Map of Georgia Hoods

Street Tour of Augusta, Macon, Columbus, Savannah, and more

Take a tour of Georgia hoods, outside of Atlanta, in places like Augusta, Macon, Savannah, and Columbus. Not necessarily highlighting Georgia gangs of Bloods and Crips, but scroll through map a view neighborhood cliques, history of certain communities, and much more. Still in development, this map showcases the larger cities of Georgia, along with some the smaller towns, basically everything outside of Atlanta.

*Colors on the map do not represent any specific Georgia gangs.

*Make Sure To Leave a Comment, especially if something is wrong and missing.

In the shadows of Atlanta, the Georgia hoods in the cities of Augusta, Macon, Savannah, and Columbus are no different from any other city. As Atlanta has lost its old ways with gentrification and numerous of out-of-towners relocating, changing the landscape and environment of the big city, every other major city of Georgia still has its original and traditional cultures and lifestyles, despite the demolishing of certain neighborhoods and younger generation influences.

View the city of Macon, the first place of Georgia gangs and the first city to embrace Bloods and Crips. View the city nicknamed C-Port, also known as Savannah, with much history from the city’s East Side to the West Side. View the streets of Augusta, from Laney Walker to the infamous neighborhoods of Uptown. View the small city of Columbus, Georgia, on the border of Alabama resides a number of Georgia hoods.

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