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Top 25 Thai Rappers: 2022’s Best Rap Artists from Thailand List

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Top Thai Rappers

List of the Top Thai Hip Hop Artists

With a growing market for hip hop music in Asia, as well the popularity and emergence of numerous Asian hip hop artists, Thai rappers have created and developed one of Southeast Asia’s most booming rap scenes.

A country with one of the world’s most unique traditions and lifestyles, now has an addition to Thai culture, Thai hip hop music. With the rise of Thailand’s rap scene, along with becoming Asia’s largest hip hop market, dozens of Thai rappers have appeared to showcase there artistry through a musical landscape of creativity and versatility.

While there were early adoptions of hip hop during the 1980s with songs like Thanet Warakunukroh’s “Tired of Complaining” which was a combination of rap and 1980s RnB music, along with a few others. Not until the 1990s did Thai hip hop music begin to form. Some of the first Thai hip hop artists were rappers like Joey Boy, J Jetrin, Thaitanium (also was known as AA Crew), BMT, Dajim, just to name a few.

At the top of the list of Thai rappers are some of Thailand’s biggest stars. Stars like ILLSLICK, an artist whose creative and innovative touch to music is unmatched. URBOYTJ, whether singing or rapping, easily outshines the competition. Milli, a female artist that even the male artists can not keep up with. Youngohm, an artist with swagger way above and beyond any other Thai rap artist. The smooth and laid-back styles of OG-Anic. The OG in F.Hero who shows that the times need to catch up with him. WONDERFRAME, who time after time proves that there is nothing that can not do. And that’s just at the very top of the list.

The roster of Thai rappers displays a unique talent. A talent of a wide range of artists, from mainstream pop stars to underground rappers to Thai hip hop artists that are on the rise. A lineup of various sounds through artists who make music that crosses multiple genres to Thai rappers that imitate American styles, like melodic rap, trap music, or even gangster rap.

Thai hip hop has risen to becoming one of Thailand’s top genres. To go along with hip hop’s rise in Thailand, Thai rap music has almost surpassed every other country of Southeast Asia’s rap scene, especially by producing a number of international stars.

Top 25 Thai Rappers

Watch on Youtube: ILLSLICK and follow on Facebook: ILLSLICK

Watch on Youtube: URBOYTJ and follow on Instagram: @URBOYTJ

3. Milli
Watch on Youtube: Milli and follow on Instagram: @Milli

4. Youngohm 
Watch on Youtube: Youngohm and follow on Instagram: @Youngohm

5. F.Hero 
Watch on Youtube: F.Hero and follow on Instagram: @F.Hero

Watch on Youtube: OG-ANIC and follow on Instagram: @OG-ANIC

Watch on Youtube: WONDERFRAME and follow on Instagram: @WONDERFRAME

8. RachYO
Watch more on Youtube: RachYO and follow on Instagram: @RachYO

Watch more on Youtube: DABOYWAY and follow on Instagram: @DABOYWAY

10. Twopee Southside 
Watch more on Youtube: Twopee Southside and follow on Instagram: @Twopee Southside

11. LazyLoxy
Watch on Youtube: LazyLoxy and follow on Instagram: @LazyLoxy

12. CDGuntee
Watch on Youtube: CDGuntee and follow on Instagram: @CDGuntee

Watch more on Youtube: DIAMOND MQT and follow on Instagram: @DIAMOND MQT

14. Maiyarap
Watch on Youtube: Maiyarap and follow on Instagram: @Maiyarap

15. P-Hot 
Watch on Youtube: P-Hot and follow on Instagram: @P-Hot

16. FIIXD 
Watch on Youtube: FIIXD and follow on Instagram: @FIIXD

16. Younggu
Watch on Youtube: Younggu and follow on Instagram: @Younggu

17. MikeSickFlow
Watch on Youtube: MikeSickFlow and follow on Instagram: @MikeSickFlow

18. Lil X
Watch on Youtube: Lil X and follow on Instagram: @Lil X

19. K6Y
Watch on Youtube: K6Y and follow on Instagram: @K6Y

20. DGerrard
Watch on Youtube: DGerrard and follow on Instagram: @DGerrard

21. PEE CLOCK (Pattaya Boi)
Watch on Youtube: PEE CLOCK and follow on Instagram: @PEE CLOCK

22. VKL
Watch on Youtube: VKL and follow on Instagram: @VKL

23. Ironboy
Watch on Youtube: Ironboy and follow on Instagram: @Ironboy

24. 1st
Watch on Youtube: 1st and follow on Instagram: @1st

25. Ben Bizzy 
Watch on Youtube: Ben Bizzy and follow on Instagram: @Ben Bizzy

Honorable Mention Thai Rappers

Moon Instagram: @Moon and Youtube: Moon


G-Bear Instagram: @G-Bear and Youtube: G-Bear


K.Aglet Instagram: @K.Aglet and Youtube: K.Aglet


CN Instagram: @CN and Youtube: CN

Chun Wen Instagram: @Chun Wen and Youtube: Chun Wen


Vemlyie Instagram: @Vemlyie and Youtube: Vemlyie

T-BIGGEST Instagram: @T-BIGGEST and Youtube: T-BIGGEST

Eskiimo Instagram: @Eskiimo and Youtube: Eskiimo

Young J Instagram: @Young J and Youtube: Young J

TANTHAM Instagram: @TANTHAM and Youtube: TANTHAM

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