rappers

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1. Devito
Follow on Instagram: @Devito and watch on Youtube: Devito

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2. Nikolija 
Follow on Instagram: @Nikolija and watch on Youtube: Nikolija

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3. Rasta
Follow on Instagram: @Rasta and watch on Youtube: Rasta

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4. Nucci
Follow on Instagram: @Nucci and watch on Youtube: Nucci

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5. Coby
Follow on Instagram: @Coby and watch on Youtube: Coby

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6. Relja 
Follow on Instagram: @Relja and watch on Youtube: Relja

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7. Vuk Mob
Follow on Instagram: @Vuk Mob and watch on Youtube: Vuk Mob

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8. Klinac 
Follow on Instagram: @Klinac and watch on Youtube: Klinac

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9. Gazda Paja
Follow on Instagram: @Gazda Paja and watch on Youtube: Gazda Paja

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10. Rimski 
Follow on Instagram: @Rimski and watch more on Youtube: Rimski

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11. SHA
Follow on Instagram: @SHA and watch on Youtube: SHA

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Follow on Instagram: @DJEXON and watch on Youtube: DJEXON

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13. MC Yankoo
Follow on Instagram: @MC Yankoo and watch on Youtube: MC Yankoo

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14. Mimi Mercedez
Follow on Instagram: @Mimi Mercedez and watch on Youtube: Mimi Mercedez

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15. Brzo Trči Ljanmi
Follow on Instagram: @Brzo Trči Ljanmi and watch on Youtube: Brzo Trči Ljanmi

Honorable Mention Serbian Rappers

Alen Sakić Instagram: @Alen Sakić and Youtube: Alen Sakić

Surreal Instagram: @Surreal and Youtube: Surreal

Lacku Instagram: @Lacku and Youtube: Lacku

Lacku Instagram: @Lacku and Youtube: Lacku

Fox Instagram: @Fox and Youtube: Fox

Marlon Brutal Instagram: @Marlon Brutal and Youtube: Marlon Brutal

Ognjen Instagram: @Ognjen and YouTube: Ognjen

Sajsi MC Instagram: @Sajsi MC and Youtube: Sajsi MC

Top Serbian Rap / Pop Youtube Channels

TOXIC MUSIC    |    MADE IN BLKN   |   BasementTV  

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