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Top 12 Upstate New York Rappers (Syracuse, Rochester, & Buffalo Rappers)

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Top Upstate NY Rap

(Top Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, & Buffalo Rappers)

In the shadows of the New York City rap scene is the hip hop scene of Upstate New York, which includes Rochester, Buffalo, Albany and Syracuse rappers.  Along Interstate 90, a four hour stretch from Buffalo to Albany, resides large urban populations of African Americans and Latinos, producing some of hip-hop’s top artists of today. 

Within these communities, communities like the East Side of Buffalo, the South Side of Syracuse, the Uptown section of Albany,  or the North Side and West Side of Rochester, consists of dozens of talented rap artists.  Within the large batch of talent emerges a handful of Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo rappers that have created an opportunity for themselves to be seen outside of the state of New York.

While on the East Coast, Upstate New York’s rap scene has never received the attention truly deserved from the rest of the world as the likes of other East Coast cities, like Philadelphia or New York City, but if anyone enjoys listening to New York City’s hip hop scene then a Rochester NY rapper or an artist out of Albany should be worth checking out, especially as Buffalo rappers of Griselda Records have almost completely taken over the music industry.

Top 12 Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo rappers

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1. Benny The Butcher (Buffalo, NY) Follow on Instagram: @Benny The Butcher and watch on Youtube: Benny The Butcher

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2. Conway (Buffalo, NY) follow on Instagram: @Conway The Machine and watch on Youtube: Conway the Machine

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3. Westside Gunn (Buffalo, NY) Follow on Instagram: @WestSideGunn and watch on Youtube: Westside Gunn 

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4. Scorey (Syracuse, NY) Follow On Instagram: @Scorey and watch on Yotube: Scorey

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5. Pardison Fontaine (Newburgh, NY) follow on Instagram: @Pardison Fontaine and watch on Youtube: Pardison Fontaine

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6. 38 Spesh (Rochester, NY) follow on Instagram: @38 Spesh and watch on Youtube: 38 Spesh

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7. Steve God Cooks (Syracuse, NY) follow on Instagram: @SteveGodCooks and watch on Youtube: Steve God Cooks

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8. Rx Papi (Rochester, NY) follow on Instagram: @Rx Papi  and watch on Youtube: Rx Papi

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9. Tottywat follow on Instagram: @Tottywat and watch on Youtube: Tottywat

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10. Elcamino (Buffalo, NY) follow on Instagram: @Elcamino and watch on Youtube: Elcamino

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11. Armani Caesar (Buffalo, NY) follow on Instagram: @Armani Caesar and watch on Youtube: Armani Caesar

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12. RXKNephew (Rochester, NY) follow on Instagram: @RXKNephew and watch on Youtube: RXKNephew

Honorable Mention Upstate NY Rappers:

 Eto Instagram: @ETO and Youtube: Eto

Lil Wes Instagram: @LilWes and Youtube: Lil Wes

Laflare 2x Instagram: @Laflare 2x and Youtube: Laflare 2x

Dini Instagram: @Dini and Youtube: Dini

Wiz Mack Instagram: @Wiz Mack and Youtube: Wiz Mack

Bezaloha Instagram: @Bezaloha and Youtube: Bezaloha

Taj Billy Instagram: @Taj Billy and Youtube: Taj Billy

Lil Deebo Instagram: @Lil Deebo  |  Youtube: Lil Deebo

*Make sure to leave a comment, for missing artists or anything related to Upstate New York hip hop.

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

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