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Top 25 Massachusetts Rappers (Boston, Worchester, Brockton…)

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Top Massachusetts Rappers

Top Rappers from Massachusetts

A true hidden gem on the East Coast as rappers from Massachusetts, primarily Lawrence, Brockton, Springfield, Worchester, and Boston rappers, have produced some dominant mainstream artists, like Joyner Lucas and BIA, some well-respected artists that have developed fanbases nationwide, like Token and Millyz, and artists that have not only become well known in their respected city but also have expanded their brand and music regionally into places like Connecticut, Rhode Island, or even New York.

Before the boom of rap music of today’s era and generation there was a handful of rappers from Massachusetts that are now consider as either local or nationwide rap and hip hop legends.  Guru is the most known and the most talented of the Massachusetts and Boston rappers as he led the iconic hip hop group Gang Starr with DJ Premier from the late 1980s to the early 2000s.  Benzino may only had a decent rap career during the early 2000s, but his true legacy is based on founding the number one hip hop magazine of all-time, The Source.

The biggest legend of them all has to be Edo G, the top Boston rapper of all-time as his reign as the top local rap artist range from the late 1980s to the early 2000s, a true pioneer of hip hop in Boston. Lawrence, a small city that borders New Hampshire known as Law Town has played a huge role in the development of the hip hop scene for Massachusetts rappers.  Home to well known hip hop producer Statik Selektah, the small city of Lawrence helped developed artists like Reks, Termanology, Scientifik, and a few others.  Other top rappers from Massachusetts over the years have been the likes of Mr. Lif, Krumb Snatcha, Big Shug, Jaysaun, Akrobatik, Masspike Miles, and many more.

With Boston rappers leading the way, the hip hop market of Massachusetts has truly grown from its early days.  Music in Massachusetts has transformed the state to be the heart of hip hop in New England and to be the country’s most underrated rap scene.  While there are only a handful national artists, many local and regional Massachusetts rappers have all the potential to reach nationwide success.  The diversity of rappers from Massachusetts, from true hip hop to street rap, makes it possible for there to be something for every rap fan and every listener, giving the possibility for the local rap scene to grow into something major as the fanbase will not be limited to specific genres of rap.  The below lineup of Brockton, Worcester, Cambridge, Lawrence, and Boston rappers will showcase the true talent of Massachusetts hip hop and rap music.

Top 25 Massachusetts Rappers

1. Joyner Lucas
Follow on Instagram: @Joyner Lucas and watch on Youtube: Joyner Lucas

2. BIA
Follow on Instagram: @BIA and watch on Youtube: BIA

3. Token
Follow on Instagram: @Token and watch on Youtube: Token

4. Millyz
Follow on Instagram: @Millyz and watch on Youtube: Millyz

5. 7981 Kal 
Follow on Instagram: @7981 Kal and watch on Youtube: 7981 Kal

6. G Fredo 
Follow on Instagram: @G Fredo and watch on Youtube: G Fredo

7. Slaine 
Follow on Instagram: @Slaine and watch on Youtube: Slaine

8. DTheFlyest
Follow on Instagram: @DTheFlyest and watch on Youtube: DTheFlyest

9. Cousin Stizz 
Follow on Instagram: @Cousin Stizz and watch on Youtube: Cousin Stizz

10. BTL EK
Follow on Instagram: @BTL EK and watch on Youtube: BTL EK

11. Gio Dee
Follow on Instagram: @Gio Dee and watch on Youtube: Gio Dee

12. King Brickz
Follow on Instagram: @King Brickz and watch on Youtube: King Brickz

13. Trottie Y Gizzle
Follow on Instagram: @Trottie Y Gizzle and watch on Youtube: Trottie Y Gizzle

14. AMG VIC 
Follow on Instagram: @AMG VIC and watch on Youtube: AMG VIC

15. PoleBoy Drose 
Follow on Instagram: @PoleBoy Drose and watch on Youtube: PoleBoy Drose

16. Smoke Bulga
Follow on Instagram: @Smoke Bulga and watch on Youtube: Smoke Bulga

17. Illy Dee
Follow on Instagram: @Illy Dee and watch on Youtube: Illy Dee

18. Packo
Follow on Instagram: @Packo and watch on Youtube: Packo

19. Tyler Loyal
Follow on Instagram: @Tyler Loyal and watch on Youtube: Tyler Loyal

20. BTL Flee
Follow on Instagram: @BTL Flee and watch on Youtube: BTL Flee

21. Mizzie Cash
Follow on Instagram: @Mizzie Cash and watch on Youtube: Mizzie Cash

22. Wave Capone
Follow on Instagram: @Wave Capone and watch on Youtube: Wave Capone

23. BJ Baller
Follow on Instagram: @BJ Baller and watch on Youtube: BJ Baller

24. Doobie 83
Follow on Instagram: @Doobie 83 and watch on Youtube: Doobie 83

25. SideStreet Capo
Follow on Instagram: @SideStreet Capo and watch on Youtube: SideStreet Capo

Honorable Mention Rappers from Massachusetts

G Nipsey: Instagram: @G Nipsey | Youtube: G Nipsey

TDrape:  Instagram: @TDrape | Youtube: TDrape

FassCoupe: Instagram: @FassCoupe | Youtube: FassCoupe

Yung Quapo: Instagram: @Yung Quapo| Youtube: Yung Quapo

Billy Bando: Instagram: @Billy Bando | Youtube: Billy Bando

BDE Keko: Instagram: @BDE Keko | Youtube: BDE Keko

Meechiee Columbia: Instagram: @Meechiee Columbia | Youtube: Meechiee Columbia

Dough Savage: Instagram: @Dough Savage | Youtube: Dough Savage

Trottie Moula: Instagram: @Trottie Moula | Youtube: Trottie Moula

BlueHunitz: Instagram: @BlueHunitz | Youtube: BlueHunitz

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have the largest followers and subscribers, as well released the most recent music, are near the top.

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