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Top 20 Toronto Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from Toronto List

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Toronto Rappers:

List of the Top Rappers from Toronto

While some may not take Canadian rappers seriously, but it should be noted that the country’s rap scene, which mainly consists of Toronto rappers, is much larger than most cities in America, and not just Drake and Tory Lanez leading the way.

Some of the main artists during Toronto’s early days of hip hop were the likes of femcee Michie Mee, Maestro, Devon, Moka Only, Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, Classified, Rascalz, and others that ruled the local Canadian hip hop scenes throughout mid-1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s.  While in the present-day Canadian rap scene most artists are mainly rappers from Toronto, there were brief moments in Canada’s rap timeline that the city of Vancouver and even the province of Nova Scotia has produced artists into Canada’s hip-hop market.

To give credit, Toronto neighborhoods like Jane and Finch, Regents Park, and Rexdale have been the foundation of numerous of Toronto rappers as these neighborhoods alone accounted for about a quarter of the Canadian hip hop scene.  While the Canadian rap scene of rappers from Toronto has flourished, and is continuing to this day, the downside to the local hip hop scene is the number of fallen artists.  Like Chicago, where multiple rappers have died or have been killed prematurely, the city of Toronto has seen well over a dozen deaths of either top artists or well-known up and coming Toronto rappers.

Regardless of what anyone thinks or what issues there may be, the city of Toronto has developed and gifted the world with some of music’s largest stars.  As we speak, there is no bigger artist in the world than Drake.  Drake has truly come a long way into becoming an icon since his 2009 Young Money debut with So Far Gone and Thank Me Later.  Record breaking, platinum selling, award winning, and the list goes on.  Beginning around the same time as Drake, Tory Lanez has not only proven himself to the hip hop community but has continued to reached new levels well beyond most rap artists.

Rounding out the top three of Toronto rappers, the smooth and laid-back NAV has created his own lane by developing his own style hardly from imitating any other.  With every major release being a hit, the next artist on the list Killy has established himself amongst the Canadian rap scene and his talent will soon prevail him to international levels, if not already.  Besides Drake and Tory Lanez, Pressa is the hottest artist from Toronto.  With the momentum that he has generated from his latest projects, Pressa is the most promising among the roster of Canadian rappers, with a trajectory to be the top rapper, but only if Drake was not in the way.

As we continued, below is lineup of the top 20 best Toronto rappers.  A list that includes a wide range of artists, from Preme, an artist that has showcased longevity, to 88GLAM, an artist that has not missed a single step since arriving, to Top5, a true legend in the making, to numerous others to go along with some of the world’s top rap stars.  Slept on or not, Canadian rappers from Toronto have created and established one of the top hip hop scenes across the globe.

Top 20 Toronto Rappers

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1. Drake
Watch more on Youtube: Drake and follow on Instagram: @Drake

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2. Tory Lanez
Watch more on Youtube: Tory Lanez and follow on Instagram: @ToryLanez

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3. NAV
Watch more on Youtube: NAV and follow on Instagram: @NAV

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4. Belly
Watch more on Youtube: Belly and follow on Instagram: @Belly

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5. Pressa
Watch more on Youtube: Pressa and follow on Instagram: @Pressa

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6. Preme
Watch more on Youtube: Preme and follow on Instagram: @Preme

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7. Killy
Watch more on Youtube: Killy and follow on Instagram: @Killy

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8. 88GLAM
Watch more on Youtube: 88GLAM and follow on Instagram: @88GLAM

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9. North Side Benji
Watch more on Youtube: NorthSideBenji and follow on Instagram: @NorthSideBenji

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10. Top5
Watch more on Youtube: Top5 and follow on Instagram: @Top5

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11. 3MFrench
Watch more on Youtube: 3MFrench and follow on Instagram: @3MFrench

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12. Duvy
Watch more on Youtube: Duvy and follow on Instagram: @Duvy

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13. Lil Berete
Watch more on Youtube: Lil Berete and follow on Instagram: @Lil Berete

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14. Why G
Watch more on Youtube: Why G and follow on Instagram: @Why G

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15. Houdini
Watch more on Youtube: Houdini and follow on Instagram: @Houdini

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16. J Neat
Watch more on Youtube: J Neat and follow on Instagram: @J Neat

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17. Yung Tory
Watch more on Youtube: Yung Tory and follow on Instagram: @Yung Tory

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18. Burna Bandz
Watch more on Youtube: Burna Bandz and follow on Instagram: @Burna Bandz

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Watch more on Youtube: LB SPIFFY and follow on Instagram: @LB SPIFFY

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20. Puffy L’z
Watch more on Youtube: Puffy L’z and follow on Instagram: @Puffy L’z

Honorable Mention Rappers from Toront0

Friyie Youtube: Friyie and Instagram: @Friyie

Ching Youtube: Ching and Instagram: @Ching

– Tizzy Stackz Youtube: Tizzy Stackz and Instagram: @Tizzy Stackz

Booggz Youtube: Booggz and Instagram: @Booggz

casper tng Youtube: casper tng and Instagram: @casper tng

Da Crook Youtube: Da Crook and Instagram: @Da Crook

LocoCity Youtube: LocoCity and Instagram: @LocoCity

Supawassi Youtube: Supawassi and Instagram: @Supawassi

Pengz Youtube: Pengz and Instagram: @Pengz

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have the most followers, streams, and views are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com