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Top 10 Norwegian R&B Artists: List of Best Norwegian R&B Singers

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Top Norwegian R&B Singers

Top Norsk R&B Artists (Norwegian R&B Artists)

Norwegian R&B artists, or also referred as Norsk R&B artists, are in a country where pop music, rock music, and even at times rap music far outshines the country’s Rhythm and Blues scene of Norsk soul and R&B artists.  This should not negate from the fact that there are numerous gifted Norwegian R&B singers within the Rhythm and Blues genre.

Known for Norway’s most populous city of Oslo, the historical culture of Vikings, one of the few places in the world to view the northern lights, skiing, to just name a few. While Norwegian singers like Sigrid, AURORA, and Astrid S are the country’s most notable music artists.

Even though there is a small roster of R&B artists, rhythm and blues of Norway consists of the world’s most creative and innovative artists, all from multiple backgrounds, whether Arab, African, or obviously European, with roots tracing back to various cultures.

With the diversity brings about a lineup of Norsk R&B artists (Norwegian R&B artists) who are easily relatable and are able to spread their gifts across the globe. From English, for the ability to reach a bigger market, to Norwegian, the country’s native language, regardless of one’s preference any true lover of music will enjoy the top Norwegian R&B singers, or Nosk soul artists.

Top 10 Norwegian R&B Singers

1. DELARA follow on Instagram: @Delara and watch on Youtube: Delara

2. Gabrielle follow on Instagram: Gabrielle and watch on Youtube: Gabrielle

3. Isah follow on Instagram: @Isah and watch on Youtube: Isah

4. Charlotte Dos Santos follow on Instagram: @Charlotte Dos Santos and watch on Youtube: Charlotte Dos Santos

5. Fieh follow on Instagram: @Fieh and watch on Youtube: Fieh

6. Ylva follow on Instagram: @Ylva and watch on Youtube: Ylva

7. Lil Halima follow on Instagram: @Lil Halima and watch on Youtube: Lil Halima

8. Marie Noreger follow on Instagram: @Marie Noreger and watch on Youtube: Marie Noreger

9. Ousu Leigh follow on Instagram: @Ousu Leigh and watch on Youtube: Ousu Leigh

10. Farah Ash follow on Instagram: @Farah Ash and watch on Youtube: Farah Ash

Honorable Mention Norwegian R&B Artists

Natnael Instagram: @Natnael  |  Youtube: Natnael

L.U:N.A Instagram: @L.U:N.A  |  Youtube: L.U:N.A

Louam Instagram: @Louam  |  Youtube: Louam

Salti Instagram: @Salti  |  Youtube: Salti

Nedja Instagram: @Nedja  |  Youtube: Nedja

isabelle eberdean Instagram: @isabelle eberdean  |  Youtube: isabelle eberdean

Darkowa Instagram: @Darkowa  |  Youtube: Darkowa

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, and views are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com