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Top German Pop Music Artists

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German Pop Music

List of the Top German Pop Artists and Singers

German pop music may not be Europe’s most popular, but with an influx of talented German pop singers there is no doubt that Germany has one of the top pop music scenes in Europe.  Below is a list of the Top 30 German Pop Singers and Artists, in no specific order, that will show the true talent of German pop artists and singers.

Top 30 German Pop Singers and Artists

(Unofficial Order)

1. Lena 
Youtube: Lena 
Instagram: @Lena 

2. Senna Gammour 
Youtube: Senna Gammour 
Instagram: @Senna Gammour 

3. Mark Forster
Youtube: Mark Forster 
Instagram: @Mark Forster 

4. Lina
Youtube: Lina 
Instagram: @Lina 

5. Kim Petras
Youtube: Kim Petras 
Instagram: @Kim Petras 

6. Wincent Weiss 
Youtube: Wincent Weiss 
Instagram: @Wincent Weiss 

7. Namika
Youtube: Namika 
Instagram: @Namika

8. Vanessa Mai
Youtube: Vanessa Mai 
Instagram: @Vanessa Mai 

9. LEA 
Youtube: LEA 
Instagram: @LEA 

10. Max Giesinger
Youtube: Max Giesinger 
Instagram: @Max Giesinger 

11. Alice Merton
Youtube: Alice Merton
Instagram: @Alice Merton 

12. Madeline Juno
Youtube: Madeline Juno 
Instagram: @Madeline Juno 

13. Tim Bendzko
Youtube: Tim Bendzko 
Instagram: @Tim Bendzko 

14. Nico Santos
Youtube: Nico Santos 
Instagram: @Nico Santos 

15. Johannes Oerding
Youtube: Johannes Oerding 
Instagram: @Johannes Oerding 

16. Emilio
Youtube: Emilio 
Instagram: @Emilio 

17. Clueso
Youtube: Clueso 
Instagram: @Clueso 

18. Lotte
Youtube: LOTTE 
Instagram: @LOTTE 

19. Anna Trümner
Youtube: Anna Trümner 
Instagram: @Anna Trümner 

20. Alexa Feser
Youtube: Alexa Feser 
Instagram: @Alexa Feser 

21. Wilhelmine
Youtube: Wilhelmine 
Instagram: @Wilhelmine

22. klea
Youtube: klea 
Instagram: @klea 

23. Jazzy Gudd
Youtube: Jazzy Gudd 
Instagram: @Jazzy Gudd 

24. Benigo
Youtube: Bengio 
Instagram: @Bengio 

25. Marie Bothmer
Youtube: Marie Bothmer 
Instagram: @Marie Bothmer 

26. Lina Maly
Youtube: Lina Maly 
Instagram: @Lina Maly 

27. Laurenz
Youtube: Laurenz 
Instagram: @Laurenz 

28. Xavi
Youtube: Xavi 
Instagram: @Xavi 

29. Emily Roberts
Youtube: Emily Roberts 
Instagram: @Emily Roberts

30. Bahar Kizil 
Youtube: Bahar Kizil 
Instagram: @Bahar Kizil 

Image Credit: James Jeffrey Taylor / Shutterstock.com

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.