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List of the Top Rappers from Toronto

The hip-hop market of Canada, particularly Toronto, is often overlooked by individuals who may not consider Canadian or Toronto rappers to be legitimate. However, it is worth mentioning that the rap scene in Toronto surpasses that of many American cities. Also, it is not just Drake and Tory Lanez who are leading the way.

During the early days of hip hop in Toronto, some of the most prominent Toronto rappers included Michie Mee, Maestro, Devon, Moka Only, Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, Classified, Rascalz, IRS, Ghetto Concept, Jelleestone, and several others who dominated the local hip hop scene from the mid-1980s to the start of the 2000s. Although most of the current Canadian rap artists are from Toronto, there were brief periods in the history of Canadian rap when Vancouver and even the province of Nova Scotia contributed artists to the Canadian hip-hop market.

Toronto neighborhoods such as Jane and Finch, Regents Park, and Rexdale have served as the foundation for many rappers from Toronto, accounting for approximately a quarter of the Canadian hip hop scene. Despite Canada’s flourishing success in music, and its continuous growth, there have been several fallen artists. Similar to Chicago, where multiple rappers have died prematurely, Toronto has also witnessed the deaths of over a dozen top artists or popular up-and-coming rappers.

Today’s Top Rappers from Toronto

Toronto has produced some of the biggest names in music, despite any challenges or opinions that may exist. One such artist is Drake, who has become an iconic figure since his 2009 debut. His achievements include record-breaking sales, numerous awards, and platinum certifications. Tory Lanez is another artist who has risen to prominence in the hip hop community around the same time as Drake and has continued to surpass expectations.

While Drake and Tory Lanez are often in the spotlight, NAV has recently gained much recognition, standing apart in his own lane and becoming a superstar on his own terms. Belly‘s demonstration of great flexibility in his music has elevated him among the top tier artists, with notable appearances on Nipsey Hussle’s chart-topping track “Double Up” and collaborations with The Weeknd. Killy’s skillset leaves him unmatched, while on the brink of becoming a global sensation in the music industry.

With the smooth and nonchalant vibes of 88GLAM, standing unmatched. Pressa, who contains all of the makings of a star, creating a huge buzz for the last few years. The veteran Preme constantly reinventing himself, remaining relevant since his start during the late 2000s as P Reign. While not to leave out the one of a kind talent of FRVRFRIDAY, the raw and uncut cadence of 3MFrench, or the flavor of music that NorthSideBenji brings to the table. In all, Toronto’s rap scene stands above and beyond with a diverse batch of talent.

Top 20 Toronto Rappers

Toronto rappers Drake

1. Drake

Drake has been unquestionably one of the defining artists of his generation. He first gained recognition as an actor on the teen drama television series Degrassi: The Next Generation. However, his music career swiftly eclipsed his acting one after the release of his debut mixtape Room for Improvement in 2006.

He gained substantial traction with his subsequent mixtapes before signing with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment in 2009. Drake’s 2010 studio launch with Thank Me Later went platinum and spawned hits like “Find Your Love” and “Over.”

Since then, he has delivered a steady stream of successful albums, including Take Care, Nothing Was the Same, and Views, which features perhaps his most iconic track, “Hotline Bling.” Drake’s catchy hooks, emotional vulnerability, and integration of R&B sensibilities have earned him a multitude of awards, including four Grammy Awards, and solidified his place as a titan in the music industry.

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Rappers from Toronto Tory Lanez

2. Tory Lanez

Despite his recent incarceration Tory Lanez still remains on top of the list of Toronto rappers. Known for his melodic flows and confrontation defying his stature, he embarked on his recording career by releasing several mixtapes that began stirring up attention in the early 2010s.

Tory’s debut studio album I Told You arrived in 2016, showcasing his hit “Say It,” and proved to be Tory’s breakout moment. His other popular albums, including Memories Don’t Die, and Love Me Now, depict his skill in blending different genres.

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Toronto rapper NAV

3. NAV

NAV began his rise in the music industry as a producer, contributing to high-profile tracks such as Drake’s “Back to Back.” His breakthrough came with the single “Myself,” establishing his presence as an artist to watch.

NAV’s self-titled mixtape, released in 2017, followed by his debut studio album, Reckless in 2018, which featured the hit “Wanted You” with Lil Uzi Vert, propelled him into the spotlight. His subsequent album, “Bad Habits,” debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, confirming his place in the rap scene.

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Belly Rapper from Toronto

4. Belly

A Palestinian-Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter, Belly is celebrated for his thought-provoking lyrics and formidable songwriting credentials. Belly emerged on the scene with his debut album The Revolution in 2007, which earned him a Juno Award.

