Top Thai Rappers

List of the Top Thai Hip Hop Artists

With a growing market for hip hop music in Asia, as well the popularity and emergence of numerous Asian hip hop artists, Thai rappers have created and developed one of Southeast Asia’s most booming rap scenes.

In the 1980s, hip hop saw early adopters in Thailand, such as Thanet Warakunukroh’s “Tired of Complaining,” which blended rap and pop music, among other examples. However, it was not until the 1990s that Thai hip hop truly started to take shape. Early Thai hip hop artists included rappers like Joey Boy, J Jetrin, Thaitanium (also known as AA Crew), BMT, Dajim, and several others helped create the foundation for rap music in Thailand

A nation possessing some of the globe’s most distinctive customs and ways of life has now incorporated Thai hip hop music into its cultural fabric. As Thailand’s rap industry flourishes and evolves into becoming one of the biggest hip hop markets in Asia, numerous Thai rappers have emerged to display their talents within a diverse and imaginative musical environment.

Today’s Top Thai Rappers

Within the extensive lineup of Thai rappers, one can find talents such as Youngohm, who provides passion and a captivating flow that can seize any hip-hop fan’s attenion. ILLSLICK, who is admired for his suave and melodious flair, as well as his adaptability in seamlessly shifting between various styles. URBOYTJ, who gained a significant following among with his energetic delivery and youthful vibe. DIAMOND MQT, whose music blends into a unique and captivating sonic sound.

The rising energetic and charismatic star of Sprite. The witty wordplay and clever lyricism of Zentyarb. The versatile Thai rapper of FIIXD, known for his smooth flow and infectious spirit. Maiyarap, who commands attention and leaves a lasting impression. The blend of elements of trap and boom bap from Younggu. The creation of an electrifying and dynamic sound through Highhot. The versatile and contemporary sound of RachYO.

Veteran Thai hip-hop artists, like OG-ANIC, renowned for his raw and gritty style, and F. Hero, known for his catchy melodies, melodic hooks, and smooth flow, constantly reinventing themselves. Women MCs providing a representation, with Milli, known her fierce and confident delivery, with lyrical prowess and charismatic stage presence, and WONDERFRAME, known for her versatility and innovative approach to music, blending of rap, trap, and experimental sounds.

Overall, the list of Thai rappers showcases a diverse selection, including popular mainstream artists, underground rappers, and  veterans like DABOYWAY, Twopee Southside, and MikeSickFlow who have helped carry Thai hip-hop across various periods. Additionally, up-and-coming talents such as Lil X, K6Y, and LazyLoxy are expected to continue this legacy.

Top 25 Thai Rappers

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1. Youngohm 
Watch on Youtube: Youngohm and follow on Instagram: @Youngohm

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Watch on Youtube: ILLSLICK and follow on Facebook: ILLSLICK

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Watch on Youtube: URBOYTJ and follow on Instagram: @URBOYTJ

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4. Milli
Watch on Youtube: Milli and follow on Instagram: @Milli

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Watch on Youtube: OG-ANIC and follow on Instagram: @OG-ANIC

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Watch on Youtube: WONDERFRAME and follow on Instagram: @WONDERFRAME

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7. F.Hero 
Watch on Youtube: F.Hero and follow on Instagram: @F.Hero

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8. Sprite
Watch on Youtube: Sprite and follow on Instagram: @Sprite

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Watch more on Youtube: DIAMOND MQT and follow on Instagram: @DIAMOND MQT

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10. Maiyarap
Watch on Youtube: Maiyarap and follow on Instagram: @Maiyarap

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11. Twopee Southside 
Watch more on Youtube: Twopee Southside and follow on Instagram: @Twopee Southside

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Watch more on Youtube: DABOYWAY and follow on Instagram: @DABOYWAY

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13. RachYO
Watch more on Youtube: RachYO and follow on Instagram: @RachYO

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14. CDGuntee
Watch on Youtube: CDGuntee and follow on Instagram: @CDGuntee

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15. Zentyarb
Watch more on Youtube: Zentyarb and follow on Instagram: @Zentyarb

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16. FIIXD 
Watch on Youtube: FIIXD and follow on Instagram: @FIIXD

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17. DGerrard
Watch on Youtube: DGerrard and follow on Instagram: @DGerrard

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18. Younggu
Watch on Youtube: Younggu and follow on Instagram: @Younggu

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19. Highhot
Watch on Youtube: Highhot and follow on Instagram: @Highhot

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20. LazyLoxy
Watch on Youtube: LazyLoxy and follow on Instagram: @LazyLoxy

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21. MikeSickFlow
Watch on Youtube: MikeSickFlow and follow on Instagram: @MikeSickFlow

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22. P-Hot 
Watch on Youtube: P-Hot and follow on Instagram: @P-Hot

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23. Lil X
Watch on Youtube: Lil X and follow on Instagram: @Lil X

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24. K6Y
Watch on Youtube: K6Y and follow on Instagram: @K6Y

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Watch on Youtube: BABYBIGBOY and follow on Instagram: @BABYBIGBOY

Honorable Mention Thai Rappers

PEE CLOCK Youtube: PEE CLOCK and Instagram: @PEE CLOCK

Punyarb Youtube: Punyarb and Instagram: @Punyarb

Lil Tan Youtube: Lil Tan and Instagram: @Lil Tan

Z9 Youtube: Z9 and Instagram: @Z9

Pondering Youtube: Pondering and Instagram: @Pondering

VKL Youtube: VKL and Instagram: @VKL

 G-Bear Instagram: @G-Bear and Youtube: G-Bear

Chun Wen Instagram: @Chun Wen and Youtube: Chun Wen

Ironboy Youtube: Ironboy and Instagram: @Ironboy

1st Youtube: 1st and Instagram: @1st

TANTHAM Instagram: @TANTHAM and Youtube: TANTHAM

Ben Bizzy Youtube: Ben Bizzy and Instagram: @Ben Bizzy

K.Aglet Instagram: @K.Aglet and Youtube: K.Aglet

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