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Top Norway Rappers

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Top Norway Rappers:

List of Top Norway Hip Hop Artists

A mountainous Scandinavian country known for the city of Oslo, skiing, one of the world’s largest shipping industries is also known for some of Europe’s top musical artists as Norway rappers have created a very underrated local music scene that has the full potential of going international.  While not a large population, and not that much of a growing one either, there are not many Norway hip hop artists as the list of Norway rappers is very short, but that should not deter anyone from viewing the Norwegian rap scene as there is much potential.

Top 15 Rappers from Norway (Norway Hip Hop Artists):

(unofficial Order)

1. Karpe Diem
Youtube: Karpe Diem 
Instagram: @Karpe Diem 

2. Kamelen
Youtube: Kamelen 
Instagram: @Kamelen

3. Hkeem
Youtube: Hkeem 
Instagram: @Hkeem 

4. Lars Vaular
Youtube: Lars Vaular 
Instagram: @Lars Vaular

5. Ezzari
Youtube: Ezzari 
Instagram: @AdamEzzari

6. Dutty Dior
Youtube: Dutty Dior 
Instagram: @Dutty Dior 

7. Kjartan Lauritzen
Youtube: Kjartan Lauritzen 
Instagram: @Kjartan Lauritzen 

8. Linda Vidala
Youtube: Linda Vidala 
Instagram: @Linda Vidala

9. Kaveh
Youtube: Kaveh 
Instagram: @Kaveh

10. Arif
Youtube: Arif Videos

11. OnklP
Youtube: OnklP
Instagram: @OnklP

12. KingSkurkOne
Youtube: KingSkurkOne 
Instagram: @KingSkurkOne

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*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added to the list, email

*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.