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Top 15 Connecticut Rappers of 2022 (Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven)

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Top Connecticut Rappers:

List of Best Rappers from Connecticut

A small state that sits just north of New York City has a small, but growing, roster of Connecticut rappers.  A very small state, but with a handful of cities, like Harford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury, and few more, there is a large enough population to create a decent size rap scene and to have a market for hip hop music. 

From being part of the Tri-State area with New York City or part of the New England region with Massachusetts and Rhode Island, culture surrounds Connecticut, but the people of C.T. have manage to create and embrace their own.

As mentioned, rappers from Connecticut have always been a part of a small rap and hip hop scene.  One reason can be the close vicinity to New York City where many of the Connecticut residents have chosen to support and listen to artists from the NYC or people have not been motivated to become Connecticut rappers like in other cities where they see a few artists from where the grew and become inspired to become artists themselves. 

As far as music and entertainment, Connecticut has produced the legendary rhythm and blues group Jagged Edge, but as far as hip hop no artists have ever made it pass the local level of their city or community other than the Skinny Boys from Bridgeport during the 1980s.

Years after the Skinny Boys there still has not been a Connecticut rapper to make it onto a large platform or reached a level outside of the small cities of Connecticut.  The list below is far from complete, but it consists of the Connecticut rappers that have been making the most noise and have the popularity.

Top Rappers from Connecticut

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1. Chris Webby (Norwalk) follow on Instagram: @Chris Webby and watch on Youtube: Chris Webby

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2. Apathy (Willimantic) follow on Instagram: @Apathy and watch on Youtube: Apathy

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3. Tye Henney (New Haven) follow on Instagram: @Tye Henney and watch on Youtube: Tye Henney

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4. Bandz Danero (Hartford) follow on Instagram: @Bandz_Danero and watch on Youtube: Bandz Danero

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5. Lor Heavy (Bridgeport) follow on Instagram: @Lor Heavy and watch on Youtube: Lor Heavy

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6. Snowsa follow on Instagram: @Snowsa and watch on Youtube: Snowsa

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7. Mula Guapo (Bridgeport) follow on Instagram: @Mula Guuapo and watch on Youtube: Mula Guapo

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8. Brillo (Bridgeport) follow on Instagram: @Brillo and watch on Youtube: Brillo

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9. Capo DZ (Bridgeport) follow on Instagram: @Capo DZ and watch on Youtube: Capo DZ

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10. IB Trizzy (New Haven) follow on Instagram: @IBTrizzy and watch on Youtube: IB Trizzy

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11. chopacito follow on Instagram: @chopacito and watch on Youtube: chopacito

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12. OnlyOne QB follow on Instagram: @OnlyOne QB and watch on Youtube: OnlyOne QB

Honorable Mention Connecticut Rappers

W0Bandz Instagram: @wo_bandz and Youtube: WoBandz

Yung Gap Instagram: @Yung Gap and Youtube: Yung Gap

Pone Gwapoo Instagram: @Pone Gwapoo and Youtube: Pone Gwapoo

Young Klean Instagram: @Young Klean and Youtube: Young Klean

The Kid Wes Instagram: @The Kid Wes and Youtube: The Kid Wes

KidCam Instagram: @KidCam and Youtube: KidCam

Ty Stackzz Instagram: @Ty Stackzz and Youtube: Ty Stackzz

Baby Ty Instagram: @Baby Ty and Youtube: Baby Ty

Top Connecticut Rap Youtube Channels:

TymeFloc    |   Turnt Up Films

TCB Films   |   Miek Lyve


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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, and most views are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com

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