Augusta Georgia Hoods

Map of Augusta Georgia Gangs & Hood Areas

The streets within the Augusta Georgia hoods, located about two hours away from Atlanta in the second largest city in the state, hold a significant historical value. The streets of Augusta are rich with the history in the various neighborhoods and communities throughout the city, as well as the stories of various Augusta Georgia gangs and cliques. A tour of the streets of Augusta provides a detailed breakdown of each neighborhood within the Augusta urban areas.

Map of Augusta Georgia Hoods

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Augusta Georgia Hoods

As mentioned, the above map gives a tour of the various hoods of Augusta. From the inner city, Laney Walker and East Boundary to the West End’s Hilltop and Harrisburg, to the Uptown section with Barton Village and Meadowbrook, the above map breaks down all corners of Augusta, Georgia.

The areas centered around Old Savannah Road and Martin Luther King Blvd, known as Bethlehem, the West End, or Laney Walker’s 9th Ward, have been historically inhabited by Augusta’s black community since the city’s early days. While neighborhoods such as Pepperidge or Wood Valley on the South Side were integrated years after the original black neighborhoods were established.

As far as Augusta, Georgia gangs, more than likely there is a presence of national gangs in the city, like Crips and Gangsters Disciples, but the map above mostly highlights several of local and neighborhood based cliques.

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