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Top Toledo, Ohio Rappers

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Top Toledo Rappers

List of Best Rappers from Toledo Ohio

The small northwest Ohio city of Toledo also known as Glass City and is an hour south of Detroit, has an unknown music scene that many have never heard about but has a decent size roster of Toledo rappers that are slowly rising out of the city into the mainstream.  

Other than being the birthplace of soul legend Anita Baker and the hometown of Rhythm and Blues artist Lyfe Jennings, who has two albums that charted to a number one position, as well the old hip hop group of the 419ers, there has not been any Toledo rappers or artists of any other genres to come out of the city.  

With a population barely under 300,000, there is more than enough people to create rap and hip hop scene as the bulk of the city’s rappers come from small neighborhoods on the city’s North Side and West Side, as well some sections of the South Side and East Side.  Within these very neighborhoods have produced top artists like Aoc Obama or the many other artists on the list.

A city that has had much street activity over the years is often shown through the music of the city’s top rappers, while other songs are based on the pretty much average rap topics that most hip hop artists talk about.  This should not take away from the rappers from Toledo as many have unique talent and do not try to sound like Detroit or Atlanta or any other trending top hip hop city.

Below is a list that may not be fully completed and might leave some artist out, but truly provides the best example of the talent that rappers from Toledo have and best showcase of the city’s rap and hip hop scene with over 15 Toledo’s top rap artists. 

Top Toledo Rappers

AocObama, follow on Instagram: @AocObama and watch more on Youtube: Aoc Obama

Rambo Kusco, follow on Instagram: @Rambo Kusco and watch more on Youtube: Rambo Kusco

Lil Johnnie, follow on Instagram: @LilJohnnie419 and watch more on Youtube: Lil Johnnie

Relly Cole, follow on Instagram: @RellyCole and watch more on Youtube: Relly Cole

Chewy Lo, Follow on Instagram: @Chewy LO and watch more on Youtubue: Chewy Lo

YM, follow on Instagram: @YM_MuddMade and watch more on Youtube: YM MuddMade

Yung O, follow on Instagram: @Yung O and watch more on Youtube: Yung O

Deuce 2Much, follow on Instagram: @Deuce 2Much and watch more on Youtube: Deuce 2Much

Polo Gang (@Pologang Nick Kane & @Kentae),  watch more on Youtube: Polo Gang

Lil DM3, follow on Instagram: @Lil DM3 and watch more on Youtube: Lil DM3

Stink Bomb, follow on Instagram: @Stink Bomb and watch more on YouTube: Stink Bomb

Lucky Da P, follow on Instagram: @Lucky Da P and watch more on Youtube: Lucky Da P

DBR Sonic, follow on Instagram: @DBR Sonic and watch more on Youtube: DBR Sonic

Keyn, follow on Instagram: @Keyn and watch more on Youtube: Keyn

RCE Rob, Follow on Instagram: @RCE Rob and watch more on Youtube: RCE Rob

Dede Porter (R.I.P), watch more on Youtube: Dede Porter

Top Toledo rap artist YouTube Channels:

HogueCinematics    |   B.Visions   |   YoungMoe Films 

JG Louis   |   Flexx Productions   |   Robby Visuals

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email media@kulturevulturez.com