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Top 20 2000s Male R&B Singers & Groups

While the nostalgia eras of the 1990s and 1980s were among the most memorable time for R&B music, 2000s male R&B singers, along with 2000s male R&B groups, brought in a new era of rhythm and blues. From the top R&B artists of the 1990s continuing their legacy, to the launching of the careers of today’s top R&B artists, rhythm and blues of the 2000s was a balance between the golden era of the 1990s and the new sounds and cultures of the 21st century.

2000s Male R&B Singers & Groups (No Order)

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1. Usher

Debuting during the late 90s, with much success, Usher dominated the 2000s. While 8701 was an accomplished album included with songs “U Got It Bad” and “U Remind Me,” his 2004 release of Confessions is arguably one of the greatest R&B albums of all-time.

YouTube: Usher and Instagram: @Usher

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2. Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s debut single “Run It!” raced to first place on the American Billboard charts in 2005 and committed himself there for five weeks. Chris Brown is a singer, songwriter, and a gifted dancer, his exceptional talent and its versatility, has led him to be one of the all-time greats in the rhythm and blues category.

Youtube: Chris Brown and Instagram: @Chris Brown

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3. Ne-Yo

Outside of Chris Brown and Usher, Ne-Yo has the longest standing career of relevancy of all R&B artists of the 2000s, a range of success throughout the 2000s and well into the 2010s and 2020s. Known for hit songs like “So Sick”, “Because of You”, “Miss Independent”, “One in a Million”, and many others, Ne-Yo was among the leaders in R&B for multiple generations.

Youtube: Ne-Yo and Instagram: @Ne-Yo

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4. Omarion

Outgrowing B2K, Omarion became a teen sensation during the 2000s, possibly the biggest name in music among urban teens and kids alike.  Headlining the Scream Tour and making numerous appearance in film and television, Omarion’s stardom at one point was uncontrollable.

Youtube: Omarion and Instagram: @Omarion

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5. Ginuwine

No song was bigger in 1996 than the Timbaland produced track “Pony.” Beginning during the late 1990s with Ginuwine…the Bachelor and 100% Ginuwine, Ginuwine would carry the momentum from his success during the 1990s into the 2000s with the classics of The Life and The Senior.

Youtube: Ginuwine and Instagram: @Ginuwine

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6. Jagged Edge

With the help of Jermaine Dupri and the So So Def imprint, this street meets classic melodies group of Jagged Edge grew quite a fanbase during the late 90s, which carried over into the early 2000s with hit songs “Promise,” “Let’s Get Married,” and the Nelly featured track “Where The Party At.”

Youtube: Jagged Edge and Instagram: @Jagged Edge

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7. Tyrese

While now, Tyrese has transitioned from music to acting, but before he became a familiar face on the big screen, Tyrese was one of the top 2000s male R&B singers. Despite debuting during the late 90s with his self-titled album, Tyrese, Tyrese became one of the key figures in R&B during the 2000s, well before his career in acting took off.

Youtube: Tyrese and Instagram: @Tyrese

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8. Trey Songz

Having been compared to the greats by many lovers of R&B, Trey Songz made his debut in 2005 with “I Gotta Make It,” which was released via the label Atlantic Records. The album reached number 20 in the US Billboard charts and was sold 300,000 times. As of 2020, Trey Songz has a total of eight studio albums, along with dozens of chart topping and platinum and gold selling singles. As of today, he is considered one the best when it comes to R&B.

Youtube: Trey Songz and Instagram: @Trey Songz

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9. Joe

Making his first appearances during the 1990sJoe’s success of the 2000s led to multiple Grammy nominations, while receiving much praise for albums like My Name Is Joe, Ain’t Nothin’ Like Me, And Then, and Better Days, continuing his success from the 1997 release All That I Am.

Youtube: Joe and Instagram: @Joe

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10. Tank

Beginning his career as a background singer for the likes of Aaliyah, Tank eventually stepped out onto the scene with his debut song “Freaky.”  While not reaching much success with his debut, his first album release, Force of Nature, kickstarted his career. Since his debut album’s release during 2001, Tank has peaked number one on the R&B charts 5 times, while songs like “Please Don’t Go” and “When We” has carried the legacy of Tank through multiple eras of music.

Youtube: Tank and Instagram: @Tank

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11. Avant

The Cleveland native who held down R&B during the 2000s with five classic albums, led by songs like “Read Your Mind,” “Makin’ Good Love,” and “Separated,” was arguably one of the top male R&B singers of his generation.

Youtube: Avant and Instagram: @Avant

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12. Bobby V

While R&B fans were first introduced to Bobby V. during the 2000s, the Atlanta native began his career as member of the Organized Noise produced group Mista.  Years following his run with Mista, Bobby V would debut, bringing to the world hit songs like “Slow Down”, “Tell Me”, “Anonymous”, and more.

Youtube: Bobby V and Instagram: @Bobby V

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13. Pretty Ricky

Somewhat the Jodeci of the 2000s, the South Florida R&B group of Pretty Ricky made their presence known with the two hit ablums of Bluestars and Late Night Special. Led by Pleasure P, these four members developed an identity separate from other artists of their era with an unique swag that quickly gained the attention of R&B fans.

Youtube: Pretty Ricky and Instagram: @Pretty Ricky

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14. 112

While their high point was doing the late 1990s, during the 2000s they continued their success with the album Part III and its hit single “Peaches & Cream”.

Youtube: 112 and Instagram: @112

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15. Jahiem

Representing for the ghetto, Jahiem’s Ghetto Love, Still Ghetto, and Ghetto Classics, started a successful career for the New Jersey native. Being one of the most underrated R&B artists of the 2000s, Jahiem saw much success from the early 2000s and well into the early 2010s.

Youtube: Jahiem and Instagram: @Jahiem

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16. B2K

During the early 2000s, the teen phase of R&B began to emerge, and at the top of the list, or the pioneers of the movement, was B2K. B2K’s run was short lived, ranging from 2001 to 2004, but their music, their posters, their merchandise were in almost every school’s girl room.

Youtube: B2K and Instagram: @B2K

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17. Donell Jones

Making his first appearance during the late 1990s, the 2000s gave Donell Jones his most memorable moment in R&B, with the hit songs “Where I Wanna Be” and Big Pun’s “It’s So Hard.” Hailing from Chicago, Donell Jones received his big break after signing with Laface records, while making a career on performing and songwriting.

Youtube: Donell Jones and Instagram: @Donell Jones

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18. Carl Thomas

Aurora, Illinois native and former Bad Boys recording artist, Carl Thomas became famously known for his hit song “I Wish”. Not necessarily a one hit wonder,  his debut album Emotional has remained his best work, and no song of his has matched one of the 2000s top R&B songs, “I Wish.”

Youtube: Carl Thomas and Instagram: @Carl Thomas

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19. Lyfe Jennings

Singing with a street edge, the Toledo, Ohio native has a true turn your life around story, following a ten year bid in prison. Lyfe Jennings went from performing and making a name for himself at the Showtime at the Apollo, to making his official debut in 2004 with Lyfe 268-192. 

Youtube: Lyfe Jennings and Instagram: @Lyfe Jennings

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20. Dave Hollister

Known for the hit “One Woman Man,” Dave Hollister had a successful career in music before his solo career took off. From working closely on two of 2Pac’s top classic records, to being part of the legendary group Blackstreet, Dave Hollister made a name for himself before his success as a solo artist.

Youtube: Dave Hollister and Instagram: @Dave Hollister

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