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Top Norwegian R&B Artists

In Norway, the Rhythm and Blues scene may be overshadowed by pop music, rock music, and occasionally hip-hop. However, it is important to acknowledge the presence of talented Norwegian R&B artists within the local music scene. These artists are often referred to as Norsk R&B artists and contribute significantly to the country’s soulful and rhythmic music landscape. Despite facing competition from other popular genres, Norwegian R&B singers continue to showcase their exceptional skills in creating soulful melodies and captivating rhythms.

Renowned for its skiing, Oslo, the largest city in Norway, is famous for its Viking heritage and as one of the rare destinations to witness the awe-inspiring northern lights. Norwegian music, on the other hand, has not gained as much popularity. Singers like Sigrid, AURORA, and Astrid S have emerged as notable figures in showcasing Norwegian talent.

Despite the limited number of R&B musicians, Norway’s rhythm and blues scene showcases some of the most inventive and imaginative artists worldwide. These talented individuals hail from diverse cultural backgrounds such as Arab, African, and European origins, contributing to a rich musical landscape in the country.

The diversity in Norwegian R&B music scene introduces a range of artists who are not only relatable but also capable of sharing their talents worldwide. Whether they choose to sing in English to reach a broader audience or stick to their native Norwegian language, these exceptional musicians can captivate any true music enthusiast. Regardless of personal preferences, below identifies some of the must listen Norwegian R&B singers, as they have something for everyone to enjoy.

Top 10 Norwegian R&B Singers

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Follow and Listen on Instagram: @Delara, YouTube: Delara, and Spotify: Delara

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2. Isah
Follow and Listen on Instagram: @Isah, YouTube: Isah, and Spotify: Isah

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3. Gabrielle
Follow and Listen on Instagram: @Gabrielle, YouTube: Gabrielle, and Spotify: Gabrielle

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4. Unge Ferrari
Follow and Listen on Instagram: @Unge Ferrari, YouTube: Unge Ferrari, and Spotify: Unge Ferrari

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5. Charlotte Dos Santos
Follow and Listen on Instagram: @Charlotte Dos Santos, YouTube: Charlotte Dos Santos, and Spotify: Charlotte Dos Santos

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6. Salti
Follow and Listen on Instagram: @Salti, YouTube: Salti, and Spotify: Salti

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7. Fieh
Follow and Listen on Instagram: @Fieh , YouTube: Fieh, and Spotify: Fieh

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8. L.U:N.A
Follow and Listen on Instagram: @L.U:N.A, YouTube: L.U:N.A, and Spotify: L.U:N.A

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9. Lil Halima
Follow and Listen on Instagram: @Lil Halima, YouTube: Lil Halima, and Spotify: Lil Halima

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10. Marie Noreger
Follow and Listen on Instagram: @Marie Noreger, YouTube: Marie Noreger, and Spotify: Marie Noreger

Honorable Mention Norwegian R&B Artists

Natnael Instagram: @Natnael and Youtube: Natnael

JEZ_EBEL Instagram: @JEZ_EBEL and Youtube: JEZ_EBEL

Darkowa Instagram: @Darkowa and Youtube: Darkowa

Louam Instagram: @Louam and Youtube: Louam

Nedja Instagram: @Nedja and Youtube: Nedja

Ousu Leigh Instagram: @Ousu Leigh and Youtube: Ousu Leigh

Farah Ash Instagram: @Farah Ash and Youtube: Farah Ash

Nelly Moar  Instagram: @Nelly Moar and Youtube: Nelly Moar

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