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Top 20 Toronto Rappers: 2023’s Best Rappers from Toronto

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Toronto Rappers:

List of the Top Rappers from Toronto

The hip-hop market of Canada, particularly Toronto, is often overlooked by individuals who may not consider Canadian or Toronto rappers to be legitimate. However, it is worth mentioning that the rap scene in Toronto surpasses that of many American cities. Also, it is not just Drake and Tory Lanez who are leading the way.

During the early days of hip hop in Toronto, some of the most prominent Toronto rappers included Michie Mee, Maestro, Devon, Moka Only, Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, Classified, Rascalz, IRS, Ghetto Concept, Jelleestone, and several others who dominated the local hip hop scene from the mid-1980s to the start of the 2000s. Although most of the current Canadian rap artists are from Toronto, there were brief periods in the history of Canadian rap when Vancouver and even the province of Nova Scotia contributed artists to the Canadian hip-hop market.

Toronto neighborhoods such as Jane and Finch, Regents Park, and Rexdale have served as the foundation for many rappers from Toronto, accounting for approximately a quarter of the Canadian hip hop scene. Despite Canada’s flourishing success in music, and its continuous growth, there have been several fallen artists. Similar to Chicago, where multiple rappers have died prematurely, Toronto has also witnessed the deaths of over a dozen top artists or popular up-and-coming rappers.

Top Rappers from Toronto of 2020s

Toronto has produced some of the biggest names in music, despite any challenges or opinions that may exist. One such artist is Drake, who has become an iconic figure since his 2009 debut. His achievements include record-breaking sales, numerous awards, and platinum certifications. Tory Lanez is another artist who has risen to prominence in the hip hop community around the same time as Drake and has continued to surpass expectations.

While Drake and Tory Lanez are often in the spotlight, NAV has recently gained much recognition, standing apart in his own lane and becoming a superstar on his own terms. Belly‘s demonstration of great flexibility in his music has elevated him among the top tier artists, with notable appearances on Nipsey Hussle’s chart-topping track “Double Up” and collaborations with The Weeknd. Killy’s skillset leaves him unmatched, while on the brink of becoming a global sensation in the music industry.

With the smooth and nonchalant vibes of 88GLAM, standing unmatched. Pressa, who contains all of the makings of a star, creating a huge buzz for the last few years. The veteran Preme constantly reinventing himself, remaining relevant since his start during the late 2000s as P Reign. While not to leave out the one of a kind talent of FRVRFRIDAY, the raw and uncut cadence of 3MFrench, or the flavor of music that NorthSideBenji brings to the table. In all, Toronto’s rap scene stands above and beyond with a diverse batch of talent.

Top 20 Toronto Rappers

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1. Drake
Watch on Youtube: Drake and follow on Instagram: @Drake

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2. Tory Lanez
Watch on Youtube: Tory Lanez and follow on Instagram: @ToryLanez

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3. NAV
Watch on Youtube: NAV and follow on Instagram: @NAV

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4. Belly
Watch on Youtube: Belly and follow on Instagram: @Belly

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5. Killy
Watch on Youtube: Killy and follow on Instagram: @Killy

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6. 88GLAM
Watch on Youtube: 88GLAM and follow on Instagram: @88GLAM

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7. Preme
Watch on Youtube: Preme and follow on Instagram: @Preme

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8. Pressa
Watch on Youtube: Pressa and follow on Instagram: @Pressa

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Watch on Youtube: FRVRFRIDAY and follow on Instagram: @FRVRFRIDAY

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10. North Side Benji
Watch on Youtube: NorthSideBenji and follow on Instagram: @NorthSideBenji

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11. 3MFrench
Watch on Youtube: 3MFrench and follow on Instagram: @3MFrench

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12. Duvy
Watch on Youtube: Duvy and follow on Instagram: @Duvy

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13. Jazz Cartier
Watch on Youtube: Jazz Cartier and follow on Instagram: @Jazz Cartier

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14. Top5
Watch on Youtube: Top5 and follow on Instagram: @Top5

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15. Houdini
Watch on Youtube: Houdini and follow on Instagram: @Houdini

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16. Yung Tory
Watch on Youtube: Yung Tory and follow on Instagram: @Yung Tory

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17. Burna Bandz
Watch on Youtube: Burna Bandz and follow on Instagram: @Burna Bandz

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18. Why G
Watch on Youtube: Why G and follow on Instagram: @Why G

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19. Lil Berete
Watch on Youtube: Lil Berete and follow on Instagram: @Lil Berete

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20. Friyie
Watch on Youtube: Friyie and follow on Instagram: @Friyie

Honorable Mention Rappers from Toront0

J Neat Youtube: J Neat and Instagram: @J Neat

Puffy L’z Youtube: Puffy L’z and Instagram: @Puffy L’z

ShaqIsDope Youtube: ShaqIsDope and Instagram: @ShaqIsDope

LB SPIFFY Youtube: LB SPIFFY and Instagram: @LB SPIFFY

Ching Youtube: Ching and Instagram: @Ching

– Tizzy Stackz Youtube: Tizzy Stackz and Instagram: @Tizzy Stackz

Booggz Youtube: Booggz and Instagram: @Booggz

casper tng Youtube: casper tng and Instagram: @casper tng

Da Crook Youtube: Da Crook and Instagram: @Da Crook

LocoCity Youtube: LocoCity and Instagram: @LocoCity

Pengz Youtube: Pengz and Instagram: @Pengz

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