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Top 12 Norwegian Rappers: 2021’s Best Rappers from Norway List

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Top Norwegian Rappers:

List of Top Norwegian Hip Hop Artists

A mountainous Scandinavian country known for the city of Oslo, skiing, one of the world’s largest shipping industries is also soon to be famous for having some of Europe’s most talented musical artists in the form of Norwegian rappers.

Like other European countries, Norwegian hip hop began to form as soon as the popularity of hip hop in America made its way into the streets of Norway, which is around the 1990s.  In the early days, hip hop was often an imitation to the American rap culture until the likes of Tommy Tee, Tungtvann, Warlocks, Gatas Parliament, and a few others helped established an official rap scene during the 1990s.

While still building, Norwegian rap music continued to gain regional popularity during the 2000s as artist like Jaa9 & OnklP , Madcon, Side Brok, Karpe and Paperboys were making their debut furthering the growth of Norwegian hip hop.

As we enter the 2010s and the 2020s, the lineup of Norwegian rappers is not the largest rap scene in Europe, honestly not the largest of the Scandinavian countries, but still is worth checking out to view the talent, the culture, and the lifestyles of Norway.

Top 12 Norwegian Hip Hop Artists:

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1. Karpe Diem
Watch more on Youtube: Karpe Diem and follow on Instagram: @Karpe Diem 

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2. Kamelen
Watch more on Youtube: Kamelen and follow on Instagram: @Kamelen

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3. Hkeem
Watch more on Youtube: Hkeem and follow on Instagram: @Hkeem

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4. Lars Vaular
Watch more on Youtube: Lars Vaular and follow on Instagram: @Lars Vaular

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5. Ezzari
Watch more on Youtube: Ezzari and follow on Instagram: @AdamEzzari

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6. Dutty Dior
Watch more on Youtube: Dutty Dior and follow on Instagram: @Dutty Dior 

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7. Kjartan Lauritzen
Watch more on Youtube: Kjartan Lauritzen and follow on Instagram: @Kjartan Lauritzen

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8. Linda Vidala
Watch more on Youtube: Linda Vidala and follow on Instagram: @Linda Vidala

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9. Kaveh
Watch more on Youtube: Kaveh and follow on Instagram: @Kaveh

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10. Arif
Watch more on Youtube: Arif Videos

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11. OnklP
Watch more on Youtube: OnklP and follow on Instagram: @OnklP

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12. KingSkurkOne
Watch more on Youtube: KingSkurkOne and follow on Instagram: @KingSkurkOne

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