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(Top Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, & Buffalo Rappers)

In the shadows of hip hop music in New York City is the rising hip hop scene of Upstate New York, which includes the likes of Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo rappers, along with artists from smaller cities throughout the state. Along Interstate 90, a four hour stretch from Albany to Buffalo, resides the heart of today’s representation of rappers from Upstate New York, producing some of hip-hop’s top artists of today.

Within these communities, communities like the East Side of Buffalo, the South Side of Syracuse, the Uptown section of Albany, or the North Side and West Side of Rochester, consists of dozens of talented rap artists. Within the large batch of talent emerges a handful of Albany, Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse rappers that have created an opportunity for themselves to be seen and heard outside of the state of New York.

Today’s Top Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo Rappers

At the forefront of not only Buffalo rappers, but New York artists have been the Griselda collective. With Benny The Butcher, Westside Gunn, and Conway the Machine, alongside the “First Lady of Griselda” Armani Caesar, they have been on top of hip-hop. Bringing in a new flavor of hip-hop to the game by the late 2010s, Griselda with their vivid storytelling, intricate wordplay, and boom bap and 90s hip-hop vibes, has shown their relentlessness and rise to the very top of music.

While Griselda is leading the way, Upstate New York rappers consists of a talented diverse and versatile roster. Syracuse rappers like Scorey, who has captured rap fans attention with his melodic flow and creation of a distinct niche in the modern hip-hop landscape. From working with top rappers like Cardi B to dating Megan Thee Stallion, the charismatic Newburg native Pardison Fontaine has constantly been in the headlines.

Within the East Coast’s underground rap scene, arises rappers like 38 Spesh, Stove God Cooks, Elcamino, and Che Noir, specializing in gritty narratives over soulful and hard-hitting beats, complementing their hip-hop rhymes. To follow, cult hip-hop fans need to keep an eye on the rise of RX Papi and RXK Nephew. Both bring an off-kilter flow and unconventional approach to rap, with blends humor and blunt commentary.

Top 12 Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo Rappers

Upstate New York rapper Westside Gunn

1. Westside Gunn
Follow on Instagram: @WestSideGunn and watch on YouTube: Westside Gunn

Buffalo rappers Benny the Butcher

2. Benny The Butcher
Follow on Instagram: @Benny The Butcher and watch on YouTube: Benny The Butcher

Conway the Machine

3. Conway the Machine
Follow on Instagram: @Conway The Machine and watch on YouTube: Conway the Machine

Syracuse rappers Scorey

4. Scorey
Follow On Instagram: @Scorey and watch on YouTube: Scorey

5. Pardison Fontaine
Follow on Instagram: @Pardison Fontaine and watch on YouTube: Pardison Fontaine

Armani Caesar

6. Armani Caesar
Follow on Instagram: @Armani Caesar and watch on YouTube: Armani Caesar

Stove God Cooks Syracuse rapper

7. Stove God Cooks
Follow on Instagram: @StoveGodCooks and watch on YouTube: Stove God Cooks

Upstate New York rap RXK Nephew

8. RXKNephew
Follow on Instagram: @RXKNephew and watch on YouTube: RXKNephew

Rochester New York rapper 38 Spesh

9. 38 Spesh
Follow on Instagram: @38 Spesh and watch on YouTube: 38 Spesh

10. Rx Papi
Follow on Instagram: @Rx Papi and watch on YouTube: Rx Papi

11. Che Noir
Follow on Instagram: @Che Noir and watch on YouTube: Che Noir

12. Elcamino
Follow on Instagram: @Elcamino and watch on YouTube: Elcamino

Honorable Mention Upstate NY Rappers:

 Eto Instagram: @ETO and Youtube: Eto

Tottywat Instagram: @Tottywat and YouTube: Tottywat

Jamal Gasol Instagram: @Jamal Gasol and Youtube: Jamal Gasol

Rigz Instagram: @Rigz and Youtube: Rigz

Lil Wes Instagram: @LilWes and Youtube: Lil Wes

Wiz Mack Instagram: @Wiz Mack and Youtube: Wiz Mack

Dini Instagram: @Dini and Youtube: Dini

Laflare 2x Instagram: @Laflare 2x and Youtube: Laflare 2x

Taj Billy Instagram: @Taj Billy and Youtube: Taj Billy

Lil Deebo Instagram: @Lil Deebo and Youtube: Lil Deebo

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