North Carolina Hoods

Map and Tour of North Carolina Gangs and Streets

Take a brief journey through the streets of the North Carolina hoods in Asheville, Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensboro, Raleigh, Durham, and several smaller cities within the state. While often overshadowed by larger cities in terms of notoriety, North Carolina houses numerous neighborhoods that are all unique with their own stories and cultures.

This map takes a tour through North Carolina’s diverse hoods and gangs, but mostly gives a glimpse into the streets of North Carolina’s most popular and largest populated cities. From the historic streets of Asheville’s South Side and East End to the streets of Rocky Mount’s Meadowbrook or Kinston’s Jack Roundtree projects, every region of North Carolina is touched on.

Key highlights include the likes of Tre4’s (Winston-Salem) BDP (Boston Projects) and Cleveland Ave. (Cleveland Projects), High Point’s JC Morgan Courts and the former Daniel Brooks projects, or the number of gangs within Greensboro streets, from the projects of Ray Warren, Smith Homes, and Claremont Courts to the hoods on the North Side and South Side.

A guide of Durham’s most infamous sections, like the Food Lion Projects or Few Gardens and East Durham, or learn about Raleigh’s neighborhoods of Millbank Projects and several others. Overall, this map sheds light on the reality of the streets, acknowledging the stories of the people by navigating through North Carolina, from the mountains to the coast.

Map of North Carolina Hoods

Images and More Cities Will Be Added. Leave a Comment if Something is Wrong or Missing!

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