The Bronx Hoods

Tour of the Bronx Ghetto and Bronx Gangs AReas

A breakdown of the various sections and communities of the Bronx ghetto.¬†Even though the Bronx is one of the five boroughs of New York City, it is very easily to distinguish and separate the identity of the Bronx from the rest of city. Other than small sections around Morris Park, Pelham Bay and Riverdale, the Bronx hoods mostly consist of blacks and Latinos, in which Hispanics account for more than 50% of the Bronx’s population.

Highlighting the streets of the Bronx gangs and hood areas, from the South Bronx to the North Bronx and Uptown areas, the map below gives insights on the urban neighborhoods of the Bronx. From the birthplace of hip hop to the home of street legends and hip hop’s top artists to the various communities and housing projects, tour one of the country’s most iconic neighborhoods.

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Background of the Bronx Hoods

Since the 1970s, if not early, the streets of the Bronx ghetto have been among the city’s most reputable, especially with the numerous Bronx gangs, from the days of the Spades to the arrival of the Bloods, and with the numerous Bronx hoods, like Courtlandt Ave, Soundview, Patterson and Edenwald.

What was once predominantly populated by white families changed by the 1950s as many began to leave various neighborhoods of the Bronx, beginning with communities in the South Bronx. With Latinos from Puerto Rico and African Americans from Manhattan communities arriving,  the South Bronx became the mecca and heart of the entire Bronx.

Eventually, the population grew out of the South Bronx by the 1970s and 1980s as the growth in the African American community and an influx of new West Indian and Latino arrivals helped the population expand into North Bronx, especially north of Pelham Parkway.

Into the 2000s, the Bronx still has some of the city’s most active neighborhoods, especially over the past few years. While in some parts of the Bronx, gentrification has been slowly moving in, but not on the levels of Harlem and Brooklyn.

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