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List of the Top Rappers from Finland

Despite its size, there were early indications of Finnish rappers from the early 1990s to the early 2000s. Some of the first faces of rappers from Finland were the likes of Brädi, Redrama, Tippa-T, Skandaali, Petri Nygård, Pikku G, Fintelligens, Cheek, Heikki Kuula or even earlier Finnish hip hop artists like Raptori and Pääkköset.

Even though the growth of hip-hop in Finland was remained stagnant, mostly due to the country having a population around 5.5 million, the Finnish rap scene does have a strong fanbase and has created a large enough market for hip hop.

In what is supposed to be the happiest place in the world is a positive music scene of Finnish rappers.  While other countries often imitate the American street and gangster culture, or the sexuality and flashiness of money and material possessions, Finnish hip hop is much more humble, but of course there a few exceptions.

With its size and population, rap music in Finland should not be considered as the world’s hottest or largest hip-hop scene, but there is an impactful movement of Finnish rappers that are worth checking out.

Top 20 Finnish Rappers

Finnish rappers JVG

1. JVG

JVG, consisting of Jare Joakim Brand and Ville-Petteri Galle, entered the Finnish music landscape in 2009 and quickly became one of the country’s most celebrated hip-hop artists. The duo’s fame skyrocketed with their 2011 hit single “Häissä.” Albums like Voitolla yöhön, Popkorni, or Mun tapa pelata have solidified their status as a mainstay in Finnish pop culture, earning multiple Emma awards and an unprecedented number of platinum and gold records.

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Rappers from Finland Mikael Gabriel

2. Mikael Gabriel

Mikael Gabriel made his debut in 2009 with the album 5 miljoonaa muuta as he was introduced as a fresh voice among rappers from Finland. The release of songs like “Oli aikoi,” “Kompassi,” and “Vox Populi,” or albums such as Big Steppa and Elommerkki have propelled him to fame, showcasing his different styles. Mikael Gabriel has become a recurring artist at major Finnish festivals, and his features in shows and films have made him a multifaceted entertainer in Finland.

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Finnish rappers Gettomasa 

3. Gettomasa 

Gettomasa’s journey in music took off when he won the Finnish Rap Championship in 2012, which jumpstarted his career. Gettomasa’s debut album, Vellamo LP, was released in 2014 and established his reputation as a skilled lyricist within the once growing scene of Finnish rappers. Over the years, with projects like Diplomaatti (2019) and Vastustamaton (2022), Gettomasa has earned critical acclaim, leading to nominations and awards, including an Emma gaala (the Finnish equivalent of the Grammys).

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Rappers from Finland ibe

4. ibe

Since his emergence around 2016, ibe has risen to the top of Finnish hip-hop, especially evident in the seven projects he has released. Albums like his most recent project, RAPPARI, highlights his ability to connect with the listener on a personal level. Although relatively new to the scene compared other top Finnish rap artists, ibe’s arrival brings promising future for Finland’s hip-hop scene.

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5. Sexmane

Sexmane, known for his cloud rap and popish style, has been painting sonic dreamscapes in the Finnish hip-hop scene since his appearance. His verses laced on top of atmospheric beats has created a special vibe beyond traditional rap. He debuted during the late 2010s and has released three albums since his arrival. This includes, Sextape, Väärinymmärretty, and Sextape II.

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6. Cledos 

Cledos, the youthful spirit in Finnish hip-hop, has quickly become known for his boldness and trap-infused beats. Emerging around 2016, his first big hit, “Töis,” became an anthem for the Finnish youth, demonstrating his unapologetic and brash style. His 2017 EP Alo further exemplified his distinctive sonic brand, earning him a reputation as one of the most intriguing newcomers in the Finnish rap scene. Fresh off the release of the classic album euro musik, Cledos has amassed a following eager for his next move.

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7. Elastinen

Elastinen is an iconic figure in Finnish hip-hop. With a career that started in the late ’90s as part of the Fintelligens movement, he broke into the solo scene with his album Elastinen SLP in 2004. Elastinen is renowned for his dynamic rap style and his successful infusion of rap with other genres. His popularity soared with hits like “Anna sen soida” and numerous chart-topping albums, earning him multiple Emma awards over the years.

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Finnish rappers Costi

8. Costi

Costi, an up-and-coming Finnish rapper that has truly arrived, carved out his slice of Finland rap music upon his arrival in 2021. While he is one of the newer voices, Costi’s music carries a level that will be a significant in the future of Finnish rappers. With numerous hits laced on the albums of LIMBO (2022) and Coast to Costi (2023), it’s evident that Costi’s journey in music stands be on the top.

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Rappers from Finland Lauri Haav

9. Lauri Haav

One of the many newcomers of Finnish rappers, Lauri Haav has long surpassed becoming an emerging talent in the Finnish music scene. He made his initial debut in 2018 with the release of the EP Kilipää, and his career has not looked back since. From albums, like Silmät kii (2020), Se viimeinen kesä (2022), and Aino (2023), to hit records like “Feimii” and “Aino,” Lauri Haav has become a notable act in the Finnish music pantheon.

