Top Albanian Rappers

Albanian Hip Hop: List of Top Albanian Rap Artists

Located in the Balkans is a country that has seen a rise of the local Albanian Hip Hop scene that consists of a large lineup of talented Albanian rappers, whether hailing from Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Germany, or located somewhere else in Europe.

With an estimation of anywhere between 3 to 5 million Albanians living across the globe, one would expect that more than a handful would adopt the culture of hip hop music.  The actual start date for Albanian rappers may not be truly known, but some of the very first Albanian hip hop artists started their careers and released their first projects during the 1990s.

With war and conflict occurring in the Balkans during the early 1990s, many Albanians fled and relocated into various European countries and into the United States.  During their time abroad, many younger Albanians grown a likening towards the local cultures, with one of those cultures being hip hop.

Not until the 2000s, did the true emergence of Albanian rappers began to truly form.  Some of the first Albanian hip hop artists were the likes of Unikkatil, Banda Butuesi, Rimi Rruges, Presioni, Lyrical Son, and a few others.

In a growing market of Balkan hip hop, Albanian rap artists have been holding their own standing at the very top.  While there are artists who imitate or have similar sound to American rap music, much of the hip hop music from Albania has been embraced by their own culture, with their own specific sound.  Surprisingly, the Balkans are slowly becoming Europe’s number one hip hop scene and Albanian rappers are the region’s biggest contributors.

Top 15 Albanian Rappers


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1. Noizy
Watch on Youtube: Noizy and follow on Instagram: @Noizy

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2. Mozzik
Watch on Youtube: Mozzik and follow on Instagram: @Mozzik

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3. Capital T
Watch on Youtube: Capital T and follow on Instagram: @Capital T

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4. Tanya
Watch on Youtube: Tanya and follow on Instagram: @Tanya

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5. Ledri Vula
Watch on Youtube: Ledri Vula and follow on Instagram: @Ledri Vula

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Watch on Youtube: DON XHONI and follow on Instagram: @DON XHONI

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7. Melinda 
Watch on Youtube: Melinda and follow on Instagram: @Melinda

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8. Finem
Watch on Youtube: Finem and follow on Instagram: @Finem

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9. Gjiko 
Watch on Youtube: Gjiko and follow on Instagram: @Gjiko

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10. Ghetto Geasy
Watch on Youtube: Ghetto Geasy and follow on Instagram: @Ghetto Geasy

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11. Bardhi
Watch on Youtube: Bardhi and follow on Instagram: @Bardhi

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12. Majk
Watch on Youtube: Majk and follow on Instagram: @Majk

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13. 2Ton
Watch on Youtube: 2Ton and follow on Instagram: @2Ton

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14. Marin
Watch on Youtube: Marin and follow on Instagram: @Marin

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15. MC Kresha
Watch on Youtube: MC Kresha and follow on Instagram: @MC Kresha

Honorable Mention Albanian Rappers:

Lumi B Youtube: Lumi B and Instagram: @Lumi B

Gold AG Youtube: Gold AG and Instagram: @Gold AG

Blunt & Real Youtube: Blunt & Real and Instagram: @Blunt & Real

Getinjo Youtube: Getinjo and Instagram: @Getinjo

S4MM Youtube: S4MM and Instagram: @S4MM

Lyrical Son Youtube: Lyrical Son and Instagram: @Lyrical Son

Blleki Youtube: Blleki and Instagram: @Blleki

Trimi Youtube: Trimi  and Instagram: @Trimi

Varrosi Youtube: Varrosi and Instagram: @Varrosi

SKERDI Youtube: SKERDI and Instagram: @SKERDI

Cozman Youtube: Cozman and Instagram: @Cozman

Lil Koli Youtube: Lil Koli and Instagram: @Lil Koli

Agon Amiga Youtube: Agon Amiga and Instagram: @Agon Amiga

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