After a hiatus, Belly re-emerged with his mixtape “Up For Days” in 2015, showcasing his maturation as an artist and featuring the standout track “Might Not” with The Weeknd. He has since been signed to The Weeknd’s XO record label and Roc Nation. Belly’s ability to navigate between storytelling and hit-making has secured his reputation as a respected figure in the hip-hop community.

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Killy Rapper from Toronto

5. Killy

Killy burst onto the scene with his viral hit “Killamonjaro” in 2017. His debut mixtape Surrender Your Soul, released in 2018, further cemented his place in the music scene with tracks like “No Sad No Bad.”

Killy’s rapid rise to fame is partially attributed to his ability to capture the essence of the Toronto sound while pushing it into new, uncharted territories. His follow-up projects, like Light Path 8 and the EP KILLSTREAK, showcased his growing artistry and appeal to Toronto’s and the international hip-hop world.

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6. Preme

Preme, formerly known as P. Reign, has had a knack for crafting gritty tales of street life and ambition. He made his initial mark with mixtapes that captured the raw energy and narratives of his experiences.

He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, including his long-term association with fellow Canadian Drake. Preme’s rebrand from P. Reign to his current moniker came alongside his 2018 project Light of Day, which includes features from Post Malone, Lil Wayne, and Ty Dolla $ign.

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7. Smiley

Smiley is a unique figure within the Toronto rap community, known for his distinctive style and delivery that sets him apart from other Toronto rappers. With an unorthodox approach to rhythm and cadence, Smiley, often linked with Drake, captivates listeners with songs that are equally hypnotic and avant-garde.

Rising to local fame with tracks like “Over The Top” and “90210,” Smiley’s deadpan style dares to defy the typical conventions of flow and has intriguingly carved his own niche.

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Toronto rapper Pressa

8. Pressa

Another notable talent emerging from the vibrant Toronto rap scene, Pressa is known for his distinct high-pitched voice and storytelling that draws heavily from his own life experiences in Toronto’s Driftwood neighborhood.

His hit single “Novacane” off the Press Machine mixtape in 2016 put him on the industry’s radar, while the subsequent Prestige project in 2019 included the popular track “Attachments,” featuring rapper Coi Leray. Pressa’s music often depicts the struggles and realities of street life, filtered through his melodic approach to rap.

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9. 88GLAM

88GLAM is a Canadian hip-hop duo from Toronto, consisting of Derek Wise and 88 Camino. The duo debuted with their self-titled mixtape 88GLAM in 2017, which also got reissued with additional tracks as 88GLAM Reloaded.

The project introduced listeners to their hypnotic and lavish lifestyle lyrics with hits like “Bali” and “12.” Their follow-up project 88GLAM2 in 2018 solidified their rising status, being a more polished approach to their craft.

Formerly signed to XO and Republic Records, 88GLAM combined their personas to create a growing and passionate fanbase that appreciates their luxurious, nocturnal vibes in tracks like “It’s A Flex” and “Lil Boat.”

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AR Praisley

10. AR Praisley

AR Paisley is rapidly becoming one of the most respected lyricists hailing from Toronto, bringing a technical prowess and depth to his music. He employs his Punjabi background to infuse his rhymes with cultural references and a sense of pride in his heritage. Demonstrating his talents in tracks like “Still Drifting” and “Lavish,” AR Paisley sets himself apart with dense wordplay and a confident stance.

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FRVRFRIDAY has steadily been making waves in the Toronto urban music scene and beyond. Known for his melodic trap sounds and smooth, R&B-infused beats, FRVRFRIDAY brings a distinct flavor to the table with his laid-back delivery and catchy hooks.

He garnered significant attention with his evocative singles like “Window Shopping” and gained further recognition with projects such as WHOISFRIDAY and Offline, showcasing his versatility and potential as one of Canada’s promising up-and-coming artists.

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12. Jazz Cartier

Jazz Cartier is a rapper with a dynamic flow and cinematic sound that stands out in Toronto’s hip-hop landscape. He has been coined the “Prince of the City” and rightfully so, as his debut album Marauding in Paradise dropped in 2015 to critical acclaim, followed by his award-winning sophomore project “Hotel Paranoia” in 2016.

This effort cemented his place in the Canadian music industry, earning him the JUNO Award for Rap Recording of the Year in 2017. With his performances and artistic visuals, Jazz Cartier’s music, like the hits “Dead or Alive” and “Tempted,” has led him to being one of the premiere Toronto rappers.

