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Top 20 Carolina Rappers of 2022 (North & South Carolina)

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Top Carolina Rappers

List of the Best Rappers from North and South Carolina

From the larger cities of North Carolina to the smaller towns in South Carolina, the Carolina hip hop scene has never truly come to light despite the success of Carolina rappers like Petey Pablo, the group Little Brother, or even the late rising star Speaker Knockerz. 

Fortunately, the change for hip hop in Carolina has finally arrived through artists hailing from cities like Columbia, South Carolina or Charlotte, Raleigh, and Fayetteville of North Carolina, making it not hard to find talented Carolina rappers.  All that was needed was the opportunity.  Today, there opportunity has led to dozens of artists to create and develop a roster and lineup of a diverse rap scene that consists different styles and different forms of hip hop music.

The roster of top Carolina rappers includes artists like Da Baby.  Since rebranding himself from Baby Jesus, Da Baby has arguably become one of the world’s top rap stars.  A roster that also includes hip hop’s most artistic artist in J. Cole, the rap game’s fastest rising artist in Morray, one of the world’s most prominent female artist in Renni Rucci and many more.  From the consistency and talent of Toosii that has led him to be one the top southern rappers to the energy and the liveliness of Stunna 4 Vegas to the street savviness of Blacc Zacc, the Carolina rap scene should the last market to look over.

With rap music being the world’s top genre and the combination of the two states of North Carolina and South Carolina having one of the country’s largest population pockets all makes sense of the recent rise of Carolina rappers.  A roster that includes both male and female artists, together with a various forms and genres of hip hop, easily amounts to be one of the top rap regions in the country.  To conclude, below is a list of the top 20 Carolina rappers with a list of honorable mentions and the top Carolina rap YouTube channels.

Top 20 Carolina Rappers

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1. Da Baby (Charlotte, NC), follow on Instagram: @DaBaby and subscribe on Youtube: DaBaby

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2. J Cole (Fayetteville, NC), follow on Instagram: @J Cole and subscribe on Youtube: J. Cole

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3. Morray (Fayetteville, NC), follow on Instagram: @Morray and subscribe on Youtube: Morray

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4. Toosii (Raleigh, NC), follow on Instagram: @Toosii and subscribe on Youtube: Toosii

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5. Stunna 4 Vegas (Charlotte, NC), follow on Instagram: @Stunna4Vegas and subscribe on Youtube: Stunna 4 Vegas

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6. Renni Rucci (Columbia, SC), follow on Instagram: @RenniRucci and subscribe on Youtube: Renni Rucci

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7. Lute, follow on Instagram: @Lute and subscribe on Youtube: Lute

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8. PG Ra (Orangeburg, SC), follow on Instagram: @PG Ra and subscribe on Youtube: PG Ra

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9. Blacc Zacc (Columbia, SC), follow on Instagram: @Blacc Zacc and subscribe on Youtube: Blacc Zacc

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10. Deniro Farrar (Charlotte, NC), follow on Instagram: @Deniro Farrar and subscribe on Youtube: Deniro Farrar

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11. $hyfromdatre, follow on Instagram: @$hyfromdatre and subscribe on Youtube: $hyfromdatre

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12. Lil Mexico (South Carolina), follow on Instagram: @Lil Mexico and subscribe on Youtube: Lil Mexico

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13. rich dunk (South Carolina), follow on Instagram: @rich dunk and subscribe on Youtube: rich dunk

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14. SetItOff83 (Durham, NC), follow on Instagram: @SetItOff83 and subscribe on Youtube: SetItOff83

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15. NGeeYL (Spartanburg, SC), follow on Instagram: @NGeeYL and subscribe on Youtube: NGeeYL

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16. Big Mali (Raleigh, NC), follow on Instagram: @Big Mali and subscribe on Youtube: Big Mali

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17. Mook TBG (Columbia, SC), follow on Instagram: @Mook TBG and subscribe on Youtube: Mook TBG

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18. 704Chop (Charlotte, NC), follow on Instagram: @704Chop and subscribe on Youtube: 704 Chop

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19. BIGBABYGUCCI, Follow on Instagram: @BIGBABYGUCCI and subscribe on Youtube: BIGBABYGUCCI

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20. Slime Dollaz (Spartanburg, SC), follow on Instagram: @SlimeDollaz and subscribe on Youtube: Slime Dollaz

Honorable Mention Top Rappers from Carolina

Lil Malik (Greensboro, NC) Instagram: @Lil Malik and Youtube: Lil Malik

Yung Boss Tevo (Durham) Instagram: @Yung Boss Tevo and Youtube: Yung Boss Tevo

NykeTown Ju (Columbia, SC) Instagram: @Nyketown JU and Youtube: Nyketown Ju

Mez (Raleigh, NC) Instagram: @Mez and Youtube: Mez

kount up wit da k Instagram: @kountupwitdak and Youtube: kountupwitdak

Woo 2X (Winston Salem, NC) Instagram: @Woo 2x and Youtube: Woo 2X

Fat Dave (Charlotte, NC) Instagram: @FatDave and youtube: Fat Dave

Kuzco Da Foo (Columbia, SC) Instagram: @KuzcoDaFoo and Youtube: Kuzco Da Foo

Mi5ta (Orangeburg/Columbia, SC) Instagram: @Mi5ta and Youtube: Mi5ta

Bos Flip Instagram: @Bos Flip and Youtube: Bos Flip

18Veno Instagram: @18Veno and Youtube: 18Veno

Big YBA Instagram: @Big YBA and Youtube: Big YBA

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, and most recent views are near the top.