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Top 30 Italian Rappers: 2022’s Best Italian Hip Hop Artists List

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Italian Rappers

List of Top Italian Hip Hop Artists

In one of world’s most cultured and historic countries resides a genre of music that consists of Italian rappers who have over the years transformed the Italian hip hop scene into one of Europe’s largest with an extensive list of top Italian rap artists.

One of the earliest established hip hop scenes in Europe is without a doubt Italy.  As early as the mid 1980s spearheaded by Italian hip hop artists, DJs, and producers like Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini, or Jovanotti for short, Ice One, Bassi Maestro, DJ Gruff, Kaos One, Italian rap group Radical Stuff, DJ Skizo, Dre’ n OG and a handful of others.

With the 1990s and early 2000s, which had the emergence of hip hop heads like Deda and Neffa of the Isola Posse All Stars, Primo Brown, Fabri Fibra, rap group Colle Der Fomento, Joe Cassano, El Presidente, Fritz da Cat, Turi , DJ Double S and numerous others, the Italian rap scene only grew larger.

From hip hop groups and cliques or “posses”, like Onda Rossa Posse or Lion Horse Posse, to solo and individual artists to disc jockeys, producers and executives, the country of Italy has never lagged behind and has always been a step ahead within hip hop.

Today, Italy is turning to a new chapter of history as Italian hip hop artists have created a movement that will be recognized as one of the country’s most important periods in Italian music.  Italian rappers have completely grown the genre by combining their Italian heritage with today’s hip hop culture and created one of the world’s hottest rap scene.

Top 30 Italian Hip Hop Artists 

1. Sfera Ebbasta 
Watch on Youtube: Sfera Ebbasta and follow on Instagram: @Sfera Ebbasta

2. Ghali 
Watch on Youtube: Ghali and follow on Instagram: @Ghali

3. Gué
Watch on Youtube: Gué Pequeno and follow on Instagram: @Gué Pequeno

4. Capo Plaza 
Watch on Youtube: Capo Plaza and follow on Instagram: @Capo Plaza

5. Marracash
Watch on Youtube: Marracash and follow on Instagram: @Marracash

6. Rocco Hunt
Watch on Youtube: Rocco Hunt and follow on Instagram: @Rocco Hunt

7. Salmo
Watch on Youtube: Salmo and follow on Instagram: @Salmo

8. Fedez
Watch on Youtube: Fedez and follow on Instagram: @Fedez

9. Tony Effe
Watch on Youtube: Tony Effe and follow on Instagram: @Tony Effe

10. Rkomi
Watch on Youtube: Rkomi and follow on Instagram: @Rkomi

Watch on Youtube: SHIVA and follow on Instagram: @SHIVA

12. Emis Killa
Watch on Youtube: Emis Killa and follow on Instagram: @Emis Killa

13. Gemitaiz
Watch on Youtube: Gemitaiz and follow on Instagram: @Gemitaiz

14. Tedua
Watch on Youtube: Tedua and follow on Instagram: @Tedua

15. J-AX
Watch on Youtube: J-AX and follow on Instagram: @J-AX

16. Fred De Palma
Watch on Youtube: Fred De Palma and follow on Instagram: @Fred De Palma

17. Luche
Watch on Youtube: Luche and follow on Instagram: @Luche

18. Ernia
Watch on Youtube: Ernia and follow on Instagram: @Ernia

19. Coez
Watch on Youtube: Coez and follow on Instagram: @Coez

Watch on Youtube: MAMBOLOSCO and follow on Instagram: @MAMBOLOSCO

21. Paky
Watch on Youtube: Paky Glory and follow on Instagram: @Paky Glory

22. MadMan
Watch on Youtube: MadMan and follow on Instagram: @MadMan

23. Lazza 
Watch on Youtube: Lazza and follow on Instagram: @Lazza

Watch on Youtube: CLEMENTINO and follow on Instagram: @CLEMENTINO

25. Nitro
Watch on Youtube: Nitro and follow on Instagram: @Nitro

26. Noyz Narcos
Watch on Youtube: Noyz Narcos and follow on Instagram: @Noyz Narcos

27. Master Sina
Watch on Youtube: Master Sina and follow on Instagram: @Master Sina

28. Vegas Jones
Watch on Youtube: Vegas Jones and follow on Instagram: @Vegas Jones

29. Boro Boro
Watch on Youtube: Boro Boro and follow on Instagram: @Boro Boro

30. Enzo Dong
Watch on Youtube: Enzo Dong and follow on Instagram: @Enzo Dong

Honorable Mention Italian Hip Hop Artists

Mecna Youtube: Mecna and Instagram: @Mecna

ZODA Youtube: Zoda and Instagram: @ZODA

DrefGold Youtube: DrefGold and Instagram: @DrefGold

Ketama126 Youtube: Ketama126 and Instagram: @Ketama126

Dani Faiv Youtube: Dani Faiv and Instagram: @Dani Faiv

Giaime Youtube: Giaime and Instagram: @Giaime

Nayt Youtube: Nayt and Instagram: @Nayt

Leon Faun Youtube: Leon Faun and Instagram: @Leon Faun

Junior Cally Youtube: Junior Cally and Instagram: @Junior Cally

Gianni Bismark Youtube: Gianni Bismark and Instagram: @Gianni Bismark

Highsnob Youtube: Highsnob and Instagram: @Highsnob

Ensi Youtube: Ensi and Instagram: @Ensi

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com