Top Carolina R&B Artists

List of Top South & North Carolina R&B Singers

Carolina R&B artists, hailing from both North and South Carolina, have a rich heritage within the rhythm and blues scene, having produced legends such as Jodeci, Anthony Hamilton, Mario Winans, and Angie Stone, among others.

Today’s stars include Fantasia, who was a crowned winner of American Idol, and has since become renowned for her powerful vocal and implementing elements of soul, gospel, and funk into her music. Anthony Hamilton, with his soul-stirring sound, has firmly established himself as a cornerstone of modern soul music. Angie Stone has continue to make significant contributions to the neo-soul movement, with a touch of classic soul nostalgia.

Kelsey Lu, a classically trained cellist and musician, transcends genre boundaries, crafts a beautiful audio environment with innovative instrumentation. Sunshine Anderson burst onto the scene with her hit single “Heard It All Before,” becoming a standout figure in the early 2000s R&B scene, only to continue to release music in today’s era. KDTheSinger is gradually emerging with his heartfelt R&B and soul compositions, showcasing a talent for smooth melodies.

Byron Juane has quickly risen through the ranks of the hip-hop and R&B scenes, grabbing fans and respect among peers with music of faith, love, and personal growth. Joe Trufant, becoming known for his sultry R&B tracks, creating a vibe that’s both relaxing and uplifiting. Isaia Huron bringing a fresh sound to the table, while Kiya Juliet‘s rise to prominence can be attributed not only to her viral success on social media, but her powerful renditions of R&B hits. With Mikhala Jene embodying the essence of contemporary R&B, Jordan Hawkins emerging with music that defies easy categorization setting himself apart, or Cyanca creating lush soundscapes, R&B tunes from the Carolinas rank among the finest.

Top 13 Carolina R&B Artists

Carolina R&B Singers Fantasia

1. Fantasia
Follow on Instagram: @Fantasia and Watch on YouTube: Fantasia

Carolina R&B Artists Anthony Hamilton

2. Anthony Hamilton
Follow on Instagram: @Anthony Hamilton and Watch on YouTube: Anthony Hamilton

Angie Stone

3. Angie Stone
Follow on Instagram: @Angie Stone and Watch on YouTube: Angie Stone

4. Kelsey Lu
Follow on Instagram: @Kelsy Lu and Watch on YouTube: Kelsey Lu

Sunshine Anderson

5. Sunshine Anderson
Follow on Instagram: @Sunshine Anderson and Watch on YouTube: Sunshine Anderson

Carolina R&B Singers Kiya Juliet

6. Kiya Juliet
Follow on Instagram: @Kiya Juliet and watch on YouTube: Kiya Juliet

Carolina R&B Artists Byron Juane

7. Byron Juane
Follow on Instagram: @Byron Juane and watch on YouTube: Byron Juane

8. KDTheSinger
Follow on Instagram: @KDTheSinger and watch on YouTube: KDTheSinger

Carolina R&B Singers Isaia Huron

9. Isaia Huron
Follow on Instagram: @Isaia Huron and watch on YouTube: Isaia Huron

10. Joe Trufant
Follow on Instagram: @Joe Trufant and watch on YouTube: Joe Trufant

Carolina R&B Artists Mikhala Jene

11. Mikhala Jene
Follow on Instagram: @Mikhala Jene and watch on YouTube: Mikhala Jene

12. Jordan Hawkins
Follow on Instagram: @Jordan Hawkins and watch on YouTube: Jordan Hawkins

13. Cyanca
Follow on Instagram: @Cyanca and watch on YouTube: Cyanca

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