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Top 20 Swedish Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from Sweden List

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Top Swedish Rappers:

List of the Top 25 Swedish Rap Artists

Within this Scandinavian country resides a booming and thriving music scene that consists of Swedish rappers.  Within this untapped market of Swedish rap artists is an opportunity for true hip hop heads from around the world to embrace the Swedish hip hop culture, along with the culture of Sweden itself.

Though not a small country, the country of Sweden only holds about 10 million people with a large percentage of the population living in or near the southern Swedish city of Stockholm.  With a smaller population compared to other countries with well known rap scenes, the roster of Swedish rappers is not as prominent as Sweden’s European counterparts, but it is on the rise.

While pop music in Sweden may outshine Swedish hip hop, due to the fact there are international pop stars who hail from Sweden unlike the Swedish rap scene, there is no doubt the fastest growing genre consists of Swedish rappers.

Similar to other European countries, traces of Swedish rappers date back to the 1980s, not that long after the creation and popularity of hip hop in the United States.  Sweden’s journey into the current landscape of Swedish rap music often imitated America, from the days of the B-Boys to the current forms of rap styles of modern day hip hop.

The true emergence of hip hop began during the late 1980s and into the 1990s with Swedish hip hop artists, in no particular order, like MC Tim, Papa Dee, Just D, Promoe and the Looptroop Rockers, TLK (The Latin Kings), Infinite Mass, producer Gordon Cyrus, DJs and producers Rob’n’Raz, dance and electronic artist Leila K, Scrappy G, and many more.

Entering the 2000s the growth of the Swedish rap scene continued with female rap star Feven, Ken Ring, Petter, Timbuktu, who appeared during the 1990s with rap group Excel, and others, all who helped pioneer the country’s current rap scene.

Today, there is roster of over twenty top Swedish rappers artists from various backgrounds in one of the world’s most diverse rap and hip hop scenes. While artists like Ricky Rich, Einár (RIP), 1.Cuz, Ant Wan, Z.e, Yasin, and Adaam  are some of the most known rappers, there are numerous underground and up and coming artist that are just as talented.

Top 25 Swedish Rappers

1. Ricky Rich
Watch on Youtube: Ricky Rich and follow on Instagram: @Ricky Rich

2. Einár
Watch on Youtube: Einár and follow on Instagram: @Einár

3. Yasin
Watch on Youtube: Yasin and follow on Instagram: @Yasin

4. 1.Cuz
Watch on Youtube: 1.Cuz and follow on Instagram: @1.Cuz 

5. Ant Wan
Watch on Youtube: Ant Wan and follow on Instagram: @Ant Wan

6. Adaam
Watch on Youtube: Adaam and follow on Instagram: @Adaam

7. Sarettii
Watch on Youtube: Sarettii and follow on Instagram: @sarettii

8. Z.e
Watch on Youtube: Z.e Official and follow on Instagram: @Official Z.E

9. Jireel
Watch on Youtube: Jireel and follow on Instagram: @Jireel

10. Greekazo
Watch on Youtube: Greekazo and follow on Instagram: @Greekazo

11.  Aden x Asme
Watch on Youtube: ADen x Asme and follow on Instagram: @Aden x @Asem

12. Dani M
Watch on Youtube: Dani M and follow on Instagram:  @Dani M

13. 23
Watch on Youtube: 23 Officiell and follow on Instagram:  @23 Officiell

14. JB
Watch on Youtube: JB Official and follow on Instagram: @JB Official

15. Don V
Watch on Youtube: Don V and follow on Instagram: @Don V

16. Macky
Watch on Youtube: Macky and follow on Instagram: @Macky

Watch on Youtube: SINAN and follow on Instagram: @SINAN

18. b.baby
Watch on Youtube: b.baby and follow on Instagram: @b.baby

19. Naod
Watch on Youtube: Naod  and follow on Instagram: @Naod

20. K27
Watch on Youtube: K27 Official and follow on Instagram: @K27 Official

21. c.gambino
Watch on Youtube:  c.gambino  and follow on Instagram: @c.gambino

22. Thrife
Watch on Youtube: Thrife and follow on Instagram: @Thrife

23. Saliboy
Watch on Youtube: Saliboy and follow on Instagram: @Saliboy

24. Rami
Watch on Youtube: Rami and follow on Instagram: @Rami

25. euroo
Watch on Youtube: euroo and follow on Instagram: @euroo

Honorable Mention Swedish Rap Artists

Imenella Youtube: Imenella  |  Instagram: @Imenella

DANO Youtube: DANO  |  Instagram: @DANO

Silvana Imam Youtube: Silvana Imam  |  Instagram: @Silvana Imam 

Guleed Youtube: Guleed  |  Instagram: @Guleed

Jelassi Youtube: Jelassi  |  Instagram: @Jelassi

elias abbas Youtube: elias abbas  |  Instagram: @elias abbas

Nineb Youk Youtube: Nineb Youk  |  Instagram: @Nineb Youk

Jeano Youtube: Jeano  |  Instagram: @Jeano

Lelo Youtube: Lelo  |  Instagram: @Lelo

2.clock Youtube: 2.clock  |  Instagram: @2.clock

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

*If any Swedish rappers are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com