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Finnish rappers Pyhimys

10. Pyhimys

Pyhimys stands as one of Finland’s most introspective and philosophically inclined rappers. After debuting in the mid-2000s, he has earned a reputation for being one of the best pure Finnish rappers in the game. His 2020 album MIKKO received critical acclaim, showcasing his skill as a hip-hop artist at its best. Wrestling themes that no other artist would, his contributions to Finnish hip-hop have been recognized by numerous nominations and awards.

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11. Ege Zulu

Ege Zulu, a fresh talent in the Finnish rap scene, has brought new vibes into the Finnish hip-hop scene since his 2018 collaboration with SHRTY, “Mona Lisa.” He has been making strides since his debut, with his artistic identity rooted in both his African heritage and Finnish upbringing. While his discography is still growing, he has dropped two albums, Swengari (2021) and Oi maamme Helsinki (2022), released a host of popular songs, including “Valmiina futaa,” “Fantasiaa,” and “Melankolia.”

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12. william

William is rapidly becoming a standout in the Finnish music industry with his melodic approach to rap, which often weaves in elements of pop. Since his debut, just before 2020, William has released tracks like “Mssaat Mut” and “20min” with Isac Elliot, or “Ei Vitus,” showcasing his creativity to adapt between various genres. His presence continued with the 2023 album Willain, after finding success from his freshman project Shakesphere and his sophomore release Boy Wonder.

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Finnish rappers AHTI

13. AHTI

AHTI is an emerging name in the Finnish hip-hop genre, capturing a youthful audience since his introduction during the late 2010s. Tracks like “Väärään aikaan,” “Yksinkertasta,” “Matkustaja,” or “Mita sul oli mieles,” have helped carry Finland’s rap scene into a new era. AHTI stands as an up-and-coming artist with the potential to rise within Finland’s competitive music scene.

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Sini Sabotage

14. Sini Sabotage

The leading lady of Finnish rappers, Sini Sabotage made a splash locally with her provocative style and fierce attitude. Launching her career as a DJ, she transitioned to rap and made waves with her hit single “Levikset repee” in 2013, which rocketed her to national fame. Her debut album 22 m² showcased her ability to blend electronic influences with rap, setting her apart from her peers. As one of the few women to break through in the Finnish rap scene, Sini Sabotage has become an inspiration for young female artists in a male-dominated industry.

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15. Gasellit

Gasellit, consisting of members Hätä-Miikka, Päkä, Thube Hefner, and DJ Musajusa, form a hip-hop group that has been a staple in the Finnish music industry since their formation in 2008. Known for their witty lyrics and everyman appeal, Gasellit have become a staple of Finnish hip-hop with a discography that includes hits like “Kuvittele meidät siellä” and “Imus.” Their albums, such as Veli, Zen, and Gasellin kyynel reflect the group’s evolution over the years and their sustained relevance in Finnish pop culture.

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16. Jami Faltin

Jami Faltin is an emerging Finnish rapper who brings a unique flair to the nation’s hip-hop tapestry. With cutting-edge tracks, Jami stands to be one of the next faces of Finnish hip-hop. Known for his clear delivery, he captures the life and soul of Finland in his music. Though he may be an up-and-comer, successful releases like Kertoimia Vastaan has shown that Jami Faltin is here to stay.

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17. Turisti

Turisti, a name that is poised to become more well-known in Finnish rap circles, represents the genre’s diverse nature. His music encapsulates an innovative demeaner, with traits that are quickly establishing his presence in the industry. Tracks like “Tippa-T,” “Kiireinen nainen,” or “Tyhmäks,” offering a glimpse into his potential to shake up the Finnish hip-hop scene.

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SHRTY is one of the most intriguing new artists breaking into the Finnish hip-hop scene. Known for sharp and engaging flow, he is already leaving a mark despite being relatively new to the landscape. While his full potential is yet to be realized on the mainstream stage, tracks like “Pariisin kevät,” hint at a promising future where SHRTY not only defines his voice but shapes the contours of Finnish rap.

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19. Fabe

Le Fvbelos, also known as Fabe, stands out in the Finnish musical terrain with a distinctly rhythmic flow. After his arrival in the late 2010s, Fabe would eventually establish himself. His work of projects like Ongelmalapsi reflects a blend of influences from both Finnish tradition and global hip-hop movements.

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20. Kube

Kube, a prominent name in Finnish rap, has been a major factor since he emerged on the scene. He has been commanding attention since the release of his debut album Lentokonetila in 2014. Since its release he has continued to impact the Finnish music charts with albums like Hakunila Killah, Gasoo Ei Breikkei, and All Jucci.

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Honorable Mention Finnish Rappers

Korelon Instagram: @Korelon and YouTube: Korelon

Nikke Ankara Instagram: @Nikke Ankara and YouTube: Nikke Ankara

Kerza Instagram: @Kerza and YouTube: Kerza

Uniikki Instagram: @Uniikki and YouTube: Uniikki

Mäkki Instagram: @Mäkki and YouTube: Mäkki

HUGO Instagram: @HUGO and YouTube: HUGO

Paperi T Instagram: @Paperi T and YouTube: Paperi T

OG Ulla-Maija Instagram: @OG Ulla-Maija and YouTube: OG Ulla-Maija

Eevil Stöö Instagram: @Eevil Stöö and YouTube: Eevil Stöö

Davi  Instagram: @Davi and YouTube: Davi

Pyrythekid Instagram: @Pyrythekid and YouTube: Pyrythekid

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