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List of Best Rappers from Connecticut

Situated to the north of New York City, there lies a small state with an expanding list of Connecticut rappers. Despite its size, cities such as Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury, and several others provide a substantial population base to foster a thriving rap culture and sustain a market for hip hop tunes.

Rappers from Connecticut have always remained relatively small-scale, possibly due to its geographical closeness to the bustling music scene of New York City. Many Connecticut natives tend to gravitate towards and endorse artists emerging from NYC, rather than fostering local talent. Moreover, the inspiration to pursue rap as a career, often ignited by witnessing local artists rise to fame, seems to be less common in Connecticut compared to other cities.

In terms of music and entertainment, Connecticut is notable for birthing the iconic R&B ensemble, Jagged Edge. However, when it comes to hip-hop, no artists from this region have managed to transcend beyond their local scene, with the sole exception being the Skinny Boys from Bridgeport who gained some recognition in the 1980s.

Today’s Top Connecticut Rappers

As hip-hop’s influence continues to expand, rappers from Connecticut have successfully established a foothold in the rap industry. A number of artists hailing from different cities across the state have succeeded in creating a significant reputation for themselves.

Beginning with Witt Lowry, who is known for his raw lyrics and fast-paced delivery. His 2019 album “Nevers Road” was met with positive reviews, further cementing Lowry’s reputation as one of the leading rising voices in the world of independent hip-hop. Chris Webby, characterized by his clever wordplay, has been a consistent presence in the rap scene since his debut mixtape in 2009.

Then there is Tokyo’s Revenge who has quickly risen to fame in the industry thanks to his unique approach with energetic beats and intense lyrics. Felly who has brought a unique sound with his blend of hip-hop and surf rock. Apathy and his powerful lyrical abilities with his underground appeal, demonstrating an enduring relevance that speaks to his talent and innovation as an artist.

There is also several emerging Connecticut rappers. RealYungPhil as his lyrical prowess and unique storytelling ability has set him apart from the crowded field of hip-hop. Joey Nato has been showcasing his versatile style that has effortlessly blended various music genres into his rap. Sway Burr with his lyrics that often depict real-life scenarios, making it relatable to a broad audience base. Lastly, Snowsa, the only female, stands out with her high-energy performances and catchy hooks that keep listeners engaged.

Top Rappers from Connecticut

Connecticut Rappers Witt Lowry

1. Witt Lowry
Follow on Instagram: @Witt Lowry and watch on YouTube: Witt Lowry

Rappers from Connecticut Chris Webby

2. Chris Webby
Follow on Instagram: @Chris Webby and watch on YouTube: Chris Webby

Tokyo's Revenge

3. Tokyo’s Revenge
Follow on Instagram: @Tokyo’s Revenge and watch on YouTube: Tokyo’s Revenge

Connecticut Rap Felly

4. Felly
Follow on Instagram: @Felly and watch on YouTube: Felly

Connecticut Rap Apathy

5. Apathy
Follow on Instagram: @Apathy and watch on YouTube: Apathy


6. RealYungPhil
Follow on Instagram: @RealYungPhil and watch on YouTube: RealYungPhil

Connecticut rapper Joey Nato

7. Joey Nato
Follow on Instagram: @Joey Nato and watch on YouTube: Joey Nato

Sway Burr

8. Sway Burr
Follow on Instagram: @Sway Burr and watch on YouTube: Sway Burr

9. Snowsa
Follow on Instagram: @Snowsa and watch on Youtube: Snowsa

Connecticut Rap Tye Henney

10. Tye Henney
Follow on Instagram: @Tye Henney and watch on Youtube: Tye Henney

Honorable Mention Connecticut Rappers

Mula Guapo Instagram: @Mula Guuapo and YouTube: Mula Guapo

Bandz Danero Instagram: @Bandz_Danero and Youtube: Bandz Danero

Lor Heavy Instagram: @Lor Heavy and Youtube: Lor Heavy

Brillo Instagram: @Brillo and Youtube: Brillo

Capo DZ Instagram: @Capo DZ and Youtube: Capo DZ

IB Trizzy Instagram: @IBTrizzy and Youtube: IB Trizzy

Baby Ty Instagram: @Baby Ty and Youtube: Baby Ty

OnlyOne QB Instagram: @OnlyOne QB and YouTube: OnlyOne QB

Top Connecticut Rap Youtube Channels:

TymeFloc    |   Turnt Up Films

TCB Films   |   Miek Lyve


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