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Top Australian Rappers

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Top Australia Rappers

With Australian rappers being located in one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, along with being an iconic nation for a number reasons, the large country that sits just south of Asia has a created a very promising music scene of talented Australia Hip Hop artists.

This English speaking country may not have a popular music scene as the United Kingdom or the United States, but today’s music scene of Australian rappers have risen into markets all around the world, including the likes of Europe and America. While there are numerous legendary singers and music artists that hail from the country of Australia, this list will provide an up to date insight of the music scene of Australia Hip Hop.

Top 15 Australian Rappers

Iggy Azalea
Watch on Youtube: IggyAzaleaMusic and follow Instagram: @TheNewClassic

Watch on Youtube: The Kid LAROI and follow on Instagram: @The Kid LAROI

Tkay Maidza
Watch on Youtube: Tkay Maidza and follow on Instagram: @Tkay Maidza

Watch on Youtube: Kerser and follow on Instagram: @Kerser

Watch on Youtube: Chillinit and follow on Instagram: @Chillinit

Manu Crooks
Watch on Youtube: Manu Crooks and follow on Instagram: @ManuTheCrook

The Avalanches (Hip Hop Band)
Watch on Youtube: The Avalanches and follow on Facebook: The Avalanches

Sampa the Great
Watch on Youtube: Sampa the Great and follow on Instagram: @Sampa the Great

Watch on Youtube: Allday and follow on Instagram: @Allday

Elijah Yo
Watch on Youtube: Elijah Yo and follow on Instagram: @Elijah Yo

Hilltop Hoods (Hip Hop Band)
Watch on Youtube: Hilltop Hoods and follow on Instagram: @Hilltop Hoods

Thundamentals (Hip Hop Group)
Watch on Youtube: Thundamentals and follow on Instagram: @Thundamentals

Seth Sentry
Watch on Youtube: Seth Sentry and follow on Instagram: @Seth Sentry

Watch on Youtube: Illy and follow on Instagram: @Illy

B Wise
Watch on Youtube: B Wise and follow on Instagram: @UGottaBWise

Honorable Mention Australia Hip Hop Artists

(Click on Artists to view their Youtube Channels)


Hvncoq   Lil Spacely

Turquoise Prince   |   Tasman Keith

Coda Conduct   |   Citizen Kay

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