Top Minnesota Rappers:

List of Best Rappers from Minnesota

To start off first, Minnesota rappers are solely based around and located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Whether the top rappers from Minnesota hail from the North Side of Minneapolis or the West Side of St. Paul, there is much talent within the state or within the Minneapolis metropolitan area.

While some of the earlier Minnesota rappers included the likes of Top Tone, Sandman, or DMG of Scarface’s FaceMob group, to be clear that is just to name a few, today’s music scene, or hip hop scene in general, is not truly a music scene. What Minnesota consists of is large batch of talented and gifted artists who have created a somewhat decent size following.

With deep ties to Chicago as families have been migrating and relocating from Chicago to Minnesota for generations, some of the music or styles may resemble the city known as Chiraq, but with being one of the Midwest’s largest cities rappers from Minnesota are slowly creating their own identity.

All is needed is one or two, or maybe even three, breakthrough artists that not only get their foot in the door but build a career and gain a fanbase nationwide. Until then, most Minnesota rappers are just known locally, with exception to a few top artists.

The list below rank is based on the amount of authentic views received on Youtube, as well followers online if able to obtain the information, together with artists that have released recent music within the past year. There are no major artists in Minnesota on a nationwide level, and not really on a local level either.

Top 15 Minnesota Rappers

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ZR, watch more on Youtube: ZR

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Lil Ebro, watch more videos on Youtube: Lil Ebro and follow on Instagram: @Lil Ebro 

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ChasaBag, watch more on Youtube: Chasabag and follow on Instagram: @ChasaBag

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King Lil Mo, watch more on Youtube: King Lil Mo 

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Tarxan, watch more videos on YouTube: Tarxan

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JonRay, watch more on Youtube: JonRay and follow on Instagram: @JonRay

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Huncho Juan, watch more on Youtube: Huncho Juan and follow on Instagram: @Huncho Juan

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BandUpSick, watch more on Youtube: BandUpSick and follow on Instagram: @BandUpSick

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P.Skud, watch more on Youtube: P.Skud and follow on Instagram: @P.Skud

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Cha Chacolate, watch more on Youtube: Cha Chacolate and follow on Instagram: @Cha Chacolate

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Maserati Dre, watch more on Youtube: Maserati Dre

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Skaterr, watch more on Youtube: Skaterr

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Tory Vee, watch more on Youtube: Tory Vee and follow on Instagram: @Tory Vee

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Lil Eloe, watch more on Youtube: Lil Eloe and follow on Instagram: @Lil Eloe

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Jayy Solo, watch more on Youtube: Jayy Solo and follow on Instagram: @Jayy Solo

Top Minnesota Rap Youtube Channels:

Minnesota Cold TV  |  In Tha Bassmint TV  |  Fella Fellz

Neighborhood Films  |  Alite Productions  |  DogFood

HiDefinition Photos  |  X.D. Media  |  OG The Director MN

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers, listeners, and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email

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