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Map of Newark Gangs & Hoods Areas

Due to its proximity to New York City, Newark is often referred to as the 6th borough. However, the neighborhoods within the streets of the Newark ghetto, the community has developed its own distinct identity separate from the NYC. Within this identify is he heart of the Newark hoods that once housed several iconic areas, primarily composed of housing projects. As a result, Newark has earned itself the nickname “Brick City.”

Although there are various Newark gangs, such as Grape Street Crips, Brims, Rollin 60s Crips, Hoovers, Pirus, Sex Money Murder Bloods, Trinitarios, Latin Kings and more, it is important to note that this map does not specifically pinpoint the exact whereabouts of all Newark gangs.

Newark Gangs & Hoods Map Key: Red = Bloods | Purple = Grape Street | Blue = Crips | Black = Unknown | Grey = Old Neighborhood

Breakdown of the Newark Hoods

The Newark hoods are categorized into distinct wards, namely the North Ward, South Ward, East Ward, Central Ward, and West Ward. Initially, black families were primarily restricted to residing in the Central Ward. However, as a result of white flight during the period from the 1950s to the 1970s, people started relocating to other parts of the city.

The streets of the East Ward, known locally to some as the Down Bottoms, is possibly one of the most diverse communities in the city. Home to multiple racial groups, there are several small housing complexes in the East Ward, like Pennington Court, Hyatt Court, and Riverview Court. The West Ward, which borders the city of Irvington and the Garden State Parkway, is mainly the Valisburg area, which is divided into Ill Hill (Ivy Hill) and Hoodaville, along with the Bradley Court projects.

The Newark hoods of the South Ward are mainly located in the Clinton Hill and Weequahic neighborhoods, combined with the former housing projects of Seth Boyden and Dayton Street. The streets of the North Ward, a former Italian community, is home to a large portion of Newark’s Latino community. The North Ward was also once home to the 7th Street’s old Christopher Columbus Homes high-rise and the Grafton Avenue projects.

The heart of Newark is based in the city’s Central Ward.  Sitting between Springfield and Clinton Avenue is the former home of numerous housing projects. This includes Prince Street, Hayes Homes, Felix Fuld Court, Brick Towers, and Crazyville (Scudder Homes). 

In present times, despite the ongoing process of gentrification in the central area of the Newark ghetto, it is important to note that the black and Latino community still constitutes a significant portion of the city’s residents. Though gentrification has had an impact on the urban landscape, causing certain neighborhoods to be demolished or currently undergoing such changes, it is evident that Brick City has not completely shifted away from its historical roots.

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