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North Side Benji

13. North Side Benji

North Side Benji is a rapper who emerged in the Toronto scene with a sound that is thoughtful and melodic, often full of introspective lyrics that reflect his personal journey.

Hailing from the north side of the city, hence his moniker, Benji’s first brush with success as a rapper from Toronto came from the standout track “Levels” from his 2018 mixtape Caviar Dreams.

His follow-up efforts like the “Frienemy” single and the EP The Extravagant Collection underline his growth and continued dedication to his craft. North Side Benji’s storytelling ability and distinct voice have solidified his reputation as a compelling force in the Canadian music scene, propelling him to work alongside international artists.

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14. Yung Tory

Yung Tory brings a versatile blend of melody and trap elements to his craft, quickly becoming a fixture in Toronto’s diverse music scene. Yung Tory has seen a steady climb in the rap game, particularly after his hit “Water” went viral.

His collaborative efforts with notable artists like Lil Durk, with who he signed with, have only expanded his reach. Albums like Rastar, peppered with tracks that showcase Yung Tory’s relaxed flow and natural charisma, affirm his reputation as one of the best rappers from Toronto.

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Rapper from Toronto Houdini

15. Houdini

A rising star in the Toronto hip-hop scene, celebrated for his melodic flow and vivid storytelling. Houdini had a growing impact on the music industry with his tracks that blended elements of drill and trap with catchy hooks.

His breakout single “Late Nights” and the mixtape Hou I Am in 2019 showcased his potential to become one of Canada’s leading hip-hop artists. Houdini’s invigorating sound on tunes like “Backseats” and his collaborations with fellow Toronto artists underlined Toronto’s diverse hip-hop scene.

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16. Burna Bandz

Burna Bandz, a potent force in the Toronto rap circle, is a rapper with a style that conveys the gritty narratives of his upbringing in the city’s streets. Burna’s hard-hitting presence on tracks have amassed a considerable following, with songs like “Late Nights” and “Northside Jane” demonstrating his raw talent.

As part of the UpTop Movement Inc., he’s been integral in putting the collective on the map through a series of releases that chronicle his life experiences and ambitions. Burna Bandz’s body of work, including projects like Bandz Can’t Fold and Compact Burna, showcases a great reflection on artistic ability.

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Toronto Rapper Why G

17. Why G

Why G is known for his gritty portrayals of street life melded with a confident, assertive flow that commands attention. Despite facing the tragic loss of his twin brother and fellow group member of the Tallup Twinz, Why G has persevered in the music industry, reflecting the resilience that shapes his narrative.

His songs frequently deal with themes of loyalty, survival, and the hustle of Toronto’s street life. With tracks like “Stepped In” featuring fellow Toronto rapper Burna Bandz, Why G demonstrates a raw edge and energy that has garnered him a loyal following within the city’s hip-hop community.

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18. 3MFrench

3MFrench is an up-and-coming Toronto rapper, known for his energetic flow and raw, street-inspired narratives. Part of the 3M (also known as 3xM) group, French has quickly made a name for himself with compelling drill and trap-infused tracks.

His music, exemplified in songs like “7am In London” and “Examples,” provides a window into the realities of the environment that shaped him. His aggressive delivery and ear for catchy hooks have helped him stand out among his peers and to be able to leave a mark on the global rap landscape.

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Toronto rapper Duvy

19. Duvy

Showcasing a unique sound that echoes the ambiance of Toronto’s streets, Duvy made an impression with tracks such as “Nightmarez” and “2 Sides of Me.”

While Duvy remains an emerging artist, debuting in 2018, he possesses the qualities of a seasoned storyteller with an edge, setting him up for potential breakout success in the crowded Toronto rap market.

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Top5 rapper from Toronto

20. Top5

Top5 is a polarizing figure in the Toronto hip-hop scene. Often mired in controversy, Top5 has nevertheless built up a significant following with tracks that highlight his raw energy and penchant for creating hype.

Singles like “2 Cases” and “Steppa” showcase his signature style, which is aggressive and unapologetic. Although his career has been marked by legal troubles and public disputes, Top5 has managed to maintain a consistent presence in the Toronto rap scene.

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Honorable Mention Rappers from Toront0

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LB SPIFFY Youtube: LB SPIFFY and Instagram: @LB SPIFFY

Ching Youtube: Ching and Instagram: @Ching

– Tizzy Stackz Youtube: Tizzy Stackz and Instagram: @Tizzy Stackz

Booggz Youtube: Booggz and Instagram: @Booggz

Casper TNG Youtube: Casper tng and Instagram: @Casper TNG

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