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Top Hip Hop and Rap Artists from Singapore

As Singaporean rappers reside in a multicultural city-state, the top Singapore rappers list consists of artists with various ethnicities that includes Malaysian, Indian, and Chinese (Mandarin).  While many rappers from Singapore have connections with Malaysia and have a major part of their fan base in the neighboring country, in which was once part of Malaysia, they still have their own movement.  A small movement and a small roster of Singaporean hip hop artists, but the lineup of the country’s top talent does not disappoint.

Top Singaporean Rappers

Rappers from Singapore Tosh Rock

Tosh Rock

While being feature in almost a dozen films throughout the 2010s, with his most known role being in the Ah Boys to Men Series, Tosh Rock, whose real name is Tosh Zhang, has also became one of Singapore’s top rap stars.

Watch music on YouTube: Tosh13 and follow on Instagram: @Tosh13

Singaporean rappers Yung Raja

Yung Raja

An English and Tamil speaking rapper, Yung Raja is one of Southeast Asia’s most talented stars in the Asian rap world with the help of gaining millions of views on multiple platforms throughout his career.

Watch music on YouTube: Yung Raja and follow on Instagram: @Yung Raja

Fariz Jabba

A true diverse artist that can easily switch from being a bar for bar rapper to making some of the best R&B music that one can witness out of Southeast Asia.

Watch music on YouTube: Fariz Jabba and follow on Instagram: @Fariz Jabba

Shigga Shay

Maybe Singapore’s most gifted rapper, much of Shigga Shay’s music being better than your average American rapper. Despite not having a large following, Shigga Shay is one of the most skilled Southeast Asian rappers.

Watch music on YouTube: Shigga Shay and follow on Instagram: @Shigga Shay


Zadon is probably becoming one of the world’s top Mandarin rap artists.  With being part of the rap group Grizzle Grind Crew, which includes other talented Singaporean rap artists, should show that Zadon is well deserving of being labeled as one of Singapore’s top hip hop artists.

Watch music on YouTube: Zadon and follow on Instagram: @Zadon

Singaporean rappers THELIONCITYBOY


THELIONCITYBOY has made his way around, from being part of multiple rap groups to being one of the few rappers with international connections.  Within his career’s timeframe, THELIONCITYBOY has proven to be a true hip hop artist, not the crossover type but with an original style of what hip-hop was meant to be.

Watch music on Youtube: THELIONCITYBOY and follow on Instagram: @THELIONCITYBOY

Masia One

A diverse and versatile female artist that can easily transition her styles from a raw and authentic rapper with explosive bars to becoming melodic with popish tunes.

Watch music on Youtube: Masia One and follow on Instagram: @Masia One


With a growing career and fanbase, Lineath is one of the most underrated talents. Making his first official appearances in the early 2010s, Lineath has a body of work that is unblemished with very little flaws.

Watch music on Youtube: Lineath and follow on Instagram: @Lineath

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