Top Norwegian Rappers:

List of Top Norwegian Hip Hop Artists

A mountainous Scandinavian country known for the city of Oslo, skiing, and one of the world’s largest shipping industries is also soon to become famous for having one of Europe’s top rising rap scenes with an abundance of talented Norwegian rappers.

Like other European countries, Norwegian hip hop began to form as soon as the popularity of hip-hop in America made its way into the streets of Europe. While other countries had established hip-hop artists in the 1980s, rappers from Norway began their foundation during the 1990s.  In the early days, hip-hop was often an imitation to the American rap culture until the likes of Tommy Tee, Tungtvann, Warlocks, Gatas Parliament, and a few others implemented their own style and culture into hip-hop.

While still under construction, Norwegian rap music continued to gain regional popularity during the 2000s as artists like Jaa9 & OnklP , Madcon, Side Brok, Karpe Diem, and the Paperboys were making their debut, furthering the growth of Norwegian hip hop.

As we enter the 2010s and the 2020s, the lineup of Norwegian rappers is at its height, despite not being nearly as large as other European countries. iew the talent, the culture, and the lifestyles of Norway.

Top 20 Norwegian Rappers

Norwegian rappers Madcon

1. Madcon

Madcon, consisting of Tshawe Baqwa and Yosef Wolde-Mariam, is a vibe that’s been rocking Norwaysince the early 2000s. They brought a fresh mix of hip-hop and R&B that wasn’t really seen before in the Norwegian scene. They blew up worldwide with the track “Beggin,” making everyone’s playlist in the late 2000s, along with the album Contraband.

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Rappers from Norway Karpe

2. Karpe

Karpe Diem, formed by Chirag Patel and Magdi Omar Ytreeide Abdelmaguid, isn’t just another rap duo; these guys are poets with a beat. Debuting in the mid-2000s, they’ve been known to tackle a number social issues in their lyrics, making them not just musicians but voices for the unheard. Their albums, like Kors på halsen, Omar Sheriff, or Fire vegger, are like chapters of their life stories.

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Norwegian rap artist Kamelen

3. Kamelen

Kamelen, a name that translates to ‘The Camel,’ might sound unique, but his music hits even harder. Debuting in the mid-2010s, Kamelen quickly became an artist that was often praised in the Norwegian rap scene. Most notable works have been the hits of “Creme De La Creme” and several albums, including his latest project MEST ELSKET & Hatet.

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4. Hkeem

Hkeem, an artist that rose to fame with his debut single “Fy Faen” in 2017, which became the soundtrack of the Norwegian summer. Bringing his life into music, Hkeem has blessed the listeners with tracks like “Ghettoparasitt,” “Danser videre i livet,” and “HJERTET MITT ER HELT OK,” along with the 2019 album Hkeem.

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Norwegian rappers Arif

5. Arif

Arif arrived onto the scene in the 2010s, releasing his first of seven albums, Kom Så Tok Færdiih. One of Norway’s top versatile artists, his music blends rap with smooth R&B vibes, creating a sound that is trademarked to Arif. Going through his catalog, several must-listens includes tracks like “Hvem Er Hun,” “Alene,” and “BBB.”

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Norwegian hip hop artists Cezinando

6. Cezinando

Cezinando has innovated one of Norwegian hip-hop’s top styles. Since hitting the scene in the early 2010s, he’s been winning over fans, obtaining accolades and accomplishments left and right. With tracks that juggle between rap, pop, and even theatrical elements, Cezinando’s music is a dive into a Norway’s most unrepeatable rapper.

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William Gamborg

7. William Gamborg

William Gamborg is an artist that has the skills to demand attention. With his own style and flavor to his tracks, Gamborg mixes introspective lyrics with smooth beats. His music hits that sweet spot between chill vibes and deep thoughts, making his sound perfect for late-night drives or early morning introspection.

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8. Marstein

Marstein, a newer face in the scene, is quickly making waves with his unique blend of hip-hop and melodic choruses. His music speaks to the youth, discussing themes of love, ambition, and the struggles of growing up in today’s world. Although he may not have the decades-long discography of some of his peers, Marstein’s fresh perspective and catchy tunes suggest he’s an artist with staying power.

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Norwegian rappers Kjartan Lauritzen

9. Kjartan Lauritzen

Debuting in the mid-2010s, Kjartan Lauritzen music combines versatility and charisma that easily makes him a standout in the scene. He’s like that friend who’s always got a funny story but isn’t afraid to get real when it matters.

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10. Adrian Sellevoll

Adrian Sellevoll is not just another pretty face from reality TV, but he has carved a place for himself in the Norwegian music scene. Since stepping onto the scene, Sellevoll’s been dropping tracks like “Ha Meg,” “Jeg Hater Deg,” and “Se Meg,” from heartbreak anthems to club bangers.

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11. Chris Abolade

Chris Abolade, with his smooth flows and soulful vibes, is like the cool breeze on a hot summer day. His music, a mix of hip-hop and R&B, talks about everything from love and loss to the grind of making it.

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12. Rambow

Rambow, though less known than some of his peers, brings something special to the Norwegian rap game. His style is fearless and leaves an impression that he is an artist that one must keep an eye on him.

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13. OnklP

OnklP, a legend in the Norwegian rap scene, has been dropping hits that resonate with the soul of Norway since the early 2000s. Known for his raw energy and uncompromising lyrics, OnklP tells it like it is, leaving nothing to the imagination.

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14. Amara

Amara steps into the spotlight with a confidence and charisma that’s impossible to ignore. He’s not just making music, but he is making statements, tapping into the vibes of the streets of Norway.

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15. Tyr

Tyr isn’t just another name in the game, but pulls you in as he paints a perfect picture through his rhymes. A newcomer to the game, Tyr debut in 2021 and has been on a considerable rise, especially following the release of the album Bedøvelse Gjør Mester.

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Norwegian rappers Lars Vaular

16. Lars Vaular

Lars Vaular, a veteran in the Norwegian rap scene, has been laying down tracks that mix intellect with street smarts since the late 2000s. His work has not only earned him critical acclaim but also respect for what he brings with every verse.

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Rappers from Norway Jonas Benyoub

17. Jonas Benyoub

Jonas Benyoub combines his Moroccan heritage with the cool, crisp vibes of Norwegian rap. He made his debut in 2017, and since he has showcased on albums like ZeroLove and songs like “Spor i snøen” an offering of a fresh sound packed with rhythm and soul.

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Norwegian rappers Dutty Dior

18. Dutty Dior

Known for songs like “Kald Djevel” and “Hallo” with Isah, Dutty Dior is the embodiment of cool, laid-back vibes, mixing English and Norwegian. Dior’s tracks are a blend of cultures, delivering a sound has a bounce to get the party started, yet it’s his storytelling that keeps you hitting replay.

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19. KingSkurkOne

KingSkurkOne brings an intensity to the rap game. Sharp wit served over beats that hit hard, his music, like “Lil Homie,” “Sedativ Kjegle,” and “Sånn Som Meg,” stays with you long after the track ends. In the realm of Norwegian rap, he’s royalty, ruling with a mic in his hand.

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20. Pappaisjappa

Pappaisjappa’s music is like that party you never want to leave because the vibe is just too good. He is proof that you can take your craft seriously without taking yourself too seriously. He has been seen alongside several well-named European artists on tracks like “St. Tropez” with Poland’s Malik Montana and “Wallahi” with Don Mula.

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